1. YO D-RAK,

    I thought you said you were going to refer to Andy as Andy Grizzle? What’s the deal, BRUH?

  2. My Beloved Fuskies have all but secured 5th spot (out of a long list of 6 (six) teams) in the Pac-12 North Division. They haven’t managed to climb higher than 5th this season yet but it looks like the 5th place is theirs to keep, right after in state rivals Cougars. Bark for Sark! Barf.

    Also, apologies to Doug Mallory for what I wrote about him in the past (as Podunker). I am an idiot and you guys know it very well, there’s no need to revisit the topic. Anyways, I want to let you guys know that I have graduated now and I moved out of Bloomington. We bought a house in Green county and I have taken a job at a community college in a nearby area where I basically function as Dean Pelton from the TV show “Community”. Our mascot is “The Shapeshifter” which, as you imagine, looks different every time you look at it. That, was my idea.

    Go Colts!

  3. That would sure be heartbreaking if Podunker was just another one of Husky Tom’s alternative screen names.

    It would sure make me wonder if anything he ever said on Basketblog was true. I would never expect someone that acted a sincere friend on Basketblog would hide behind a name here while attacking me with some pretty mean things.

    It would also hurt me to know Dustin would allow such a thing to happen.

    Maybe I’m not a very kind person at times, but those sort of deceptions are personal. And though we all hide behind screen names without our true identity ever being known, I still thought the friendships were real.

    Gosh, Husky…If you really are Podunker(as suggested by this Husky Tom imposter), then I have to hand it to you that you are far more clever and intelligent than I. I always knew you were a huge fan of ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha’ and my suspsicions starting getting stronger with all the ‘windmill’ references and the TCDS stuff…It just always sounded like you, but I didn’t want to make the accusation without certainty…(Also because I just don’t think Dustin would feel right letting those deceptions continue when coupled with the personal attacks and name-calling)..I would also feel horrible that you had to resort to such tactics because of gross insecurities in such wanting to deceive me. To go as far as to say you will leave this place if Hoosier Scoop continues to allow me, the “bigot” Harvard, to post?

    Very heartbroken…

  4. H4H, I do not know if this softness you continually display is a ploy or not but if it is not then you are soft if you let words on a blog, past or present, hurt you.

  5. Clarion-

    I really don’t care. There’s rarely a sincere heart. Why expect one on a blog where people run around in the safeness of anonymity, continually change names, while making games of their true convictions and stances. Blogs and all of social media are a haven for frauds and fraudulent passions.
    If there is no care of identity and truthfulness in our exchanges, then there is no reason to equate anything said as truth in its position or passion for Indiana. It’s not a question of being hurt. It’s a question of truth and integrity. To run around with different names destroys all integrity. It infects all because it deceives every response in return. There is no meaning to a handshake or a trust. From the shortest snap of one sentence from a new contributor to the longest deranged rant from Harvard, it’s all a garbage dump with zero integrity lost of any honor a single sincere breath.

  6. Colts: Only team this year who will beat both SF and the Hawks, guaranteed. And they looked awful good doing it.

    What a retooled organization. Showing the Bears how it’s done!

  7. Just now came and found this thread.

    Is this for real? Husky Tom, Seahawk Tom, Podunker…all the same character? Harvard, you were/were not aware? Are Harvard, Husky, Seahawk all the same character? Indeed, what is the point?

    Big difference between using a screen name consistently, to allow identity anonymity and continually ‘hiding source’ through frequent and numerous false identities. Huge difference that impacts integrity and trust.

    Is there a Podunker, or is it simply an invented identity prelude to an attempt at fraud?

    Dustin Dopirak, you allowed this while knowing the truth? Jeremy, you did nothing to correct this violation of the reader’s trust? Was this the reason Andy Graham seems reluctant to participate? Is there a management issue in the fact that no one seems to care nor appears to feel any responsibility?

    Or, is this just another ruse brought to us courtesy of our following of the HT, Bloomington’s hometown paper?

    Clarifications are expected.

  8. Tsao,

    I believe Andy is reluctant, because off the b**chfest that was took place with his columns. If you remember after Hoosier Hysteria last year, Andy started the Sage Take. While it was very good, always was out of control by vicious posts, and way off topic. This was before Dustin and Jeremy took a greater role.

    One day Andy posted that it was basically a experiment, and would no longer appear. I think the frustration with the comments which was never about the article, took its toll on Andy.

    While I don’t agree with the rant he gave IU Soccer Fan on chat, I always enjoyed Andy and his commentary. Not a good idea to rant out a customer using your services. Just saying…

  9. You’re way off the point on that one, Ben. The issue is knowingly allowing specific bloggers(a minority club given preferential treatment) to play games of deception in using this place as merely a passionless mystery fun house while using mirrors and manufactured personalities placed behind their various aliases and screen names; ugly ans lowlife methods to play roles of multiple people/identities to simply take part in cowardly undermining and insidious attacks behind those various identities. A sick way to build fake campaigns of multiple names against someone you fear to engage in one-on-one debate. Stealing names, acting the imposter, creating multiple characters as to use one as attack dog and one as trusted friend…It’s called zero dignity. It’s called a coward and scumbag.

  10. If you really don’t care(post #5)why the bitching and complaints of painful posts? Soft!

  11. For the sake of saving a flame (because I don’t feel like debating you) I agree to disagree, and will leave it at that on my end.

  12. If what is being alleged and if the answer to my question (#8) is yes… then this blog is a farce, DD and Jeremy are complicit and the HT needs to take action. Dustin Dopirak has consistently and knowingly refused to check the veracity of the posts and, if true, has actively participated in the ruse. Jeremy may have done so as well by simply ignoring the issue and allowing the false identities to exist unnoticed.

    Andy has made it evident he was not too anxious to participate ‘as a blogger’ and again, if true, I don’t blame him at all. You don’t need to defend Andy, he is quite able to do so himself and I don’t remember a ‘b****fest’. My experience of 20+ years reading him is that he is an excellent sports reporter and a thoughtful columnist. He was, in my opinion, completely correct in his correction to ‘IU Soccer Fan’ who only showed his complete ignorance when it comes to the game of soccer. Likewise, Andy’s ‘The Sage’ columns were quite good, as I recall; and consistent with excellent writing and journalism, a deeper level of thought in regards to intercollegiate sports.

    Given the information that is now coming out to unsuspecting bloggers, it (Andy’s contributions) may have been the only part of the blog with any integrity. I’ll wait for their comment.

    1. Tsao,
      What is with the guilty until proven innocent approach? All it takes is one imposter to come on here, and you’re ready to string us all up by our toes (or worse). You manage to come across every bit as insolent in your tone with us as the ‘IU Soccer Fan’ you so enjoy seeing put in his place. I’m not sure ‘IU Soccer Fan’ isn’t just trying to get a reaction, a chat troll if you will, so I’m not going to fall for it.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, until we get some sort of formal sign in on this blog (a decision over which I have no control), there is nothing to completely stop identity theft here. But Husky and Podunker are in no way linked, as far as I can tell.

  13. HC, I do have high regard for and respect your contributions (often in agreement, sometimes in disagreement). You’re forthright and knowledgeable.

    Do you believe this ruse regarding the identities? It would be sad since it would wipe out a site where thoughts regarding our beloved Hoosiers can be exchanged.

  14. TTG, I’m pretty cold about this type of communication because it is a blog. It does not have to be real, it does not have to be honest, it does not even have to be successful. The arrows from it will not wound and the teeth do not draw blood. There are things I fight like hell for because I hold a position with a strong base and deep roots. There are other matters that are of no consequence to me leaving me with 1 avenue, I waste no time on them. I almost never read a post over 11 or 12 lines or the equal of 3 paragraphs so I miss a lot of peripheral BS. 11 lines, just about right.

  15. With you on that, HC. This is just an electronic water-cooler around which we vent and kibitz, blather and pontificate, a place where we all goof off instead of actually getting something productive done. I intend to continue until my boss catches me. By that I mean Mrs. Davis.

  16. Bottom line is if you let this blog run your life, your going to be miserable. While I respect Tsao and HC, I do t go to bed thinking if they hate me, imposter me, etc. I could care less. My interaction with people face to face in real life is what matters. My thing is this. This is a blog. If your feelings get hurt on this blog, I doubt your prepared to face the outside world, unless your an absolute recluse.

    Tsao, nobody deserves to be ranted against. Andy is employed by HT. Yes, he has rights, but should have taken the high road, give a short answer, and move on. That would be like me going to Lowes, and a associate told me off. Ill temporarily take my business elsewhere, thus Lowes losses out on my business. It’s just not good practice.

  17. JP- ‘I’ll wait for their comment’ was literally a statement that I would wait until either you or DD responded. I thought it was clear I was raising the issue as an “if true…” proposition. Post #8 was a series of questions. Post #13 begins with the line, “If what is being alleged and if the answer to my question (#8) is yes… then…”

    DD has always held the blog would not be managed in any way or monitored. I was actually glad when I saw, earlier this year, the rules that apply to the HT comment sections and thought they would be applied here. And, your disposition to somewhat control abuses.

    Clearly (IMO) the issue of ‘cross-claimed and multiple identities’ (I could care less about true ID, do want to know that there is some consistency in attribution and that I am responding to the same contributor. Now, it seems somewhat chaotic and confusing. And, those who are usurping id’s or habitually posting under multiple screen names, seem to want it that way. It has gotten beyond control.

    I always saw Scoop as a good, informed site for following (the Hoosiers, mainly) and a place for fans to gather and exchange conversations and opinions based on their mutual interest. Presently, it is being damaged JP. Hope you can bring it somewhat under control.

  18. But you changed post #2 and added “imposter” to the name. Why not just delete the post? Why justify what someone writes if they do it initially under the false pretense of another blogger’s established screen name. And if, to the best of your knowledge the accusation in post #2 is false in regards to the double identity, even added reason to swipe that imposter’s post off the pages? Why give a blogger initially stealing another blogger’s name(hijacking the real Husky Tom’s name), and then making a false accusation of Husky slithering around Scoop as Podunker, the reward by your actions to leave such a post on the thread? Yet, you’ll delete my last two posts? I did not start this with the accusation or the name heisting that occurred in post #2. Why not delete the individual intimating the deceptions and “imposter” games? You find it more useful to just encourage it? If you see someone is acting as an imposter, why not just stop them from further participation? And why leave up the post?

    1. I only leave the post (with the ‘imposter’ identifier) when it has been responded to, in part as a reminder and warning that all is not always as it appears. And as I’ve explained before, the primary problem is that people using varying IP addresses, emails, etc. can circumvent any restrictions I place with relatively minimal effort — which you well know. I’ve deleted far more imposter/troll posts than any of you probably realize, at least I would hope. But I can’t monitor this joint 24-7, so stuff slips through the cracks. I’m sure each one of you would handle certain things differently. My way is hardly the only way or even best way, I’m just trying to control the chaos without wearing too many rhinestones.

  19. correction: Why not delete the individual [initiating] the deceptions and “imposter” games?


    You hit the nail on the head. I could also care less about true ID(the actual person behind the screen name)..I value privacy. The issue is using multiple names and stealing names. The issue is allowing some to play the games endlessly while shutting down others for one-time offenses.

    Did anyone notice ITH’s new communistic system? They are now able to restrict reading the comments by way of IP addresses. One can get around it, but it’s a solid look into the future the blogging world. It’s getting more sophisticated on their end. I do believe that readers are often more interested in the chatter than the actual stories. Pretty clever to block an incoming interested party from reading the comments below the story unless they’re ‘IP approved.’ Damn commies.

  20. It takes me a while…Hmmm? “… a reminder and warning that all is not always as it appears.” Strange that you would use the word “warning.” Interesting. Podunker is Remora(the one that stole Husky Tom’s name in post #2) attempting to bait me into actually believing Husky is Podunker…and thus make me believe it’s Husky attacking me as “Podunker” while it’s actually Remora. Remora has never blogged under another handle and thus is allowed to maintain the name Podunker….? It all makes sense now.

    Remora was always jealous of the irreplaceable one-of-a-kind blogging friendship that Husky Tom and Downing had on Basketblog. Now it’s all making sense. Thanks, Jeremy Rhinestones.

    Remora very wise…But not as wise as Master Po. My feelings never hurt because I saw what you believe I’m blinded to know. My perceptions run to depths and instincts that will always remain a greatest mystery. Live by the precepts, Jeremy..Good fortune only come by road of truth and kindness.

  21. Tsao-

    I want to thank you for having my back. I also want to thank you for your faith and your belief that integrity is the only thing worth a damn. What is love or any passion without honesty? And how can there be integrity without wholehearted attempts at honesty.

    There’s a big crowd here that has countered some of my unpopular opinions with vicious attacks and implications of bigot and intolerance attached to my one and only screen name. I want to thank you for not making judgments and not attributing personality diseases/disorders to my opinions. You are a very decent man. And I believe you to be a generally strong portion of the man I read. I hold that as honor. I hold it as a person lucky to have read your words. I may struggle at times to get past your line 11, but I never regret the honor to do it as recognition your integrity and your ability to speak from what I believe is your true heart and experiences.

    I apologize that I am not comfortable enough to meet in Chicago for beers(much like my evasion to Geoff’s invitations for lunch). I apologize if anger has been cast upon you because you have chosen integrity and decency above giving up on me. You are a true soldier and a true man of liberty.

  22. Tsao-

    There was a third party involved in many of the discussions in the days of Husky and Harvard(Downing’s 5th)obsessive blogging the years we spent as primary participants on IDS’s Basketblog.

    I always referred to this ‘third party’ contributor as “Remora”. Remora constantly changed his/her screen name and would often attack Husky. I honestly believe they(the journalists at HT) know the IP address of Remora. They know Remora is now here on Scoop(and has been here for a long time). I could tell you with almost complete certainty that post #2 is from Remora.

    Those running Scoop know of this person. Osterman was a writer at IDS back in the days the three of us would dominate the place we referred to as ‘The Island of Basketblog.’

    They can stop ‘Remora’ from playing these games. They choose not to. I also believe ‘Remora’ was the blogger that never stopped riding and ridiculing Chet(the inventor of “Rico Chet”).

    I thought you should know some of the history. There was a lot of deception going on at IDS. Much of the energy became negative as Remora posed(acted as imposter) by using Husky’s screen name or my own screen name to hurl insults or take mocking jabs. Remora took part in this masquerade to drive a wedge between a blogging friendship. Distrust grew. Husky began to distrust me. I began to distrust Husky.

    That mess was brought here. I stuck with one identity the last two years. I tried to do my part to stop the games.

  23. Too much commenting about commenting.

    We end up far removed from the real topic, which is IU football vs. Penn State.

    And IMHO, Dustin, Andy et all do solid interesting work, which I for one really appreciate.

    And I don’t wanna bug em about extraneous b.s. or make them into a subsidiary of the FBI (or the NCAA?)

    Such as who uses what names. Let em go about their work!,

    I just know that when you guys focus on the topic at hand, you collectively have interesting, disparate comments that often make me stop and think.

  24. H4H you’re too damn sensitive. WestCoast Hoosier is right. This is not life or death on here unless it is the only thing you have. Requiring a formal login for a blog is like stink bombing a pig pen.

  25. My, my, what’s all the fuss about? Some of you people need more to do.

    Obviously #2 was not me. It was just another troll snickering at the keyboard in his Mom’s basement while trying to decide if he’s going to take a shower this week or not.

    For the record, I have never and will never use another screen name. Anyone who has read my posts for the last year or so should know that’s not my style. And anyone that thinks I would apologize to Mallory has not been paying attention.

    I have no reason to apologize to Mallory. As delighted as I was at IU beating PSU, and much as I appreciated and celebrated the play of IU’s defense last Saturday, the thought that came to mind was “it’s about time.” I suspect that I was not alone in that thought. To the chagrin of several Hoosier Scoop participants, I’ve criticized Mallory and the defensive coaches in recent weeks because IU’s defense had not played well, against a quality opponent, until Saturday’s game. In fact, they played terrible against Navy and looked weak against Mizzou. In spite of what we were told was an infusion of better athletes on defense, we were not seeing the improved play on the field.

    I’ve said many times that I hoped I was wrong about IU’s defense, that I hoped I was wrong about Mallory and his defensive coaches. That still stands. After Saturday’s impassioned performance from the defense, I am cautiously optimistic that they are finally turning into a competitive Big Ten defense and will play better through the remainder of the season. I know they’re still young and still a bit undersized, but I think we witnessed a level of performance and aggression Saturday that we have not seen from an IU defense in a long, long time. Obviously the extra week of preparation was put to good use. That’s a credit to Mallory and his defensive staff. It was hard to believe that the IU defense on the field Saturday was the same one that allowed Navy to set all sorts of records a few weeks ago, but I celebrate the improved performance and hope that we will see more of the same.

    I’d like nothing better than to see Mallory and his defense achieve great success in the years ahead. Let’s hope Saturday’s defensive performance was a turning point and that it represents the new standard of effort, passion and performance.

  26. Reynolds makes the Navy offense tough and Mizzou with their spread are even better. Anybody who thinks PSU has an offense that can produce like those 2 do is remote from the truth.

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