1. Expected that Purdue and other Big 10 schools with no national titles should hang separate banners dedicated to a Big 10 championship. Our national championship banners should be preserved their importance of a singular standout year dedicated to one piece of cloth.

    We have two banners that are reserved for inscriptions of dates for Big 10 titles. Let the programs without our heritage and our championships glowingly display a Big 10 first place finish in the standings as the epitome of achievement. Not at Indiana… And banners forever holding one date in time should be in honor of the greatest achievement in the sport: The NCAA Championship.

    Hanging one Big 10 banner obnoxiously above the basket while letting the other twenty seasons the same feat was achieved remain a footnote on the appropriate cloth already in use says a lot about overkill and inferiority complexes.

    Has Hoosier Hysteria always been this early? It does all seem a bit show-stealing when IU Football has yet to play its first conference football game(a potentially very important game with doubters of any progress once again crawling out of the woodwork).

    1. Harvard,
      No, I don’t see Troy starting right now. Just think he’s a great energizer off the bench, but certainly an opinion subject to change once we see how things look.

      Can’t say as I disagree on the banner. I watched all that just wondering how much different it would have been to raise a national title banner. I’m guessing for a lot of people, that banner will represent as much what wasn’t than what was.

      No, Hoosier Hysteria even earlier this year, partly because the start of practice was moved up by the NCAA. And I think IU wanted the event to coincide with a home football game.

  2. Jeremy-

    Thanks for the responses. I thought it seemed earlier..

    And thanks for your thoughts about the banner ceremony.

    Caught a glimpse of some of the Hysteria footage that immediately went up on YouTube. I was very impressed with Devin Davis(albeit my limited view is based primarily on a dunk contest). I don’t follow these recruits that much previous to their arrival on campus, but he just looks the part of a shooting star. Not surprised that Gordon also looked comfortable. Gordon could be the difference-maker when paired with Yogi.

  3. I know there has been much concern about 2014 recruiting but i counted 8 freshman and 6 Soph…..THAT may be a reason the recruits are not committing

  4. I may agree with you HH about the banner but lets not forget that your great coach of all time you love, Bob Knight, also hung a Big Ten Banner in 1983 so this was not a 1st like you are trying to make it sound. Once again I may not agree but I don’t hate Coach Crean as much as you do and I used Bob Knight’s offense for a lot of my coaching years. I like him also. I think it should be moved back by the other Big Ten Banners once the Big Ten season starts. It has been 20 years since IU won an out right Big Ten Championship so there is some room to be happy about that even if you don’t agree.

  5. Speaking B1G banner, anyone know of one-two websites to follow the activities of Jordy, VJ, Elston and our other exports?

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