1. Enjoyed Andy’s guest appearance…

    Particularly enjoyed the science lesson when Dustin began to discuss the “controlled variables”…..It appears you two had fun. You have fun. We have fun. It ain’t rocket science(or chemistry) and it’s so much more infectious to the viewer when the spirit is lighthearted.

    I’m still a bit concerned that lack of lineup stability and chemistry/synergy can suffer with these types of teams containing less talent deviations across the roster….The steeper bell curve and saturation of athletes is impressive, but who holds the keys to the clutch shooting on the force that can draw the double teams and open things up once we hit opponents matching up closer to the athleticism?

    I think you have to have a fairly narrow group to bond and gain some solid understanding of each other to make deep tournament runs….and a coach willing to make the hard PT decisions based on factors outside of working on a kid’s behalf to sell him for the next level.

    The ability or failure in turning a periodic table of talent shows(chemistry sets of fundamentally trained solid players and showstoppers a bit more wild stallions) into dangerous and poised teams(harnessed matter stronger than their individual elements) may be the repeating/question mark theme for the Tom Crean era.

    Anyway, nice job on ScoopTalk. There was good chemistry tonight.

  2. …but who holds the keys to the clutch shooting [or] the force that can draw the double teams

  3. This Cardinal fan laughed out loud at the “hoax” (or perhaps “hex” is the term intended.)

    And with two kids the right age, we were a big Harry Potter household, so Lord of the Hocus Pocus’ effort was appreciated in that regard, too. Well done, indeed.

  4. Brain fart…Hex was the term intended. Your Harry Potter glasses, along with the cardinal perched on a limb at the perfect angle of Harry on his broomstick, served as inspiration.

    And after witnessing the final play in last nights game, I do believe it worked. Red Sox will take the next two. Cardinals are finished.

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