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  1. Poise in the pocket is just so critical when it comes to QB’s that can truly take their games to the next level. Sudfeld does have a ton of gifts with the arm and accuracy when not under duress. I’m not sure if you could put Peyton Manning out there and expect much better results with a Hoosier front line that is dipping into backups, lacking in experience, and rather beat up.

    I still believe Sudfeld could be a dynamite NFL QB. There’s a lot of pro QB’s that still don’t handle or sense the pressure very well….Jay Cutler has yet to prove to me that he can mesh poise under pressure with his intellect and arm. Today, I witnessed one of the best in football at performing flawlessly in a shrinking pocket with a game on the line….Tom Brady has it all. The best I’ve seen since Montana. But he has more style than Montana…He puts such a beautiful touch on the ball when it all counts and his balance when he sets up is perfection meets ultimate composure meets belief meets Broadway Joe…What an unbelievable game against the Saints. How many quarterbacks would have just frustrated themselves right out of the game with all those dropped passes from his receiving crew? No better in the game right now. I became a Tom Brady fan today..Not the type that cheers him to victory…Just someone in awe of a talent you just don’t have the pleasure to witness too many times in a lifetime.

    So much focus today is on the athletic QB’s that can function as extra running backs….I love the retro NFL feel when I watch Brady stand like a general taking a pose for a famous painter without flinching a singular muscle in noticeable panic as he delivers his team on the shoulders his confident and still stance, completely focused on the balls his feet to his laser eyes searching down field, while in the chaos and hellfire a barrage of 300 lb. rushing lineman coming from all angles. Truly something very rare and unteachable.

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