Wilson says he’s still confident in Mallory

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson was asked Tuesday if he still has confidence in defensive coordinator Doug Mallory after Saturday’s 63-47 loss to Michigan in which the Hoosiers 751 yards of total offense, allowing Devin Gardner to throw for 503 yards and wide receiver Jeremy Gallon to catch 14 passes for 369 yards and two touchdowns.

“I better,” Wilson said. “And the players better too.”

Wilson was then asked why he still had confidence in Mallory considering that the Hoosiers finished last in the Big Ten in scoring defense, total defense and rushing defense the last two seasons, and that they now rank last in the conference in all three of those categories again and also rank last in pass defense.

“As head coach, I’m in charge of everything,” Wilson said. “I do spend a little more time on offense. There have been some times where I go over there and suggest ideas. But I’m not gonna tell them how to do that. That’s their job. They’re hired to do that. What I’m doing is trying to give them the resources, time and the practice commitment they need, and I’m trying to give them all the energy I can to give them positive reassurance of effort, attitude.”

Despite statistical evidence the the contrary, Wilson said he actually didn’t blame the defense for Saturday’s loss as much as the offense, because the Hoosiers picked up a fumble at their 2-yard line trailing 49-47 and had a chance to take the lead, but gave the ball away on an interception thrown by quarterback Nate Sudfeld. Michigan scored on that drive and then intercepted quarterback Tre Roberson to stop an Indiana drive that could have also brought the Hoosiers back in the game.

“To me, that game’s on the offense,” Wilson said. “… Kofi (Hughes) said what I said. If we can’t score, you better shut them out and block the kick and scoop it and we’ll beat you 2-0. If we can’t stop them, we better score 100 or 50 or whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to win is what you’re going for. And Saturday, we got in a competitive game, and in the fourth quarter, when we needed to make the plays, we didn’t make the plays down the stretch. … Our offense is about average right now. You guys can skew all the stats you want to, when it’s time to make some plays, we gotta make more plays.”

Still, Wilson admitted the defense desperately needs to improve, but suggested that it’s best to build on what they have rather than to attempt a major overhaul, at least during the season.

“We’ve got some short-term things we can do to develop and fix where we’re at with personnel, schematics and the cards your dealt, how do you play the hand?” Wilson said. “When you finish the season, you have a chance to re-deal the cards. You recruit. You look at your schematics. You look at your offseason development and things you’re doing to be better knee-benders and to break down and  come to balance better. There’s short-term fixes, there’s long-term, but what you don’t do is you don’t panic and get passionate. You stay with your process. This is what we are, this is how we’re doing it, and let’s keep doing it.”


  1. Unless you change defensive coaches in middle of season what can Wilson say……….Mallory has never had successful track record as defensive coach and why does IU think they always have to be nice when hiring coaches (I am not talking about Wilson hire as head coach)…hire someone with at least some sort of defensive coaching successful track record in the future…….In Wilson’s defense I remember when Wilson first got IU job he hired a pretty high level staff, however several backed out or stayed a short time and he had to go to alternatives. This situation needs to be fixed and I am looking forward how Wilson is going to fix it.

  2. Firing Mallory is the right thing to do. Hopefully Wilson’s reasoning for not doing it now is because he doesn’t want to create turmoil mid season. Without question Wilson in responsible for his team and coaches. Not firing Mallory the day after the season ends would show Wilson as a coach not in control. I think he knows he needs to make a change. It’s never a good time to fire someone. Let’s see what happens after the season ends.

  3. Despite statistical evidence the the contrary, Wilson said he actually didn’t blame the defense for Saturday’s loss as much as the offense, because the Hoosiers picked up a fumble at their 2-yard line trailing 49-47 and had a chance to take the lead, but gave the ball away on an interception thrown by quarterback Nate Sudfeld. Michigan scored on that drive and then intercepted quarterback Tre Roberson to stop an Indiana drive that could have also brought the Hoosiers back in the game.

    Wow…Cool. Somewhere within all the mess of the “Fire Mallory Now!” crowd on the thread from the other day, I believe my comments on that same thread( comments that were cast aside and ignored) appear to nearly exactly match up with Wilson’s words quoted above. Shall I cut and paste them?

    If you cannot remain loyal to the troops while still in the trenches of battles yet to be fought in this campaign, then you are a sad excuse for a coach. Good for Wilson to show something so lacking in the backbone of this “immediate satisfaction” revolving door world we live.

  4. Once again, those who differ in opinion on this subject try to distort what those of us who are dissatisfied with IU’s defense have been saying. Most of Mallory’s critics have not been demanding that Mallory be “fired now.” Most of us have said something to the affect of, unless the defense shows signs of improvement, Wilson should fire Mallory at the end of the season. Firing Mallory “now” will not solve any problems, but it may be necessary to do so about 10 minutes after IU’s game with Purdue.

    Two other points. One, the fact that Wilson was asked that question tells you that the Mallory’s job performance is significant and acute. It is now openly acknowledged that his job performance is a problem. Given that he still has five games to play, Wilson had no choice but to say what he said. But just asking the question in an open news conference sent a very strong signal. It won’t be the last question Wilson gets on the subject this season.

    Secondly, Wilson’s answer about the loss to Michigan “being on the offense” is just silly garbage. It’s almost as if Wilson was surprised by the question, because he obviously did not have a good answer prepared. I appreciate him trying to take the hit (he’s responsible for the offense), but it was a ridiculous attempt to deflect attention away from Mallory and his defense. It’s the “I’m not going to kick a man when he’s down” type of statement, or at least not in the media. I appreciate the attempt to protect his young defense and their coaches, but everyone who watched Saturday’s game knows which unit played well and which unit did not. Yes, it was a team loss. Yes, IU had some bad late-game turnovers on offense that really hurt. But IU’s defense was and is the primary reason IU lost that game. No serious football coach can expect his offense to score on every possession (unless they’re playing IU’s defense), especially when playing against a top 25 team, in their home stadium, in front of 110,000 devout fans. That’s just silly. Wilson needs to work on his response to that question for future news conferences.

  5. Po – I think the fact he was asked the question is more about the fans putting pressure on the media to ask the question. I’m still disappointed the media let him get away with your second point about the garbage answer but baby steps I guess. At this point I’m just happy Dustin is starting to look more closely at the issues the team has and not giving CKW a total pass that he did earlier in the year.

  6. Work on his response? He speaks his mind because it is what he believes. He needs no prepared response cause there is nobody in the state that knows the strengths and weakness of his team more than Wilson. And no one will get an answer anymore direct than he gives. I particularly like the fact he told the team to mend to their knitting and listen to the coaches and not the rhetorical crap in the media.

  7. And there’s huge momentum shifts in games. A highly probable 14 point swing occurred when Sudfeld throws the pick right after the Hoosiers had recovered a fumble when Michigan was poised to score, The interception occurred when Roberson was forced to the sideline with a hand cramp.

    This wasn’t a purposeful QB change ..It was just unlucky circumstance that the hot QB gets sidelined in the midst an opportunity to capitalize on a huge turnover when we’re less than one score down. Sudfeld doesn’t throw that pick that resulted in Michigan right back at 1st and goal, and it’s a much more debatable final score outcome.

    We had moved the ball nearly as efficiently on their defense. We keep that possession with approximately seven minutes to go and their defense likely gives up an their top-20 ranked team and defense gives up an equivalent amount of total yards.

    Because of that pick, the Hoosiers go two scores down with under 6 minutes to play.

    Wilson isn’t being silly. He simply understands that both teams were having their way offensively and the turnover late in the fourth quarter was the golden opportunity lost for an Indiana offense that was confident with the multi-threat Roberson behind center and poised to mount a final game-winning drive.

    No cramping in Roberson’s hand(and no pick thrown by Sudfeld right after a key fumble recovery initiated by the defense), and the final outcome is silly to presume in Michigan’s favor.

    Doesn’t change the fact that the defense is still a much larger work in progress? No. But let’s keep in mind how poorly Michigan’s defense played and how they could have easily given up nearly 700 yards to the Hoosiers offense without that favor Sudfeld gave them with about 7 minutes to go.

    Does it really seem so mind-boggling that one facet of a team may have a slower slope of improvement outside of issues simply relating to coaching?

    I’m even wondering if the recruiting pool of top defenders is as vast the pool of offensively skilled recruits? I don’t know…I’m just throwing it out there fro no reason(like Sudfeld in the most key sequence the Michigan game).

  8. [Does it] change the fact that the defense is still a much larger work in progress? No.

  9. I like hard questions. Too bad they never ask Crean one.

    Here’s one:

    Question: Tom, does your team have enough confidence in you in providing the coaching tools necessary to beat athletic teams playing a zone defense?

    Answer: No. But I can tell you Jocye Meyer’s last 10 tweets today. Scratch that…It’s a process. It moves..Back-to-back Sweet 16’s, baby!

  10. Wilson’s answer to me was more about telling his team we are what we are so we got to live with it! Should he agree that it was Mallory’s fault would be like telling the “O”,its ok boys its their fault! I think the “O” knows with their scoring they could win more then lose if the “D” was just avg. But at the same time the “O” knows when the game is on the line they are the one’s that are expected to win the game because the “D” hasn’t show they are capable of winning a game!

  11. Question:

    I honestly don’t remember…Was Michigan’s fumble late in the game the result of a Hoosier hit or a Hoosier tackler stripping the ball out?…Or, did the Michigan ball carrier just simply cough it up?

    I understand that the offense had the length of the field to go for a potential game winning drive, but isn’t forcing that fumble(provided it was forced) at least a “game saving” play..and possibly a “game winning” play?

  12. I’ll answer post #11. Rewatch if you disagree. Still on my DVR.

    The fumble of which you speak was a give away – not a defensive take away in reality.

    The ball was fumbled on a QB / C exchange while under center. Got kicked around under the OL/DL feet and fell on.

    A turnover is a turnover on the stat line. But some are a product of good D ( as noted – stripping – hard hit – etc. ) and some are gifts. That one was a gift. Unfortunately “returned to sender” somewhat immediately.

  13. Podunker:
    Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – 2:25 PM UTC
    Po wrote: “Once again, those who differ in opinion on this subject try to distort what those of us who are dissatisfied with IU’s defense have been saying. Most of Mallory’s critics have not been demanding that Mallory be “fired now.” Most of us have said something to the affect of, unless the defense shows signs of improvement, Wilson should fire Mallory at the end of the season. Firing Mallory “now” will not solve any problems, but it may be necessary to do so about 10 minutes after IU’s game with Purdue…”

    “Two other points. One, the fact that Wilson was asked that question tells you that the Mallory’s job performance is significant and acute. It is now openly acknowledged that his job performance is a problem. Given that he still has five games to play, Wilson had no choice but to say what he said. But just asking the question in an open news conference sent a very strong signal. It won’t be the last question Wilson gets on the subject this season…”

    “Secondly, Wilson’s answer about the loss to Michigan “being on the offense” is just silly garbage. It’s almost as if Wilson was surprised by the question, because he obviously did not have a good answer prepared… Wilson needs to work on his response to that question for future news conferences.”

    No Po, I just think that Wilson understands loyalty, respect and, yes, decency. And, he understands that his job is to keep the team focused on the next five games (and beyond) rather than irresponsibly point fingers and undermine the team by creating controversy and tensions ‘within the troops’ at a critical point for this team and the program. Now that’s someone who understands it’s about ‘US’ first.

    Some could really learn life lessons and leadership from Coach Wilson.

  14. The logic behind hiring a career OC is fine by me, as long as he surrounds himself with fine defensive minds. But to go with the “homer hire” by bringing Mallory aboard – a true backwards-minded nod to the “let’s hire Bill Lynch” mentality that we are trying to break away from – is just baffling.

  15. The offense puts up 47 points at the Big House against a ranked Michigan team, and you blame them? I understand Wilson doesn’t want to cast out the defense, but the offensive unit worked too hard and provided too many spectacular plays to be blamed for the loss.

  16. Isn’t that part of the problem in itself? Michigan gets to call their stadium the “Big House.” We have five NCAA championship banners hanging in Assembly. Why isn’t it the “Big Hall?”

    The most prestigious feats of national accomplishment in the history of the conference known as the Big 10, occurred on the hardwood of Assembly Hall.

    What did “Big House” traditionally accomplish for decades when they took their Big House game westward to Rose Bowls? Most trips nothing other than a big disappointment and embarrassment for the league.

    Indiana University fans should never allow their cute nicknames for their stadiums to get in the way of the facts in this league. Their football relevance when tested on the national stage more often looks like “Big Blue Mouse.”

    Yes, football is a cash cow…Wonderful. But it says nothing of what you’ve proven on the national stage in the history of competition.

    And even with our pathetic defense, if they drew our name out of hat to send us to a Rose Bowl with our high-powered offense, I’m willing to bet the Hoosier football team under Kevin Wilson brings more gumption and grit(rather than resting on their laurels of their self-adulation) and gives the Pac 12 a taste of a style of football and enthusiasm rare for a Big 10 team at a major bowl.

    Michigan has nothing to running around pounding their chest. Our football team that has nothing of the decades of bloodlines and connections and inroads to the best recruits of the Midwest for their so-called elite football program already has them perplexed on how to stop us. So let’s quit calling it the “Big House.” It’s a bunch of fans with nothing to do but slather themselves in anointing oils for what is repeatedly exposed as Big 10 mediocrity when football takes to the national stage in January.

    Never stop ceasing to be proud of Indiana University. We don’t call Assembly “Big” anything because we once filled the seats with more than big a$$es making big deals out of nothing really momentous outside the conference.

    Rose Bowl Results:

    USC 23-8
    Michigan 8-12

    8-12 doesn’t get you to a bowl. Right? Maybe we should send the sixth place team in the conference with the damn explosive offense. I will assure you that they will make just as much noise as their feeble squeaking over the past decades.

    Legends? Leaders? Legends of what? Leaders of what? On the national stage it’s Bludgeoned and Bleeders.

  17. And that’s where I find the “sabotage” in continually beating up this football program attempting to get off the floor.

    It so vastly distorts the truth and deflects the pride of the conference that is Indiana University.

  18. I didn’t fire him. Nor did I hire Tom Crean. There are some mountains only Moses can move.

  19. Agree with Preston. Blaming the offense was strictly meant for the players’ (on both sides of the ball) consumption. If Wilson says “Yeah, the D blew it” then that’s nearly as good as telling the O it’s ok not to make the plays that need to be made when they need to be made. Everybody in the locker room knows perfectly well that if IU had a merely middling D they’d have beat UM (and probably Navy and maybe MSU), but no way can Coach give that noxious germ any nourishment. It was absolutely the right thing to say.

  20. However you want to spin it, to me the bottom line is that IU will be looking for a new D coordinator for next year, AFTER the current season is completed. IU’s D talent isn’t on par with most of the Big10, but getting constantly annihilated is wearing thin. The players gotta be feeling it. New blood at the D top should pump a bit more life into the players. Sure can’t hurt to try.

  21. Changes have to be made on the defensive side of the ball. Being this inept for so long is a product of poor coaching.

    CKW had a good recruiting class defensively last February but I wonder if he will even get close to receiving that many commitments form 4-star players this year after the seeing the defense. And for those of you who will use the “immediate playing time” as an incentive for highly ranked defensive players to come to IU let’s be realistic. Highly rated defensive prospects want to play for winning programs or programs that emphasive defense and will better prepare them playing at the next level. IU doesn’t offer much of an opportunity for either. Sure we get one or two defensive players playing on Sunday, but I often find it to be more of an anomaly than the rule

  22. I am okay with his comments. He is not going to throw “him under the bus” now. Hopefully the offense continues to put up points, the defense can find enough stops and we can pull out wins against Minny, Illinois & Purdue to go 6-6 and make a bowl game. But, if he brings him back next year, he is not as smart as I thought he was. He is a “train wreck” and I would never attach my horse to that cart as a head coach. He has struggled at every stop and our talent is better than we are showing on defense. Lack of adjustments, allowing one player to dominate us over and over (how about bracket coverage) last week, staying in a two high safety look when we can’t stop the run, etc., are all reasons to go in a different direction.

  23. Who asked the confidence in Mallory question? Was it an Indy journalist? Was it someone from HT? Andy Graham? IDS? Who had the stones to potentially never get another interview? I have a feeling it was Dustin.

    Funny how you didn’t say, ‘so and so’ of the ‘so and so'(publication)asked Kevin Wilson…

  24. HCKW comments are fairly ridiculous – however normal – ill thought out but normal. In the sense of trying to keep the team together and not call out his DC. Hoping the telling comment was his first – “Do you still have confidence in Mallory?” – “I’d better”. Not exactly a “yes” or “absolutely”. I say ridiculous in the “if the opponent scores a 100 – then we need to score 101” – and “the this is on the offense comments”.

    Think about the loyalty aspect that many have asserted. While I agree he is being (overly so) to Mallory obviously – there is the other component here. Himself. I doubt there is anyone who’s had a job where a terrible manager was brought in and performed terribly. The upper level manager who brought him in never wants to let him go for fear it’s a black eye on himself for picking that person in the first place. Only when they fear their own job do the confront the obvious and fire the person. HCKW screwed up in hiring Mallory. Hopefully he can do the right thing and “reshuffle the deck”. Sooner would be better than later.

    Also – not really thrilled with “I make suggestions to the defense” comment. I would like to work for him as apparently he isn’t a micro-manager – but he also owes every player – every fan – etc. – more than what Mallory will ever provide. Does any actually think the players love playing for Mallory and being a laughing stock. I will guarantee you they don’t want him as the total lack of respect they get as a unit has to weigh on them. Kids want to win and the need the leadership and teaching to have a chance at it.

    The only bright spot that I see week in and week out – and it is a huge bright spot – is the effort. We may play poorly – be unprepared – miss assignments – but there is effort. With proper coaching of the defensive side of the ball in particular – that effort has the potential to reap rewards.

    IU’s defense was once discussed by Albert Einstein.

    INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  25. I wouldn’t trust anything aimed in the direction of IU coming from a University of Illinois grad.

    JPat was right…He said the porta potties were dirty at Illinois. I guess one decided to open its mouth.

  26. I hope they pin that question up in the locker room on the morning of November 9th with the understanding its source.

    And since we’re talking Ill-annoy, can I offer an EJ Update?

    Gordon made 6-of-11 shots and scored 16 points during Saturday’s 93-89 victory against the Washington Wizards at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., that improved their preseason record to 6-0. In his debut game against the Thunder, Gordon scored 21 points on 6-of-9 shooting in 20 minutes.

  27. I’m watching the replay of Saturday’s defensive disaster and I have a subtle observation that distinguishes the offensive and defensive units, attitude.

    Our offense has an attitude and plays with an assurance that they will score regardless of who we’re playing. The offensive coaches seem to exude this same confidence and attitude.

    Defensively we play with uncertainty, never showing the assurance that they can stop anyone, regardless of down and distance. The defense does not exhibit the same swagger and confidence as our offense.

    What’s that old adage, “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.”

    I’m not saying we don’t need improved coaching and schemes, but just watch the body language between the members of the offense and defense. The offense has an air of invincibility, while the defense displays a tentative and uncertainty.

  28. IUGRAD89, thanks for calling out Wilson on the “I [sic]better” response to the question about his confidence in Mallory. It was almost Freudian; the complete thought would obviously be “I’d better be confident in him, he’s all I’ve got.” And you are so right about the players deserving better.

    I admit that firing Mallory (or any coach) mid-season is extreme, but what’s to be gained by waiting until the end of the season?

    Only two arguments (at least that I can see) for keeping Mallory through the PU game. 1) IU shows loyalty. To that I say IU fanbase needs to be ticked-off and demand results instead of shuffling along like unquestioning little children as we’ve done for decades, and 2) Mallory may yet turn it around. Really? Seriously?

    In favor of firing Mallory now: 1) We may nab someone good as the new D co-ord before the post-season coaching musical chairs begin, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY 2) Coach not only proves to the D that he cares enough to not let them suffer for the rest of the season, but new blood rejuvenates the D squad. Waiting for Wins is right on with IUGRAD89 about D players’ attitudes, of course the D is down in the dumps. Who can swagger when the chief is limping along? FIRE MALLORY now, it would let the D know that they don’t have to be a laughingstock and I bet D attitude would skyrocket. PLAYERS DESERVE BETTER!

  29. Thanks Davis.

    And I agree – there is absolutely nothing to lose by getting rid of Mallory now. I guarantee as you mentioned – the players get a chance at a new spark. What is the HCKW and every other Head Coach speech – ” We need everyone to buy in to what we’re doing”. Nothing wrong with that. But to ignore the huge defensive problem is to ignore common sense. And open yourself up to being questioned (not just by the fans – but more importantly the players).

    Does anyone actually think the IU defensive players think they’re doing a fine job? Does anyone think they’re inspired? I guarantee you every one of them questions their DC (the guy who decides who and how much every one plays). I assure you the players have no confidence in him and thus themselves. Why would they.

    One thing that also kind of irritates me about HCKW is his lack of knowledge about the defensive side of the ball. I think and I think most would agree he’s very good on the offensive side of the ball. In order to understand how to be successful on O – you have to have an understanding about all D’s. Otherwise – how can you execute/call plays to be successful against someone’s D. It’s mind boggling to me that changes in the schemes – players on the field – stunts – etc.. haven’t been tried.

    Here’s a point to think about. Beating Mich. and Ohio St. in the Big10 are everybody’s goals. Especially IU’S – based on the horrid records against both. We’ve scored 49 against an undefeated OSU team ( that still hasn’t lost ) and 47 this year against ranked 6-1 Michigan team. ( 52-49 / 63-47 = 9.5 pt. average loss ) We lost both by an average of 9.5 points. Averaging 48 pts.

    This is what I found insane about some of HCKW comments. He – I pray – was kidding about needing to score 100 to win.

    I said this in the past about his resume (Mallory). Sitting with a 3-4 record is the best record Mallory has ever sat with. I’m not sure he won’t be expecting a bonus.

    I have one question for someone who may know. Is or has Doug Mallory been to a press conference where he can be questioned? Or does HCKW shield for him in that regard also? Just wondering. I never miss a game – but I’m not up on the local press conferences.

  30. If I were Mallory, I’d start changing up my schemes

    A. I would start posting Joyce Meyer quotes on my twitter page.
    B. I would invite Tom Crean for dinner this weekend
    C. Sign that Mellencamp kid that plays for Duke.
    D. Offer Meg Ryan a job as Gatorade Girl for the defense. Have her fake an orgasm when the Hoosiers defense gets a team to go three and out.
    E. Talk about how the defense is coming together through prayer.
    F. Break a bone in your leg. It’s hard to be mad at someone on crutches. Maybe claim it happened at Crean’s driveway…You were just playing around shooting hoops after dinner and something just snapped.
    G. Share a jet with John Calipari.
    H. Help a stranded motorist.
    I. Refer to the Lynch years as “indefensible decimation.”

    These are only suggestions for new schemes. Do you have any family members married to famous coaches in the NBA that can be seen at the football games?

  31. Once again, but with less foam dripping from his mouth, when TTG can’t win the debate, he resorts to personal attacks. #14 was a classic example. He must never have learned, or maybe he’s been conditioned to forget, that to try to impugn a person’s character just because you disagree with their opinion, is wrong. And it’s a a sign of weakness, in one’s argument and one’s character. Take for example this sentence, “I just think that Wilson understands loyalty, respect and, yes, decency.” Well obviously, TTG does not. Because it is indecent and disrespectful to try to impugn one’s character just because you disagree with their opinion. Whether it’s veiled (as in #14) or naked, as in calling someone a “terrorist” and questioning their patriotism, its the same shameful behavior. But the question is, it it possible for TTG to feel shame?

    But I’m also curious, why does TTG not attack the other contributors that share my opinion about IU’s defense and coach Mallory? Heck, I’m obviously not even the most extreme critic of Mallory, suggesting that he be fired “now” like some other contributors have posted in this string (sorry davis and IUGRAD89, but Wilson still needs someone to do all the work that is involved in preparing a team to play, so yes, there is something to lose). I may have been one of the first to express my opinion that IU needs a new D- Coordinator, but obviously I am neither alone in that opinion or Mallory’s harshest critic. Perhaps its because TTG and Harvard, at least with regard to this topic, now appear to be outnumbered. It was easy to attack me when I was one person expressing an opinion that they disagreed with, but when several others express the same or even more strident opinions against Mallory, the attacks mysteriously stop. Come on guys, where’s the rabid-dog attacks against IUGRAD, davis and the others who have recently expressed their opinion that Mallory should be replaced? Your silence is deafening!

  32. I’ve already addressed Double Down and I’m happy to address anyone that addresses me directly.

    The origins of your discontent with Mallory started on the hire date. It really has nothing to do with the other posters’ positions that now find it easy to jump on a head rolling bandwagon. Your drums started on December 18, 2010. Your volcanic eruption against Mallory began with doubts, cynical remarks about his age, and zero of anything positive to say about Wilson’s hire.

    Wilson has about as much use for you as a fan as he had for being Jack Trudeau’s guest in a radio interview.

    You started with no respect. Simply because your prophesy may come true, you think you deserve some now thrown your way. That ain’t no bandwagon this fan is getting aboard.

    I trust Wilson’s decisions. More importantly, I’m proud that he has not bought into the negative and abusive starting points so many weaker fans have found their comfort and passion in following IU football. He simply won’t go there.

    And with regard to you sea of support…Many of our seas are now disgustingly polluted. It begins with one disrespectful act of defecating in the world’s pure waters. It’s easy. Much like changing coaches…Just blame the next Exxon or BP. Change ot want better and act to expect better from ourselves is a burden to our supreme human race. Corporations and all other lazy excuses for planetary inhabitants are the contributors. Doing the right thing has never been about numbers. You polluted the sea on December 19, 2010. Now you want to clean it up with all your followers. Yippee.

  33. Isn’t it nice to have a head football coach that will respect Indiana and represent her with class and dignity when many our own fans want to nail her to the cross of where she’s been or what she once failed to be? He seeks none of that ground to bolster his own image.

    I think it’s fair to say that if we ruin the vision of a starting point so rarely found at Memorial, we will deserve the consequences. Nothing can improve or survive if we fail in that trust he deserves for such humble faith he has in our spirit.

  34. OFF TOPIC- H4H, what was the name and location of that hot dog stand you were raving about a while back? Gotta be in that general direction (Clyborn Ave. or Elston Ave., I think you wrote?) on Sat. with my children and thought we’d check it out and then, in the spirit of what’s been going on here lately, make vicious personal attacks on you if we don’t like it. JOKING ABOUT THE LAST CLAUSE!

  35. Frank ‘n’ Dawgs

    1863 N Clybourn Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60614

    Just keep in mind that they don’t have beer. They have no problem if you bring a couple of your own beers to enjoy with their dawgs. I went to the Dominick’s(2550 N. Clybourn Ave) a few blocks south.

    Hope you enjoy.

  36. Harvard, correction to what you wrote in #36. There has never been a “volcanic eruption” from me over Mallory. There was none back when he was hired and there has not been an eruption since. Once again, your distortions are comical. I simply don’t think he’s doing a good job. I think IU can find a better coach that can produce better results. I did have concerns back when Mallory was hired. I expressed concern about a guy that had been fired by LSU and then took a job at New Mexico, which was, at the time, the absolute worst football team in D-1. That’s going from one extreme to the other. I mean, if he was that good a coach, there had to be better opportunities for him, at better football programs, especially with the coaching network the Mallory’s enjoy. I thought it was a legitimate reason for concern. It now appears that my concern was warranted. I gave him two-plus years at IU without significant criticism. And actually last year, I thought I saw light at the end of the tunnel after the Iowa game (boy do we miss Larry Black) and was optimistic about the defense improving. But this year, even with arguably bigger and better athletes at many defensive positions (younger, but bigger and better), IU’s defense is worse. Instead of seeing progress, we’ve seen regression. If its not the athletes, it must be the coaching staff.

    And another thing; you write as if I’m the pied piper of IU football trying to whip fans into a frenzy and trying to create some type of grassroots “fire Mallory now” campaign. To suggest that my complaints about Mallory pollute the purity of IU’s fan base is, even for you, ludicrous. I’m just one guy expressing my opinion. I don’t have followers and I don’t know anybody else who posts on The Hoosier Scoop. I criticize Mallory’s job performance (as a highly paid IU employee) because I want better for IU, the students, the alumni, and the fans. I think we deserve better, especially those of us who have provided a great deal of support, financial and otherwise, to IU athletics for decades. We deserve a chance to enjoy football and have a winning football program once in a while. It’s just that simple.

    And lastly, of all people, you attacking anyone on this site for criticizing an IU coach, is the ultimate irony. You, who have sustained the most continuous, monotonous, irrational, deranged and bigoted rant against Tom Crean, for expressing his Christian faith, and in spite of his success in rebuilding IU basketball, is just hilarious. I’m sure you’re completely unable to recognize your own hypocrisy, which makes it so much richer. At least I limit my criticism of Mallory to his job performance. So don’t worry Harvard, you’d never be allowed to jump on any bandwagon I was riding.

  37. Haven’t read your entire post…(kinda long..oh, the irony..kettle black blah..blah…blah). But isn’t Wilson going from “one extreme to the other?” I rest my case.

  38. Thanks, H4H, but I looked at the menu on the web site and doubt my five and eight years old daughters would eat anything on it except the fries (neither likes hot dogs, even the standard variety). But it looks inviting, I’ll save it for an outing with my son. I appreciate the tip.

  39. And rather than get into the whole Crean and marketing Christianity alongside the symbols of IU thing again…I suggest you just open his twitter page. There are no longer distinct images of IU basketball..There are no broadly displayed logos affiliated with IU Basketball aiding in the decorating of his page dedicated primarily to the world of Bible quotes and Joyce Meyer tweets.

    The page is drastically different than the first day he began to place his personal faith in the lap of Indiana’s public institution. If you want to give me the credit(via the Church Lady images, etc)for the complete revamping the twitter page and its very generic current appearance, I’ll be proud to accept it.

    Somehow I doubt my voice on Scoop was the impetus to that change.

    And my feelings about Crean did begin early..But they did not begin on the announcement of the hire with a volcanic eruption of claims he was not worthy the task. They started when he began to use young men that had troubles, lump them all together as all despicable human beings, to build his own foundation from a different place than Coach Wilson. And last year at Ann Arbor, he proved, once again, to be the same villain-chaser cut from the same insecure structures yourself.

  40. davis-

    Wasn’t sure how old your daughters…Hearing they’re five and eighty years old, I would suggest a playtime with Podunker.

  41. On the bright side, I’m a huge fan of Steve McClain. Wonder if he still keeps in touch with Guy-Marc Michel..?

    KEEP STEVE MCCLAIN NOW! Send Crean and Buckley to Lipscomb. I’ll host the cupcake party.

  42. The coaching network the Mallory’s enjoy is how Coach Mallory got the job at NM. The HC for the Lobos, Mike Locksley, was an offensive assistant at Maryland with Doug Mallory who was there as a defensive assistant.

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