Greetings from Poland: Jordan Hulls

What’s going on people?… How’s the weather treating y’all back home? I’ve heard it’s been pretty crazy as of late. Nothing much has been going on here in Slupsk, the snow is slowly melting as of now but I jinxed myself last time I said anything about weather being better so that’ll probably come back to haunt me. Was glad to see the Hoosiers get a big win over Michigan, I was able to watch and I’ll admit I’m pretty into the game when it’s on… Yelling and screaming, I know everyone has been there! I’ll be answering some more questions today, but just want to say thanks for tuning in and continue to ask me what’s on your mind!

“When is your next visit to Bloomington What do you miss about Bloomington and what spots will you visit?”
My next visit to Bloomington won’t be until my season is over I believe. It’s too bad I haven’t been able to come home but that’s just how the schedule worked out this year. I miss home and I can’t wait to see my family, but got to finish up “work” over here first! When I do get home though, I will visiting many of my favorite spots for sure! Bloomington has so many places I want to see, but I’m definitely going to eat some American food first thing, whether that’s at Buffa Louies, Dats, Village Deli, Chick-Fil-A,…. the list goes on and on, I love food. I will then go home and make sure my shoe collection is still in place, that my parents didn’t let any mysteriously leave the house for some reason. Love being at home with family and relaxing on the couch so I’ll be doing that as well. I’ll also make a stop to Assembly Hall/Cook Hall to see everyone and catch up with all that’s gone on since I’ve been gone, IU will always be home to me.

“What sports teams, athletes do you follow? And how do you keep up with coverage?”
I try and keep up with all the sports that I can while I’m over here because I don’t want to be completely out of it. Twitter, Instagram, online coverage, and SlingBox are all ways that I keep up with my favorite teams and players. Any basketball is always something I try to watch; NBA, college it doesn’t matter. Keeping up with Cody and Victor and how their teams are doing and watching my Hoosiers’ Sports (men and women) as much as I can. I am also a Peyton Manning fan and have been a fan of the Broncos ever since I played with them on NFL Blitz with Terrell Davis when I was about seven years old, so was following them but we all know how that ended. Steve Nash, Chris Paul, and really any guards that I can watch and learn from are who I try and keep up with and watch in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns have always been a team I’ve liked, I don’t really know why but even when Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, and Dan Majerle played I liked them. The Pacers are also a team I keep up with obviously just to see how Indiana is being represented, which is real well! Overall, I’ll watch anything sports related that I can just because it gives me something to do and if I can learn something then it only helps me.

Now you know a little bit more about me and remember to keep the curiosity coming! Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!


  1. Hey Jordan, Was watching the opening ceremonies and saw the Polish athletes walk in and thought of you… What is the Olympic vibe like in Poland? Do they get excited and patriotic, or is it kind of an afterthought?

    Best of luck over there man!

  2. Seven years of planning and they couldn’t get one of the five snowflake Olympic rings to fully open…? Computer glitch?

    Yup, we should all sleep more comfortably knowing 4 out of every 5 of those Russian nuclear warhead silo lids from the Cold War-era remain properly closed and in lock down mode. And we’re worried about toothpaste?

    Didn’t I once do this design with a niece on her Spirograph board?

  3. Your weather is probably better than here–Spirits are for the Minn. game it could be a turning point–Oli made a great run& pass to beat Thunder–Hope your 3’s are still going in.

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