Q&A from Poland: Jordan Hulls

Today is a big day over here for our team, we play a tough opponent, Turow, and if we win it gives us a great chance of being in top 6 for sure so we are excited about the opportunity. Other than that, nothing exciting is really going on in Slupsk. So for today I’ll be answering a question that was asked from a reader. Don’t be shy, continue to comment or send questions in, I’ll try and answer what I can. Go Hoosiers!

Geoff: “Hey Jordan, Was watching the opening ceremonies and saw the Polish athletes walk in and thought of you… What is the Olympic vibe like in Poland? Do they get excited and patriotic, or is it kind of an afterthought?”

Well, there has been some talk about the Olympics but honestly we haven’t really felt any special kind of vibe around here about it. I know there are many Polish participants but nobody has reached out to me just to talk about the Winter Olympics. They may be doing it amongst their families and other friends but from my perspective, there’s nothing out of the ordinary around here to really support the Olympics from what I can tell.

That concludes for today, short and sweet. Don’t forget to tweet, comment, or any way you can to ask more questions! Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!


  1. Very disappointed in IU basketball. The team lacks good fundamentals and offensive discipline. Last years team underachieved and this team is well below its potential given this stage of the season. The coach is not getting the job done.

  2. Jordy–it hurt that your team lost today. It looks like it may be a struggle for the rest of the season to get into the playoffs. Hang in there and give it your best shot which I know you will do. It seems like your team is like the current IU team which can’t close the game.

  3. Hey Jordan, I remember you saying you watch the IU games and get pretty heated from time to time. Obviously, many of us here share that passion. Chief among the things I yell at my TV about is half court execution. I would love your perspective on what’s going on this year… Does it look like Crean has changed things up to fit the current personnel and things just aren’t clicking? Does it look almost identical to what he was doing with your teams, but this team is too young to execute? Has he had to completely dumb things down? Why does Crean’s offense struggle to get post touches for Noah (and previously Cody)?

    I’m hoping you can provide some insight without feeling like you’re betraying a trust…. Thanks.

  4. Now that I’m on this page, I now realize the guy we couldn’t replace from last year was Hulls. Limited knowledge, but seems were missing a guy that can play the one or two like Hulls did. My opinion, best game they played was 2011-2012 against UK in the tournament. Why aren’t they playing that tempo anymore? Is it guard play that’s not letting them do it? Other than Ferrell, is anyone else a threat to knock it down like Hulls did?

  5. Jordy-

    Keep in mind that Geoff never thought you were capable to play in the NBA. Maybe Geoff was right But I still believe if you get a chance at the NBA you’ll surprise many that doubt your abilities. Also keep in mind that Goeff didn’t think you were capable of beating UK or OSU at home in 2011-12. He’s been a long term doubter.

    I do believe the team struggles because they can’t count on more than one perimeter shooter. Nearly all the pressure is on Yogi. That’s a lot to handle for a player that has to go for so many minutes at a furious pace. Our has a lot of fabulous athletes, but most just don’t shoot the ball like Jordy Hulls. You did get some substantial perimeter support from Roth in year junior year and Christian Watford in your junior and senior year. Remy also could deliver a couple big timely perimeter shots.

    Noah has drilled some triples, but he’s not the type of player that seems to be able to trail the break and pop in a bomb.

    Here’s my questions if you want to answer any:

    Do you think any college team can be dangerous with only one true outside threat?

    How do you think Remy will do at Xavier?

    Do you still have goals of someday playing in the NBA? Would you like to be a coach someday?

    Did you ever know there was a regular on Scoop that always said you had “glory, guts, game, and gumption written all over your grumpy face?”

  6. Yeah, that was low. I’m sorry, Geoff.

    I know you always liked Hulls. You probably liked him more than Harvard. You saw him with more the objective eye and didn’t build him up into some false heroic figure so difficult to live up to. That’s what I do to Indiana kids. I make them into something I dreamed and failed to be. I’m the wannabe legend in my own mind living through their every jumpshot. I’m the loser. Not you and certainly not Jordan Hulls.

  7. jordy,

    from one polack to an honorary one I have a couple of questions for you.

    was cody under instructions from crean not to shoot from outside? who was in charge of teaching post moves to the bigs? did cody ever give you the impression he was going to play at iu for more than 2 years? how often did the team practice inbounds plays?

    thanks and good luck in Poland!

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