Q&A from Poland: Jordan Hulls

Hello all, it’s been a great past couple days as I was able to take a trip with my days off to London!  It was a great experience to get to go and visit a college friend and former IU soccer player, Joe Tolen, who now lives there for work.  The crazy thing was that I kept running into people from IU, and for those of you who have been to London, you know how packed it is, like NYC, and every day I was there I ran into people who were studying abroad or just visiting like me.  Small world.  It was great to see some other Hoosiers, Hoosier Nation is everywhere!

Today I’m going to be answering a few questions from some readers, I encourage all to ask me questions!


“Hey Jordan, I remember you saying you watch the IU games and get pretty heated from time to time. Obviously, many of us here share that passion. Chief among the things I yell at my TV about is half court execution. I would love your perspective on what’s going on this year… Does it look like Crean has changed things up to fit the current personnel and things just aren’t clicking? Does it look almost identical to what he was doing with your teams, but this team is too young to execute? Has he had to completely dumb things down? Why does Crean’s offense struggle to get post touches for Noah (and previously Cody)?”

It’s hard to say what is going on because like I said I’m not in that gym every day with those guys going through it and seeing it up close.  What I do know is how hard the players, managers, coaches, and trainers work every single day in order to get better.  Every team, every year is going to be different, drastically or just a little bit.  It is really hard for me to comment because again I’m not there with them and honestly no one knows what it’s like unless you’ve been through it and see it daily.  I will say that from what I’ve seen we do struggle with half court execution at times, and I think we are definitely at our best when we get defensive stops and run the floor.  Obviously the coaches know who they have and what they’re strengths are, so they’re going to do what is best for the team in order for them to win the game with the guys they have.  We have good talent on the floor, we play against really good talent, and we’ve shown we can play with and beat the better teams in the country so we know we are capable, just got to get it every night.  There is some learning going on with this team as they’re going through the season, I’ve been there before, and I’ll be excited to see how good they can be when they put it all together.  Hope that answers some of your thoughts, it’s just hard for me to really dive into it because I don’t feel as though it’s my place since I’m not there and able to watch all that’s going on.



Do you think any college team can be dangerous with only one true outside threat?

I think it definitely makes things tougher, but there have been teams who have been able to play to their strengths and get the job done as well.  For example, in my mind Ohio State didn’t have too many outside threats last year and they were still good.  It just depends on a lot of different things.

How do you think Remy will do at Xavier?

Remy is one of the greatest kids you’ll every meet, I think he will do really well at Xavier.  I’ve talked with him a little bit and he seems in good spirits and excited to get back on the floor.  I’ve never played with someone who was able to get to the rim as well as Remy, even when you thought there was no way he could get there, he would do it.  He will love to play with my former teammate Dee Davis, they could be good together.

Do you still have goals of someday playing in the NBA? Would you like to be a coach someday?

That is always going to be a goal of mine, to play at the absolute highest level.  I’ll just have to keep proving myself and see what happens, just happy to be playing basketball for a living!  Can’t worry about things I can’t control.

Did you ever know there was a regular on Scoop that always said you had “glory, guts, game, and gumption written all over your grumpy face?”

Haha, no I didn’t know that.  I never got on blog sites as a player, have never cared what people thought badly about me but I appreciate the positive support, I’m sure I made it hard on you at times ha!


Well that’s all for today ya’ll, hope everyone has a good rest of the week and keep on keepin’ on.  Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!


  1. Jordan,
    Please tell us everything you know about the exploits, in particular those off the court, of Derek Elston, International Man of Mystery and The Most Interesting Man In Malta. Embellishment is not only acceptable but encouraged.

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