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Hello all!  Been a crazy couple of weeks, but hope Hoosier Nation is staying loyal and strong.  How about the IU Women’s program though? Big congrats to Coach Miller and the squad on their season this year, great to see a program come so far.  My team has secured a spot in the playoffs and are currently playing against the other Top 6 teams until end of April to determine our seed for the playoffs.  We lost a tough one last night after blowing a big lead in the second half, but we have another game Sunday so we must have short term memory and move on to the next game.  For today I’ll be answering some questions from sports reporter Andy Graham.  Enjoy!

“How’s your NCAA bracket looking?”:

My bracket was busted pretty bad when Duke lost since I had them going to Final Four.  I picked some of the right upsets but not good enough to even have a good looking bracket after the first day.  It’s been a fun tournament to watch and I’ve been able to watch almost every game.  I definitely wanted Wichita State to win because I think that they were the real deal and my teammate Garrett Stutz played there two years ago, but it just happens that way sometimes.  My Final Four teams are all still playing which is good and I have Michigan State winning it all, have to root for the Big Ten in this situation. I definitely miss this time of the year in college basketball, wish I could go back!

“Were you surprised and/or saddened by the recent departures from the IU program of Jeremy Hollowell, Austin Etherington and Jonny Marlin?”

Anytime anyone leaves a program it’s always a difficult thing to handle, especially after living with Austin last year and becoming good friends.  I haven’t talked them specifically about what’s going on or why they did it but I’m sure that they felt as though they were making the best decisions for them at this time.  They all brought something to the team in one way or another and it’s just too bad but again it’s what they thought was best.  It’s part of college basketball unfortunately but the team will move on and figure out what’s best for them to do moving forward.

“How tough was it to watch, from afar, Will Sheehey sustain a losing Senior Night and to see the Hoosier men’s season end in relative disappointment without being able to directly help?”:

Was very tough to see a good friend and teammate end his career the way he did.  We lost on my Senior Night as well and that feeling was terrible because it’s the last time playing on Assembly Hall and there are so many emotions going on throughout that whole day that losing the game is hard to deal with.  Will did what he could to help his team win that night and throughout the whole season and really that’s all you can ask for out of someone, to put it all out on the court.  Of course it’s tough to not be able to directly help because those guys are like family and I hate to see anything negative happen to them and Indiana so it was definitely hard for all of us who aren’t there anymore.  I’ll always be loyal to the people and the program who helped me get where I am today and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

That’s all for this week folks, keep the faith in Hoosier Nation and I’m looking forward to what will happen next.  Until next time Hoosier fans!
…. Stay classy BTown!


  1. Nice piece and great guy, but if he had Duke in the final 4, he can’t say all 4 of his teams for the final 4 are still in it. Minor error. Good luck in your games and career, Jordan!

  2. Hi, Jordan! Thank you for your Postcards from Poland! I just saw these posts today and read back through all of them. What an amazing overseas experience you’re having. I hope it’s also nice to know that we all still think about you here in Bloomington. I can identify with your experience of running into people in London. Darryl and I randomly ran into Dan Smith (then Dean of Kelley) in a room of the Portrait Gallery Museum one spring break. Keep traveling, too! Some of my students’ favorite locations somewhat near you include Gdansk, Tallinn, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Sophia, and Zagreb. My question is “What’s a favorite new activity that you discovered in Poland when you’re not practicing or playing basketball?”

    1. Hi Mrs. Heidewald! I hope all is well for you and the family, crazy how fast time flies by. I feel like it was just yesterday I was taking your class! Thanks for reading through the blogs, it has been a great way to stay connected with BTown and share my experiences with everyone, I sure do miss home though! Hoosiers are everywhere, that’s for sure! I wish I could go and visit more cities around me but with the schedule now it doesn’t seem like it’ll work out that way unfortunately. Maybe next year I’ll be able to travel to some other countries, I will keep my fingers crossed. To answer your question, it may sound a little silly because it’s something I could have done at home and probably should have done at home, but a new favorite activity has been reading. I have never really just read for fun, which is unfortunate but just how it was. I have lots of down time here and I’ve been able to read more than usual. I also have watched a lot of movies and tv shows in my time here, but that’s not something to proud of, haha.

      Thanks again for reading and I hope to continue to keep your attention and not bore you or any of the other readers, it’s been good for me to do this as well!

      All the best,


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