Postcards from Poland: Jordan Hulls

Hello everyone!  Hope all is going well back home despite the crazy weather that’s been going on, that’s ridiculous.  I hope that all clears up before I get back home!  In other news, I just turned 24 years old yesterday… Hard to believe.  I look like I’m in High School still but I am 24.  I’ve always spent my birthday playing basketball so that wasn’t unusual for me but being thousands of miles away from home in Poland for my birthday was a different change of pace, ha!.  Wish I could’ve celebrated with friends and family but I guess we will have to when I get home!  Lastly, I became an Uncle again!  Was so excited about the news and I can’t wait to get home and meet the little guy!

Nothing too exciting has been going on over here unfortunately.  We finally got our first win in the Top 6 last night on the road, so that was a great birthday present.  We had lost six games in a row before our win last night, that was rough.  I talked a little about our other losses in my last blog post but there were many of those games that we should have won or had chances to win and we didn’t take advantage of it.  With this win, I’m hoping we can get on a roll with our three remaining games of the season heading into the playoffs.  I’m glad that we are playing more often now because the one game a week thing is just too long sometimes.

Time is flying by now and the last game of season is on April 27th, so hoping to make the most out of these last weeks here in Poland with some wins!  That’s all that’s going on in my life pretty much at this time, exciting stuff I know!  I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful rest of the week. Don’t forget to comment and ask questions if you would like!

Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!

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  1. Heard that Cal de-commit, 6’10” Idrissa Diallo, is going to visit IU…

    We have to get this guy, his game and athleticism remind me a lot like Noah Vonleh!

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