Q&A from Poland: Jordan Hulls

Hello all, I’m back with some more Q&A from Poland!  But first, let me fill you on the happenings in Slupsk right now.  We are currently in the playoffs playing against a close rival in Trefl Sopot, and the series is in their favor 2 games to 1.  It’s a best of 5 series so it is win or go home for us now.  We lost our first two games to them at their place but we were able to secure a win last night at home to keep the season going.  I am not playing at all unfortunately because last week in practice I injured my eye.  It was a freak accident but during practice I made a back-cut and a help side defender came over to swipe at the ball but connected straight to my face poking my eye in the process.  I suffered a pretty big cut on my eyeball and I ended up having to get stitches on my actual eyeball, which I didn’t even know was possible!  It was quite the place to get my first ever stitches, even though I have probably needed stitches multiple times but just never did.  So, it’s unfortunate that I am unable to compete in the playoffs at this time, but I’m expected to be fully healed soon so hopefully we keep winning and am able to play another game here in Poland.  I would show pictures but probably not what anyone wants to see, ha!

Now, I’ll answer a few questions.  Please don’t hesitate to ask in the future!

“Some people would like details on the exploits of The Most Interesting Man in Malta, Derek Elston, in particular tales of his life off the court. If those details must be fabricated so as to add to the story, so be it. ”

This is such a complex question because we are talking about the one and only Tipton Tornado/DSol.  I had the honor, I guess, to live with Derek for 3 years and those times were ones that I will never forget.  Although there was frustration, confusion, and just dumbfounded moments, it was mostly just a fun time around our place and we were able to build a friendship to last a lifetime.  There are far too many stories to tell about Derek which makes this hard.  We all have heard about the “Derekisms” if you were at Hoosier Hysteria, but I won’t bash Dsol about those because just wouldn’t be right.  I could talk about all the intense ping pong battles, video game battles where he gets far to upset when he loses and breaks stuff but I think one of the most memorable moments with Derek was last year when he would pull pranks on Austin at the apartment.  The funniest one, to us anyway at the time, was when we were all just hanging out watching some show Austin had in his room.  This was when Derek was all about carrying around a huge jug of water around and drinking as much water throughout the day as he could.  While sitting there on the ground, Derek accidentally spilled a little on Austin’s carpet but Austin was on the bed so he didn’t notice, and that’s when Derek had a brilliant idea… He decided to pour pretty much the rest of the water onto the carpet.  Derek noticed that Austin had on his socks and he knew Austin was going to get up sometime soon and get something from the kitchen, and sure enough not 2 minutes later Austin got up and instantly stepped in the soaked carpet.  Austin was so mad but Derek and I were just rolling on the floor laughing for about 5 minutes straight.  Since this was such a success, Derek would sometimes just randomly put water on his carpet some days just to get a good laugh.

May not be the most exciting story, as there are a lot of them, but that was Derek.  It was all those funny little things that Derek did that made us angry but you couldn’t stay mad too long because it’s Derek and that’s how it is.  Got to love that guy.

“What does Kaila tell you about how Curt Miller orchestrates the IU women’s program and how does that approach perhaps differ or resemble that of Coach Crean?”

Kaila has always been high of Coach Miller and what he’s been able to do in his coaching career, it’s why she wanted to play for him.  I’m so excited that Kaila has a chance to be a part of what Coach Miller is doing with the IU Women’s Program because much like us in my first couple years, there were hard times to go through but they were able to build on what Coach Miller wanted to instill in the program and they’re reaping the benefits of all their hard work.  They had a great season this past year and are excited about the future.  I think Coach Miller and Coach Crean are similar in how passionate they are for the game and the time and effort they put into each detail.  Kaila and I have always grown up understanding how important it is to pay attention to detail and to go out and compete every day.

“Have you acquired a favorite phrase or saying in the Polish language?”

I am by no means anywhere close to being able to speak Polish, as it is such a difficult language.  I have learned the basic things in order to communicate briefly to be able to get food or whatever so I don’t really speak in phrases or complete sentences too much.  I guess my favorite saying would have to be “co jest?” which directly translated as “what is” so can be used for like “what is up” or “what are you doing”, that’s at least what I use it for, haha!  Luckily for me basketball doesn’t require me to learn the language more, and basketball is so universal that almost everyone on the court can speak a little if not a lot of English.


That’s all for today folks, hope you enjoyed it and hope the rest of the week is a good one!  Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!






  1. Jordy,

    Thanks for another Q & A session. Enjoy hearing from you and how you’re doing in basketball in Poland. Hope you have a full and complete recovery with your eye injury.

  2. Thanks for the report. Hope you’re healed soon and back to normal activities.

    A question about your team: how would you compare it on the scale of the US? Competitive with a D-1 college team? NBA developmental team? Or what?

  3. Did you know that ‘Poland’ shares all but two letters with your first name(including the exact two vowels)? Did you decide to play hoops in Poland because of this 67% letter matching? If/when you get to the NBA, will you favor a contract with Orlando knowing that the city holds all letters from your first name except the elusive ‘j?’

    Speaking of ‘j,’ did your parents name you Jordan because they had great admiration for Micheal Jordan?

    Do you think that LeBron James is as clutch as MJ? Though LeBron may eventually break some of MJ’s scoring records, do you think he’s as complete basketball player as MJ? Go Cody! Go Bobcats!

    Do you think the Wisconsin Badgers’ mascot should be allowed to wear candy stripes?

    What do you think of Seth Davis? Do you think he enjoys being hypercritical of Indiana? Is it merely in his “Establishment” nature to act neutral(with some packaged admiration for Tom Crean) while still engaging in taking snidely and jealous jabs at the players/team?

    Thanks Jordan “Glory, Game, Guts, and Gumption written all over your Grumpy face” Hulls,

    Harvard for Hillbillies

    P.S. Just pick whatever questions you’d like to answer. Hope your eye heals back to 100% asap.

  4. It’s my understanding that the Polish Basketball League will put Jordy through a rather demanding eye exam before he’s cleared to play.

  5. You are absolutely too much Harvard. In South America they’d run you for president in some of the more culturally developed countries…! (Of course, the military might intervene within 24 hours of your assumption, but by then you’d be all over the internet).

  6. .344 win percentage and currently in the cellar of the NL Central…How ’bout them Cubbies?!!


    Hoosiers in Rose Bowl or Cubs in World Series…? Would you have a preference before you go all Colonel Sanders?

    Is Fred “Fireworks” Glass to Hoosier football as Tom “Wrigley Wrecker” Ricketts to Cubs baseball?

  7. Hoosiers in Rose Bowl. Even the goats refuse to feed at Wrigley. Glass still has a chance, Ricketts none. I’d almost welcome Tribune ownership back.

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