Decatur Central quarterback commits to Indiana

Indiana spent all of the 2013 season going back and forth between one quarterback whose primary skill was the ability to beat teams with his feet and another who could carve them up with his arm. Tre Roberson has become a much better passer as his career has progressed and Nate Sudfeld has become more athletic, but that essentially is the dynamic of the competition.

Decatur Central High School coach Justin Dixson believes the quarterback the Hoosiers just got a commitment from could be a mixture of both.

Tommy Stevens, a 6-foot-4, 200-pound quarterback from Decatur Central committed to the Hoosiers on Wednesday. Rated the No. 15 dual threat quarterback naturally by and the No. 6 player in the state of Indiana, Stevens also had offers from and was strongly considering Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina State and West Virginia. 

“One deciding factor for him was the offensive scheme that puts as much emphasis on the quarterback beating him with his arm as with his feet,” Dixson said. “There are obviously different things Nate and Tre can do. Those two guys are dynamic players and he has a lot of work to do to live up to either one of them, but I think he has the ability to do what both of those guys do, combining their strengths into one player. I think that’s what he can develop into.”

Stevens passed for 1,596 yards and rushed for 785 last season.

“There’s no doubt he’s an outstanding physical talent,” Dixson said. “He’s got a great arm. He really throws the ball well, and he can beat you with his feet. He’s a very dynamic offensive player and that’s a big reason why we were so successful last season. Plus, the way he approaches the game and approaches the position, he really understands the game of football and he’s constantly working to get better.”


  1. I like the growing trend of IU signing recruits that have been recruited by and received offers from other strong football schools. In this case, beating out “Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina State and West Virginia” for this QB. I think IU is, once again, becoming a legitimate Big Ten football program under the leadership of Wilson.

    If IU goes to a Bowl game next winter, Glass must give Wilson a big raise and contract extension, and allocate more money for his assistant coaches’ compensation.

  2. I agree completely Podunker. Recruiting is picking up rapidly. Remember when only MAC schools offered our prospective recruits? No more. I can’t help but feel that this team is so close to breaking out. 6 wins is my goal, but wouldn’t be surprised to see this program excel beyond 6 wins. Some might argue 6 wins is to low of a bar to set, but Wilson has improved this teams record every year.

    If IU does turn the corner, we might have strap Wilson to the goalpost. Teams will be flocking over him.

  3. Seems like a good player. Glad to have him. Relatively speaking Wilson is doing more than CTC considering resources, although Wilson should have taken the team to a bowl game last year. If he can improve the defense and get to a bowl game the fans will really appreciate what he has done here. There is no reason for IU not to have a respectable football program.

  4. If IU wins 6, 7, 8 games this year…IU better be prepared with money so program can continue to grow even if they win 6 to keep coach and coaching staff content and happy……you have to be prepared to spend money to make money((meaning fb program continuing (keeping momentum going) to grow toward top of big ten in this case))

  5. HC, I trust AD Glass and agree that he knows what to do. I just hope he knows when to do it. Timing is very important!

    I hope Glass is anticipating this and is being proactive in preparing his boss and IU’s BOT in advance. The days immediately after IU finishes its regular season, assuming it achieves a minimum of six wins, Glass should present Wilson and staff with their reward, in the form of a new contract for Wilson and more money for his assistant coaches. That will make a statement, benefit recruiting, tamp down the rumors, and reduce the temptation by other schools to attempt to lure IU’s coaches away. It will also allow the team, both players and coaches, to focus on winning their bowl game. And most importantly, that would allow Wilson and staff to be even more effective in recruiting during that critical period between late November and the signing day in early February.

    Good leaders do their best to run interference and minimize distractions that can affect their subordinates’ focus and performance. Glass needs to “see this coming” and be prepared to do the right thing for Wilson, his staff and the future of IU football. Being reactive and trying to counter another team’s offer will not be acceptable. Glass and IU’s BOT have had lots of time to plan for this contingency. Let’s hope they have a good sense of timing.

  6. Ben, to your point, yes, I used to get so frustrated with IU football recruiting news. It seemed to me that the fine gentlemen in charge of IU football felt as if they were unable to compete for Big Ten quality talent and weren’t really trying. It was a terribly parochial recruiting philosophy at the time. Wilson is doing a much better job. Now, Glass et al must make sure the momentum created in the last two or three recruiting classes in maintained and even improved upon.

    The proof that IU recruiting has finally arrived is when IU is signing numerous top-rated defensive players over offers from other accomplished football programs. We’ve seen progress in the last two recruiting classes, but there’s room for improvement.

  7. I hope that all you crystal ball-gazers are right, but I still think it’s way early (even if IU wins 6 or 7 this year) to fret about Wilson being snatched from the cradle.

  8. davis, too early for what? too early to predict that IU will win six or seven games, or too early to suggest that if they do, the coaching staff, especially Wilson, should get an increase in their compensation?

    If Wilson leads IU to a Bowl game this coming season, there are football programs out there that will want to hire him away from IU. And given his salary relative to most other major conference football programs (or should I say major football programs), it would, at Wilson’s current salary, be relatively easy to pay him significantly more to coach somewhere else. If another University succeeds in doing that, it would be very damaging to IU football’s future, and probably set the program back another five years.

    If Glass is not thinking this through, I’d be surprised and disappointed. But of course, it’s all based on the assumption that IU will achieve at least six wins. And in my opinion, it’s time for IU to do that.

  9. Because there’s not more to Bloomington than getting paid a boatload of money. Yup, that’s why were in the current mess with Crean.

    I’ve known many a chauvinist pig to think on the same terms…Just give her a big house, lots of spending money, and a couple trips to Europe and she ain’t got no reason to drift. Don’t respect her. She’ll happily put up with your lack of true love and commitment as you deceitfully make fun of her when in the privacy of friends(this conjures up memories of Podunker’s tales of riding around with his old IU buddies that love to belittle the football program). She’s better lookin’ so just throw a ton of cash at her and she ain’t gonna wonder off.

    Here’s what I got to say….If you truly think so lowly of IU, there’s no amount of cash that could hold onto or build something deeper and more meaningful. Wilson is already paid too much. He couldn’t even deliver on his original vow to “Win Today.” Good Lord…Somebody says “Because it’s Indiana” and most of you low self-esteem fans immediately go on your backside and let the slick willy have all the family farm and inheritance. Money in excess makes men soft. Football takes hunger. Wilson needs to earn his salary and one year of winning before the lifelong marriage. A low level bowl game is not indicative enough of promises fulfilled. Don’t we respect ourselves enough to think love for accomplishment at Indiana takes passion no simply related to financial return? If we paid soldiers $300,000 per year to defend our nation would they be more committed to freedom and flag?

    It’s time to screw the marketplace and the bidding wars. It’s time to love us for more than pocketbook and start realizing that universities are about education first.

  10. Don’t we respect ourselves enough to think love for accomplishment at Indiana takes passion [not] simply related to financial return?

  11. Money in excess makes men soft.

    If by “money,” you actually mean “naked pictures of Rosie O’Donnell.”

    Good thing Harvard doesn’t proliferate this kind of wisdom via fortune cookies. As if our participation trophy generation needs any more incentives to stay in their parents’ basement.

    How long did it take you to save up for that $20 gift certificate for Dustin and Jeremy, Confucius?

  12. Disagree Davis. If Wilson gets us 6-7 wins, many AD’s will be licking their chops. If Indiana Hoosier football can put together 6 wins back to back, Wilson will be a hot priority. Many AD’s will be thinking: “If he can turn around Indiana, think what he can do here? (Insert school). The sad reality is we have been laughing stocks for years. If Indiana winds regularly, people WILL notice.

  13. Po, When I say Glass knows what to do it included all the criteria. You are wasting O2 worrying.

  14. Not worried at all, HC. Just enjoying the thought of IU having a decent season for the first time in many years and becoming a true Big Ten football program. And I don’t think typing requires any more 02 than reading other’s posts.

  15. Speaking of atmospheric pollution…

    Completely agree with HC. Po (from now aka PO2) writes a sentence that says, ‘I trust AD Glass and agree that he knows what to do’ (#6). Then he writes four posts (including the bottom 2/3 of #6; #7, #9, #17) treating Glass like an incompetent autistic child spelling out expected actions and behaviors in the most minute detail of what he should do and beahve.

    It’s not the O2 you use Po, it is our O2 you use, and return as CO2. No wonder the EPA is limiting production of PO2;…for the good of humanity in general (and Hoosiers in particular).

  16. Podunker just happens to be a passionate fan. If you can’t figure that out, then humanity really has flipped its lid with you being the leader of the flips.

  17. Passionate fan? Maybe that’s your definition. I always feel like his posts are the pauses in action of a piranha dental flossing. His main purpose is a constant general gnawing at the whole Indiana leg until he gets down to the bone in 10 years. It reminds me of some abusive relationships where the dominant player never stops with the demeaning and critiquing. It’s never a full-out argument, war of words, or the type of fighting any normal love can go through. If Indiana was Podunker’s significant other, she would feel obligated to massage his toes, sit silent and subservient at the dinner table, and feel generally terrible about herself as she goes to bed every night with thoughts of last mean thing said. Maybe she’s just forgotten what true love really feels like. Who is she? All she really knows of herself is what satisfies his constant bite and destruction in her belief and hope. Her name is merely Indiana. Indiana is so lucky to have Podunker. It’s never going to be how lucky Podunker is to have rested in the warm heart and arms of Indiana.

  18. My travels take me to Thomasville, Georgia with the lady today. Going to visit a wild bird sanctuary, 200 yr old oak tree, and historic downtown. Everyone have a good day.

  19. Congratulations on IU receiving the verbal from Stevens. I know that MSU thought highly enough of his abilities to have offered him a scholarship. MSU received a verbal from Brian Lewerke, supposedly an elite eleven candidate, and MSU not needing to take two QB’s in 2014 due to low scholarship limits.

    Wilson has definitely elevated the talent level of IU recruiting, and now appears to be developing that same talent. IU is not that far from being a team that should go to a bowl every year. All it will take is Knorr developing a serviceable defense.

  20. Thanks, Ben. I laugh when H4H and Tsao take shots at me on this site. Coming from them, it’s a badge of honor. When people of low character are criticizing you, you must be doing all right.

  21. PO- thought I was clear about it being too early to worry about Wilson. The ultimate fallout of the NLRB decision in the N’western players’ case will not be known/felt for a couple of years, but I think that the upward spiral in coaches’ pay is going to hit a hiccup on account of the uncertainty re: the future of revenue sports.

    Programs might be shy about offering huge $$$, or at least the guaranteed money part of such offers, to “the next big thing” in the face of such uncertainty. Absent such guarantees, hot prospects with couple of years left on their contracts (such as you presume Wilson) might think twice about jumping from ship to ship which are sailing in uncharted waters.

  22. When I think of Podunker, I generally picture a “badger on her” rather than a “badge of honor.”

    Aren’t I a clever SOB..? That was a little word trick in reference to all Podunker’s love and fixations for big fat Wisconsin lineman.

    Ben- We need more specifics on “the lady.” This is the first I’ve heard of a lady. Did you find her on That’s a Woodsy joke…Owl talk to you later.

  23. Haha. That’s funny. Yeah, I did. So far it’s going great, but just enjoying our time together. I’m very picky in whom I date. Often I’m too picky, but won’t settle for less, and want to get it right the first time around. Once someone gets to know me I’m an open book, but actually really quiet and reserved otherwise. Just like my father I guess.

    We’ll see what happens. She’s a Clinical Dietition at the hospital. She likes dancing, and I’m going “Swing Dancing” this weekend. Think of me. I will either break my ankle, or crush hers!

    Hoot Hoot, and don’t toot in your sleep. Goodnight.

  24. Podunker and Ben…sitting on a tree….leave the lady Ben…take Podunker instead. Why do I think the two of you make one wonderful couple? Somehow, it makes all kinds of sense.

  25. Nah, I’m happy with my lady. I’d gladly buy Podunker a beer though. Would you invite me to speak at the old folks home? A game of dominos?

    Look, we all disagree to an extent. I’ve just always admired Podunker, and the passion he has for IU. At least he’s on our side. Let’s try to just agree to disagree, instead of dragging it through the mud slopes, ok?

  26. Have a good time swing dancing, Ben. If it comes naturally, don’t blame evolution.

    May she steal your heart. Maybe wait a few weeks before telling her your thing for Woodsy. And if it gets to the critical point of inviting her to the man cave, always make sure to clear your browsing history. “Nuns with stocking runs” left in your history could get ugly.

  27. Ben-

    All kidding aside, I’m happy for you. You seem like a really decent and honest young man. You have a bright and healthy outlook and an certain conveyance of innocence that will likely prove to be a great quality. I hope it works out. There’s nothing sweeter in life than finding someone to embrace, share all trials and joys, and care deeply about. When it is absent, it wears at the soul. The luck in the stars of finding someone you can truly be at total peace is a gift that opens thoughts and hopes of something beyond this place.

  28. …and [a] certain conveyance

    Sorry to all for going even more off-kilter of late.

  29. Life is meant to be shared with someone special, and does indeed blow away any material thing this world can offer.

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