ESPN’s Ford has Vonleh going No. 4, Sheehey No. 59 in latest mock draft

Former Indiana forward Noah Vonleh has been universally predicted to be a top-five pick in Thursday night’s draft for most of the past month. The foot injury to Kansas’s Joel Embiid, not long ago the consensus likely No. 1 pick, could lead to him going higher. That’s what ESPN’s Chad Ford is projecting in today’s mock draft, with Vonleh going No. 4 to the Orlando Magic. Most projections up to this point had Vonleh going No. 5 to the Jazz.

More interestingly, Ford also has Will Sheehey in this mock draft, going No. 59 among the 60 picks to the Toronto Raptors. Sheehey wasn’t invited to the Portsmouth Invitational or the NBA Draft Combine, but has apparently performed well in workouts with teams.


  1. Orlando must have a thing for IU guys. Back to back years drafting a Hoosier. Too funny.

  2. Two potential NBA picks in our starting line-up with one likely going lottery and we didn’t make the post-season, let alone the NCAA Tournament.


  3. It’s called coaching acumen vs. eye for talent/Indiana’s stage/Zeller’s commitment.

    You’ve also gotta remember that both Vonleh and Fischer likely believed there was an outside chance that Zeller would return for his junior year(some may have wrongly thought the banner and becoming an everlasting Indiana statewide legend was that important to him). Could we imagine not making the postseason if Vonleh would have had any legit inside help(Fischer or Fischer + Zeller)?

    Bottom Line: The recruiting momentum from Zeller was still influencing commitments a year or two prior to Cody’s commitment and during his 2-year stay.

    If we fail to make the NCAA once again, it’s safe to say all the “everything hinges on Cody” momentum that was hoped to bring Indiana back into the “elite” crowd of college basketball’s top programs fizzled from simply a grotesque ineptitude in the ability to coach the talent you successfully sold the “because it’s Indiana” bag of goods.

  4. I think Geoff could have coached our talent to higher levels of team/overall success.

    The question in evaluating Crean has now basically reared it’s ugly head: Just how much talent will it take to compensate for the clueless guy at the chalkboard? His good friend and coaching idol is Calipari. The problem for Crean is that Calipari still trumps him in luring more NBA talent, is still a better X’s and O’s coach, and a stronger overall motivator(team vs. individual) when it comes to getting his guys on the same page come tournament time. Crean is more of an NBA agent for his recruits while Calipari is agent and coach.

  5. Regardless of the “Cody Effect” Harvard, Crean is toast if we fail to make NCAA Tournament next year. That comes from an avid supporter of the coach. It will be interested if recruiting gets a boost or not if we make it. I’m sorry, but getting 2 Star players isn’t Indiana Basketball. I know the star system don’t tell the whole story, but that kind of irked me to be honest. Hopefully they blossom into great players, and won’t be the “Jurkin Effect”. Projects…..

  6. We won’t fail to make the tournament. Haven’t you been listening to Dustin. Hanner is the next Olajuwon.

    Our guard play will be the best we’ve seen in decades. Hoetzel could surprise and brings some more outside punch… Troy Williams creates dyanmics(explosiveness to the rim) that make standard post play less important.

    I’m far happier with stronger shooters coming in that are also great athletes. Hulls and Watford were strong outside shooters, but they were hampered by size, explosiveness, and quickness deficiencies.

    Conclusion: The guard play will elevate this team and it should be a very fun team to watch.

    You don’t have to worry about Crean. He will never be fired. His job was a lifetime contract.

  7. This is why slumber party ScoopTalks held at the Kellenberger house and sponsored by Cutty Sark are ill-advised.

  8. And Harvard squeals as his boyfriend ends up backing up Kendrick Perkins.

    Kendrick Perkins makes Larry Richardson look like David Robinson.

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