Indiana announces Roberson will transfer

From IU sports info. Obviously, a lot more to discuss here.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson announced on Wednesday afternoon that junior quarterback Tre Roberson will not return to the Hoosiers program in 2014, planning to transfer. 

“We appreciate and thank Tre for his contributions to our football program both on and off the field,” Wilson said. “He is an outstanding player and a great young man. We wish him well as he moves forward with his career.”

“I want to thank the coaching staff, my teammates and Indiana University for all of their support over the last three years,” Roberson said. “My time in Bloomington will always hold a special place in my heart. I wish everyone at IU all the best as I move on to the next chapter in my life.”

Roberson became the first Indiana true freshman to start at quarterback in 2011. He started five games, played in nine overall, threw for 937 yards and rushed for 426 yards.

After suffering a broken leg in the second game of 2012, Roberson bounced back with four starts and 12 appearances last season. He completed 83-of-138 (60.1 percent) for 1,128 yards with 15 touchdowns, four interceptions and a 158.9 pass efficiency rating. Roberson added 423 rushing yards on 85 attempts (5.0 average) with five TDs.


  1. Uh, ever heard of Nate Sudfeld? The quality/experience is still at IU, the depth just left.

  2. This will definitely hurt us in the QB depth department. Hopefully Diamont and the other QB’s are ready to step in if the need arises. I hate to see this kid leave the program, just as I hated to see Coffman leave, but I understand a guy wanting more playing time. Best of luck in the future Tre.
    Go Hoosiers!

  3. You’ve gotta go where a coach commits to providing your athleticism enough sun to bloom.

    Thought Tre was a blast to watch. He brought speed getting to the corners with a run dynamic that isn’t easy to replace. Good luck to him.

  4. I can’t say I follow the inner machinations of IU football, but to me, this is a stunner. I always thought Roberson was the best choice at QB because he makes the offense a true triple threat — with a RB running, the QB running or passing. Sudfeld is the better passer, but he can’t run (well, he can — but not very well). This really takes away a dimension of the offense. Very disappointed to see this.

  5. This is disappointing news. And it’s a bit surprising given that according to Wilson, Roberson and Sudfeld were neck and neck coming out of Spring camp. Maybe they really weren’t neck and neck, or Roberson did not want to risk being designated the back-up during his senior season. But something had to give. You can’t platoon two outstanding, high potential and ambitious quarterbacks over two seasons. While I appreciated Wilson’s dilemma, by not naming one of these guys a starter earlier on and allowing the chips to fall where they may while there was still time to recruit another QB, he’s now faced with significantly less depth at the most important position on the team.

    Hopefully, Diamont will be ready to step in come September. Next man up!

  6. Things have a way of working themselves out. Sorry to read TR no longer wanted to compete at IU.

  7. I want to know the real reason he left. 1. Was he worried that he wasn’t good enough to be the #1 QB? 2. Could he not handle the discipline of Wilson? 3. Get in trouble? The truth will come out.

  8. In response to Hoosherfan00, I doubt Roberson was in any kind of trouble. I’ve never heard a bad word spoken about the young man. From everything I’ve ever heard about him, dating back to his time in High School, he is, as Wilson said, “a great young man.” As for Wilson’s discipline, after three years, you have to assume he had that down pretty good. If discipline was the issue, he’d have left after his first season.

    Given the trend in dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL, and given his obvious talent, my guess is that Roberson has ambitions to play in the NFL. If so, why risk getting sitting behind another excellent talent like Sudfeld or being a part time starter? If he wants to play in the NFL, Roberson needs to be the full-time starter so that he can display his skills and accumulate game experience. And from what I’ve seen of him, he’s as good at this stage of his development as some guys playing in the NFL were after their second full season of college football. His running ability is obvious and his arm has gotten better and better. Given the recent trends in the NFL, Roberson has potential to play at the next level. I think he’s going for it. Can’t blame him for chasing his dream.

  9. Podunker-

    Agree. He’s probably more skilled than Russell Wilson right now.

  10. JPat-

    I know you’re an insider. Give us some details. Why is Roberson leaving?

  11. The downside is obvious and threefold- 1) less depth at QB, 2) no opportunity to swap Tre for Sud in the short field (where Sud’s long arm was not as needed) for the coup de grace TD, and 3) TRE WAS A BLAST TO WATCH PLAY!

    Upside, if any, may be that a settled QB situation gives Sud and the team one less distraction going into two-a days.

    No doubt Tre will land someplace where he can strut (boogie? juke? jive?) his stuff. I wish him well!

  12. When I first saw this I was stunned, but not surprised. As Dustin said on Scoop Talk, probably wanted to be THE MAN elsewhere. We still have a great QB in Sudfeld. Hopefully we can recruit a last minute JC QB just in case. Good luck Tre. Some lucky college will have your talents.

  13. I was looking at this a couple of different ways. First, this might mean that Diamont is progressing faster than expected and that would be a good thing. Second, if you think about it, Tre would have to go to a 1AA school in order to play this fall and get two years in. If he goes to a D1 school, he will have to sit out a year and only have one year of eligibility because he already used his redshirt year. He would have to perform better than Wilson did at Wisconsin to impress the scouts. That is why I think he will end up at a 1AA school or whatever they call it. I am not too worried about this. To Tre, good luck and thanks for your contributions, but now it is time to move one.

  14. Good luck to you Trey. I liked our 2-headed QB. It is increasingly rare for 1 QB to go the whole season without injury that sidelines him for a game or 2. With Trey and Nate IU was in great shape for depth at QB. That being said, I think that Nate was always #1 and Tre was #1-B. We will see where he transfers to see if this is really a good move for Trey: if he goes to WI it is a good move for him, if to Kansas (just examples, no inside knowledge) it is not a good move for him.

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