Indiana vs. Stanford, NCAA Bloomington Regional

Bottom 9th: Marcus Brakeman walked the first three batters he saw in the ninth and Scott Donley drove one of them in with an RBI groundout, but Dustin DeMuth lined to second base, which turned into a double play because Scott Donley was running on the pitch. Stanford wins 10-7 and the teams must play against tomorrow night, winner-take-all at 5:30 p.m.


Top 9th: Stanford kept pounding the ball in the ninth, scoring three insurance runs to take a 10-6 lead. Shortstop Tommy Edman led off with a double, went to third on a sacrifice bunt and scored on an RBI single by third baseman Alex Blandino. Center fielder Austin Slater then doubled to the left center field gap to score Blandino. Right fielder Zach Hoffpauir tripled to the right center field gap to score Slater. IU is down to its final three outs with the top of the order coming up.


Bottom 8th: Craig Dedelow walked to start the eighth and Will Nolden bunted him to second, but Nick Ramos struck out and Ricky Alfonso, pinch-hitting for Tim O’Conner grounded back to the mound to end the inning. Stanford leads 7-6 and IU is down to its last three outs.


Top 8th: Luke Harrison gave up singles to Zach Hoffpauir and Dominic Jose but also recorded two outs. After the second hit, he came out for Jake Kelzer. Stanford pinch-hitter Wayne Taylor hit the second pitch he saw over the center field wall for a three-run home run to give Stanford a 7-6 lead. Brett Michael Doren singled but was caught stealing when he overslid the bag at second. IU was four outs from the super regionals, but now has just six outs to score a run to avoid having to play Monday night.


Bottom 7th: Sam Travis drew a two-out walk then scored when Scott Donley ripped a double into the right center field gap to score him. Indiana leads 6-4.


Top 7th: Tommy Edman reached on a controversial call when the first base umpire ruled that Sam Travis stepped off the bag to field a throw from Casey Rodrigue. However Luke Harrison got Danny Diekroger to ground to first and struck out Alex Blandino to get out of the inning. IU leads 5-4.


Bottom 6th: A.J. Vanegas struck out two batters in a 1-2-3 inning. Indiana still leads 5-4.


Top 6th: Luke Harrison struck out two batters in a 1-2-3 sixth with the curveball working spectacularly. IU leads 5-4.


Bottom 5th: Scott Donley led off the fifth with a single, but Dustin DeMuth struck out looking and Donley was thrown out stealing second on the pitch. Craig Dedelow then struck out looking to end the inning. IU leads 5-4.


Top 5th: Stanford scored two runs in the second, one on an Indiana error. Christian Morris gave up a pair of singles, then came out for reliever Thomas Belcher. Blandino hit a deep fly to center field to score Edman. Austin Slater then hit a single to right and Will Nolden over threw third into the right field dugout. which allowed Danny Diekroger to score. Luke Harrison came in for Belcher after that to get Zach Hoffpauir to ground to short. Indiana leads 5-4.


Bottom 4th: IU center fielder Tim O’Conner walked, took second on a wild pitch, went to third on a groundout and scored when Kyle Schwarber lined a single through the left side. Indiana leads 5-2.


Top 4th: Christian Morris cruised through his first 1-2-3 inning on 11 pitches. Indiana leads 4-2.


Bottom 3rd: A.J. Vanegas cruised through a 1-2-3 third inning. Indiana leads 4-2.


Top 3rd: Austin Slater reached with a two-out single in the third, but Christian Morris struck out Zach Hoffpauir with a breaking pitch to end the third. Indiana still leads 4-2.


Bottom 2nd: Indiana center fielder Tim O’Conner led off with his third double of the season, went to third on a ground ball by Casey Rodrigue and scored on a wild pitch to give Indiana a 4-2 lead.


Top 2nd: Zach Hoffpauir and Brant Whiting led off with back-to-back solo home runs to cut the deficit to 3-2. Christian Morris walked a batter, but then retired the next three hitters to get out of the second. IU leads 3-2.


Bottom 1st: Indiana jumped on Stanford starter Logan James with three runs in the first. Casey Rodrigue flared a single to center and Kyle Schwarber ripped one to right that allowed Rodrigue to go to third. Sam Travis then singled over the head of Stanford second baseman Brett Michael Doran to score Rodrigue. Scott Donley grounded into a fielder’s choice at first but beat the relay throw, putting runners on first and third. Dustin DeMuth then crushed a ground rule double to left to score Schwarber. After a walk to Craig Dedelow, Will Nolden hit a sacrifice fly to left to score Donley. IU leads 3-0.


Top 1st: Will Nolden made a spectacular play on a foul ball hit by Stanford’s Alex Blandino for the second out of the first and Christian Morris cruished through the inning on 14 pitches. Scoreless after a half.


Indiana and Stanford playing at 6:05 p.m. Indiana wins the regional if it wins tonight. Lineups follow.

Stanford (32-24)

1. Tommy Edman ss (.244, 16 runs, 2 HR, 16 RBI)

2. Danny Diekroeger 1b (.307, 39 runs, 2 HR, 22 RBI)

3. Alex Blandino 3b (.309, 45 runs, 12 HR, 39 RBI)

4. Austin Slater, cf (.348, 36 runs, 2 HR, 39 RBI)

5. Zach Hoffpauir rf (.327, 31 runs, 6 HR, 30 RBI)

6. Brant Whiting c (.291, 20 RBI)

7. unnamed DH.

8. Jack Klein lf (.256, 1 HR, 6 RBI)

9. Brett Michael Doran 2b (.237, 21 runs, 1 HR, 21 RBI)

P-Logan James lhp (3-3, 4.13 ERA, 38 K’s in 56 2/3 IP)

Indiana (44-13)

1. Casey Rodrigue 2b (.269, 46 runs, 22 RBI)

2. Kyle Schwarber c (.348, 64 runs, 13 HR, 45 RBI)

3. Sam Travis 1b (.346, 54 runs, 12 HR, 57 RBI)

4. Scott Donley dh (.321, 32 runs, 5 HR, 45 RBI)

5. Dustin DeMuth 3b (.386, 39 runs, 5 HR, 39 RBI)

6. Craig Dedelow lf (.206, 7 RBI)

7. Will Nolden rf (.311, 32 runs, 23 RBI)

8. Nick Ramos ss (.267, 22 runs, 2 HR, 20 RBI)

9. Tim O’Conner cf (.180, 19 RBI)

P-Christian Morris rhp (6-3, 1.82 ERA, 45 K’s in 79 1/3 IP)


  1. Well that sucked. I think Harris had two strikes on that last single he gave up, right? One pitch from going into the ninth with a 2-run lead, but that last outs always the hardest to get. Oh well. We get one more shot tomorrow.

  2. Hoosiers have been on fire. They were bound to drop one eventually. Bummer as it felt like we had this one, but 2 innings got away from them. This is the beauty of baseball and the excitement of the College World Series. Probably one of the most underrated events in sports.

    Let’s go get ’em tomorrow.

  3. Baseball makes for a nice trailer park mistress.
    Seems only natural to reach in desperation for any cheep diamond to sell admiration.
    The love of our life has packed her bags,
    And left us empty of any true national pulse to turn a wanting glance at our Hoosier Nation,
    With barely a memory to cling of championship bloodlines that defined Bloomington at the alter of the sport married to our souls.

    The trophy wife is gone.
    The imitating clang of metal bats and the chatter of choir boys in dugouts seduce with a homely wink to the yuck of spit-buckets and a new wedding song.
    Now only in the dust of glass cases can old passions accumulate.
    The aging banners from an era of hardwood greatness are more convenient to trivialize than chase. That old classy wife was nothing more than a rally ending after the stealing of second base.
    The hoops bride was actually a nasty old bitch and she was verbally abusive.

    But what of the mortar of forgotten Final Fours and the local legends that became the castle stones that built Bloomington its worldwide fame? Let the raptures have their day upon their disguised virgin white walk down the aisle of Fee and the damnation that occurred on McCracken in Assembly. They were nothing of true winners. Any new mistress now stands more pure.

    Do not stare long into those dusty cases holding the crown jewels of a hoops dynasty thirty years in rear view mirror. Do not be lured by misguided passions those ancient fires that could rain upon our baseball summer sun. Those golden relics stand stripped of real banner pride and tradition. The marches to the utmost conquered March Madness bracket were absent a foremost honor to be given an honest ounce of reflective love and recognition. Less important than a little dribbler or an NIT invitation when without the tongue of everything piously hung from the crossbeams of sweat a Libby crossover, a Cody necklace displaying a crucifixion, a biblical Tommy tweet scored on an assist from cousin Joyce, and every free throw bricked now built and born again in propped up glory more Christian.

    Enjoy the new mistress of this June day as she erases the sins. Popcorn and peanuts and “take me out to the ballpark” shall be sung while we hold hands in forgiveness in dugouts where we kiss a Mellencamp brother of another mother.

    Batter up! The trophy wife has gone. A boring replacement hymn shadows in the outfield for the drums of passion in all lusty desires to let go of what we so dearly long.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Donald Sterling spotted at a couples retreat in Zihuatanejo with Justin Bieber.

  5. So Harvard, your argument is that you shouldn’t enjoy watching a good baseball team because it would make you feel less miserable about basketball and you need to always be miserable if your basketball team is bad?

  6. The imagery of Sterling and Justin expressing their spirituality and moaning on the beach in Zihuatanejo, has even driven Dustin into bad prose. Now that is something when one is reminded that Sterling looks like a dried out coconut and Bieber like a refugee from a column of a suburban AAU summer team that offers journalists the pre-game Athletes for Heaven buffet provided by the Huitzilacoatl Restaurant chain.

  7. Enjoy it with all the complacency for what it is and what it can never be. The only hope to bring Indiana back to anything close to the national/worldwide recognition a foregone time is through basketball. We have competency and genuineness in all the sideshows that matter least.


    Dustin’s last attempted Kilroy’s pickup line: ““Baby, if you were a door, I’d slam you all night long.”

  8. I’m thinking #3 carries a lot of hints explaining previously unexplained absence….I’m thinking

    (you were missed…we were forced to read a lot of drivel during the pause; which only really served to prove that it is a physical impossibility to bore a man to death.

  9. “Enjoy it with all the complacency for what it is and what it can never be.”

    Correction…The above quote was actually Dustin’s last attempted pickup line.

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