Ohio offensive guard posts that he has committed to IU

Hunter Littlejohn, an offensive guard from Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell, Ohio, posted on his Twitter account Wednesday that he has committed to Indiana, becoming the fifth member of IU’s Class of 2015.

Per Rivals.com, which ranks Littlejohn as a three-star recruit, Littlejohn also had offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Minnesota, Purdue and Syracuse among other schools.



  1. It’s not beating out OSU, Michigan, MSU, Penn State…You’ll know if a corner has ever been turned when you’re beating out the prime BIG football schools.

    But on the bright side, at least football is gaining some attractiveness/respectability amongst the local and neighboring talent. It offers something while basketball loses enormous credibility amongst the same local and neighboring talent because of horrific coaching acumen deficiencies.

    Basketball remains more and more removed from the hopes a mind for the game that can get us back to the national stage…But who cares? Football and Cheez Whiz Bowls is what will make us the envy of the college sporting world.

  2. To turn the corner, you got to beat out those schools to stand a fighting chance. Beating out Western Michigan, Akron, Marshall, Maine, Indiana State won’t get us anywhere. Not trying to be defensive, but this is truly the first time I can remember getting decent kids to this football program. I was too young for the Mallory era.

  3. It’s all relative to expectations. As a Big Ten team, I expect IU to win its share of recruiting battles over other Big Ten teams and other major football programs. We’re not going to beat out Ohio State for too many 5-star recruits, but we can and should be winning a reasonable share of the recruiting battles against all the other Big Ten teams for Big Ten worthy talent. In years past, especially during the Lynch years, it seemed like IU wasn’t even trying to recruit players coveted by other Big Ten programs. Lately, under Wilson, we’re back in the fight. Yes, it will take time, but this type of news signals that we’re making progress toward becoming a competitive Big Ten program.

  4. Ummmm…Harvard? We already have beaten out Michigan State (Stevens) and PSU (Stepaniak) this year. And go back and look at last year’s class. Booth had an offer from Alabama for God’s sake. Baker had offers from FLA, Miami, and FSU.

  5. Fair enough, JimmyO. Maybe Wilson is indeed beginning to turn the corner(or at least we’re maybe seeing a turn signal in preparation for a turn).

    If Sweet 16’s in basketball, and simply making any bowl in football, is the new measure of optimal success at IU, then it appears we’ve become the latest MAC program.

    There is a very protective environment for major program coaches at Indiana for what other highly competitive BIG programs would perceive as “hot seat” mediocrity. I guess nearly everyone that has ever been a passionate fan of Indiana University sports has been thoroughly convinced that by the Glass mass marketing machine that patience with baby steps is required for a basketball program seven years in the rearview mirror as labeled “wrecked” and a football program historically wretchedly bad(nearly permanently wrecked).

    We had a basketball program sputter and show absolutely zero heart last season. One recruit(Zeller) has basically defined any success Tom Crean could achieve. We had a football program that mimicked a hockey team without a goalie. If our opponents could touch the football, they would score.

    Bottom Line: When considering the money spent in marketing these coaches, along with the ridiculous salaries and protectionism surrounding the “rock star” status of these men sold as godlike saviors conveniently slimy puritanically packaged rituals of guilt and needless shaming ourselves(exaggerating and beating up every coach in recent memory to feed the contentment with baby steps), the results have thus far proven its nothing more than snake oil.

  6. ….surrounding the “rock star” status of these men sold as godlike saviors conveniently [and] puritanically packaged [with] slimy rituals/[tactics] of [podium/altar] guilt and needless [speeches] of shaming ourselves

  7. I’m not sure Kevin Wilson really has “rock-star” status or that he’s been sold as a “God-like” savior anywhere other than in certain comments in this blog. But for the most part, your pretty much making that up for the purpose of making a point. It’s still Indiana football. I don’t remember anyone saying Wilson would get Indiana to a Rose Bowl in the first three years.
    As for marketing, well, every coach gets marketed. Justifies the existence of the marketing department. As for what he gets paid, I mean, per USA Today, he ranks 66th in coaches salary in the FBS.

  8. Come on, Dustin…The fact that he came from an Oklahoma football program with deep roots in bowl success and high national rankings made him an instant “rock star.” And the “Win Today” campaign certainly gave the perception that bowl appearances would be far more the given than anything seen in the short term chances of the Bill Lynch years.

    Lastly, how can anyone forget all the hoopla(that extended into local television markets far beyond the pages of this blog)surrounding Wilson’s fiery exchange with Jack Trudeau? For those that love the chest-thumping and the Clint Eastwood gunslinger mentality of “don’t eff with me or else,” he couldn’t be more of a marketed “rock star.”

    Crean has been marketed much the same. Neither is really bringing a fully developed winning product. The basketball coach’s ability to be, at best, mediocre at in-game decisions/X’s and O’s has been fully exposed. The football coach has yet to prove anything beyond what Bill Lynch brought to the table. The defense has been beyond pathetic and we just lost to transfer a very dynamic QB(which doesn’t speak that highly of Clint Wilson’s skills at securing confidence in a very talented young man at a key positional threat).

    Maybe someday something other than lower tier bowls and Sweet 16 appearances will make for a “coach” rather than an actor or rock star at Indiana.

  9. Well the quarterback thing also speaks to the fact that he has another good quarterback in camp in the same class, and it tends to be difficult to keep two guys in that position. And it really wasn’t all that much hoopla. You think it is, because this is the only team you really follow and it’s the only college team in the market.

  10. And maybe this blog is pretty irrelevant in the whole scheme of fan perceptions, but if Tsoa’s writings and numerous dissertations were any indication of reality, Wilson is beyond a rock star…He’s the sun, the moon, the earth created in less than seven days, the reason for all eternal hope, the implication to call those that question him as full deserters(do I dare use the “terrorist” example?), the fantasy that gets him through the lonely nights, the legitimacy we have longed for since the banner days of Knight, the reason JPat should have been happy to have his family treated like carnival warts at a pancake buffet …and so on, and so on, and so on….blah…blah…blah.

    Rock star? If Wilson secures one Ohio recruit barely offered as a 3rd-team backup roster spot on OSU, he’s the Messiah. If Crean puts a recruit in the NBA, a Sweet 16 might as well be a national championships. It’s all created marketing and makes us look rather ridiculous when a Nebraska basketball team makes the Big Dance while we just keep throwing more money and contract extensions because our obsession with with the self-anointing vulgarity of insecurities we’ll never be more than witch hunts, one round with Trudeau, fireworks, Joyce tweets, and empty blow.

  11. Yeah, stop after the first sentence. Tsao’s writings and dissertations are just an indication of Tsao’s opinion. Which is all they’re supposed to be, and I don’t say that to in any way insult Tsao. But I don’t think it can be denied here that you and Tsao both love you some hyperbole, and just because Tsao sometimes speaks of Wilson as though he’s a combination of General Patton and Vince Lombardi doesn’t mean that’s the general perception. It just means Tsao thinks that. And just because you say, “If Wilson secures one Ohio recruit barely offered as a third-team backup roster spot on OSU, he’s the Messiah,” doesn’t mean that’s the general perception either. You’re saying that to add to your grander point, which actually has very little to do with Wilson at all. You don’t want to go more than a few days to point out your belief in Crean’s incompetency, so you go out of your way to draw some connection from whatever the story is back to Crean.

  12. Double Down has trained ponies well.

    The journalists born of Penn State’s Eastern Establishment doctrines love nothing more than IU fans perceiving their results and “grandeur” far beyond the reality.

    The reality is that Penn State basketball embarrassed us in Assembly Hall and their football team in probationary years eclipses our gridiron struggles.

    The ongoing conspiratorial joy beyond the view of smirks in this East Coast invasion of the Yacht Club journalism gang is the knowledge that IU is completely lost of all relevancy because they no longer are Kings of the Midwest in the only sport that ever gave Indiana relevancy.

  13. And my belief in Crean’s coaching “incompetency” is not of my sole realm. It’s a glaring and obvious result of numerous inexplicable cases of game management, strange substitutions in key moments, lack of leadership on the floor, stagnant half court offense(called by some on this blog as the worst in college basketball).

    Please don’t act like Crean is now being perceived by the masses as being anything near equal in basketball acumen as his salesmanship with recruits.

    It’s becoming more than obvious that understanding what to do with talent is his massive shortcoming. And it should also be more than obvious, that any tournament success was more about the surge in talent(primarily a result of Zeller)than anything Crean is capable of impacting via knowledge of the game and adjustments to changes within a game.

  14. And where’s the love for that wonderful “Celtics of ScoopTalk” creation I generously gifted which now adorns as favorite screensaver image upon your Yacht Club laptops?

    So into themselves, they can’t even have a bit of a giggle acknowledged. Hope you can see the smirk of it all.

  15. I found it entertaining Harvard. It was funny. And I might even start growing my hair like that.
    I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to your opinion on Crean. You are, and there are certainly people who agree with you. What I’m saying is, you frequently enter debates on other sports with half-baked facts or impressions because you don’t follow those sports that closely, and you do it for the simple purpose of tying it back to Crean. You can’t allow the football program to be the football program, the baseball program to be the baseball program and the basketball program to be the basketball program and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of those programs independently of each other. You lump them together as though there’s one singular conspiracy to drag down Indiana sports, the state and its people as a whole instead of just different teams trying and either succeeding or failing at different levels for different reasons specific to their teams, which is what they are.

  16. Keep in mind that the philosophies and marketing of perceived success is primarily in the hands of Fred Glass. It’s really not as separate as your interpretation suggests. And when a celebrity’s sons assualt a young man, it’s no less in a bubble. Those young men’s friendships and parents interconnect to three major programs at IU(a “rock star” and highly visible contributor to our basketball “celebrity”…a friend of that “rock star’s” son tied to a baseball coach’s son..and the other son a walk-on on our football team).

    Where is the indignation and the quest for accountability surrounding such an ugly act that imparted its despicable violence upon three sports? You fail as a journalist by not honestly attacking such hypocrisy in the backdrop of what went on during the Sampsonfest witch hunt years.

  17. But one, everybody markets that way. This isn’t Fred Glass’s Philosophy. Every athletic department in the country tries to market that things are going well. So does every professional sports team. What’s option 2, “Don’t Watch Us Until 2018 Because We Suck Right Now.”
    Also, three kids are under indictment and will go to trial, on which we’ve reported. The only kid who went to Indiana and was a part of the team was suspended for an entire season. Not sure what else you want me to do there in terms of accountability. As far as indignation, it’s not my job to express indignation. The fact that the other posters don’t express indignation is not my doing, and the fact that they did for the Sampson kids was not my doing either.

  18. Yeah, I can understand just how shaky of ground it would be for you to express your opinions. I mean, look how Crean attempted to permanently duck tape your mouth at the Northwestern Smirkgate

    Korman only expressed his true feelings in an interview with Chronic before leaving the Bloomington compound.

  19. It’s not because of Crean or anything else. I’m not a columnist. Korman was and Kellenberger was and Price and Graham are. That’s not my job description, and since it’s not, it’s best for me to keep my opinions to myself so as not to suggest that I enter biases into my reporting even if you do spend so much time trying to divine them.

  20. You know, Harvard, there is a connection between IUFB and IUBB. It is just the complete opposite of how you’re thinking about it.

    An agile mind would see that when a Stadium that holds 50k people is half full, that means less revenue. Discounted tickets, plus empty seats = less money for the athletic department, which means less money for school.

    In today’s day and age, football brings a huge portion of the Athletic Depts Revenue. A healthy IUFB program over the years would have gotten Cook Hall or renovations/facilities at Assembly Hall done a lot sooner. At the end of the Bob Knight years, even with our coach hardly making any salary relative to his peers, we were in the red.

    I have never in my life ever thought that someone could possibly make the argument that success at an adjacent sport at the same school would be a detriment to other another sport.

  21. But when coaches get verbally aggressive with any reporter or columnist that even gives even a hint of critique, do you think that sort of “flawless” culture starts at the top? It seems like any form of questioning(even those that involve a bit of probing into a coach’s decisions in a game, transfer of a player, etc.) are met with strong backlash.

    Say what you will, there’s a very protective environment that goes beyond an AD simply attempting to sell progress. Personally, I don’t think there’s ever been a time at IU when I sense every leader in every sport is more concerned with slathering the backside of each other.
    There’s been a real hush around Mellencamp incident and the drinking incidents surrounding members of the basketball team.

    Maybe you’re not the guy to address how and why that receives so little attention compared to the running out of town anyone that was associated with Sampson, but the silence from the top figureheads running Indiana, their lack of equal condemnation for present acts that are reflective of regressions in our Ozzie and Harriet culture, mimics how your postgame questions are influenced to be framed with utmost care to not step on toes and are thus trivialized and have very little bite.

    I don’t think an AD does IU justice through such fears and forced silence on topics that are no less reflective of “culture” issues than many of the digressions under previous coaches and administrations. The fear on the part of columnists permeates into your fear to ask direct questions about stagnant offenses, departures/transfers of quality players, etc.

  22. Double Down-

    It’s sorta like Tiger Woods. What Woods did for the popularity of golf is what IU basketball accomplishes for Indiana. You can’t measure that interest and passion in terms of direct dollars the attendance at every tournament. You simply can’t quantify what those banners did for Indiana.

    And beyond that lack of quantification, I’ll forever believe Indiana has the best shot at relevancy and national recognition in the utmost through basketball.

  23. Ben-

    Don’t know if you said something that’s been subsequently removed, but if that’s the case, you’re forgiven. I am convinced I have won you over and you now accept me with all my flaws.

  24. Nah, nothing was removed. Just wanted to make sure. I have many many flaws as well. Just got to overcome them every second.

  25. Oh, leave me alone…I’ve been relatively quiet until this outburst. I’m sexy and you know it.

  26. I mean, you could evaluate my performance in press conferences as you wish, and if you don’t think I’m being tough enough, that’s a fair assessment. As for Glass, I think he’s actually better at answering tough, direct questions than anyone else I deal with on a regular basis. I’ve never had a conversation with him in which he suggested to me that he thought a question was out of bounds. He might not have given me the answer I was looking for and he offered no comments on occasion, but he at least explained to me why. I have, as a reporter, zero complaints about him.

  27. What tough, direct questions has he been asked? Are they questions and answers put into columns or are they simply private expressions/opinions to be kept private between buddies?

  28. Questions like what went wrong with the basketball schedule last year or why he fired Bill Lynch or what happened with the Peter Jurkin-Hanner Perea case. I felt like he was fairly forthright in those circumstances and some others that don’t come to mind right this moment.

  29. It sounds like you have a good rapport with Glass.
    Maybe that means he’s a solid judge of character and he returns the respect because of your honesty and professionalism.

    I know you don’t think highly of me, but thanks for not simply throwing insults or claiming my hoarding of thread is doing some sort of damage to the quality/image of Scoop.

    The fact that you maintain your dignity and refuse to follow others by dropping things to a distasteful level(often a level my own weaknesses take me)is a real testament to your character.

    You’ve never bullied me off this blog, Dustin. You’ve been the better man than I. Though I’ve given you plenty of grief, I have a real respect for you that goes beyond how damn good you are at your job.

  30. I put my true companion, my beautiful and gentle yellow Labrador, down for a final rest about a month ago….I sure miss her greeting me at the top of the stairs when I get home from my crappy job. She always made me feel better knowing she loved me with all her heart unconditionally. I guess she really had no choice…I fed her and took her for walks. Somehow I feel that I still did her wrong by ending her life. She got that final injecting never knowing she wouldn’t see me again. It all just seems unfair.

  31. Harvey,

    We’re talking past each other. Just to be clear: in my mind, basketball will always be the flagship program at IU. It goes far beyond the school and is elevated by the rich culture of basketball in the state that built it.

    But, for Pete’s sake, talking about football or baseball is not going to diminish this. These things are mutually exclusive. I loved college football as a sport and, while they don’t love me back, I love my Hoosiers. Baseball is my personal muse and I love that we had a great team this year. Plus, Dustin did a heck of a job in covering them this year. Above and beyond the job description in my view.

    So, yes, I care about other stuff than basketball. But basketball is the best and always will be. You win.

  32. Sorry about your pooch, Harv. It just plain sucks and I know what you’re going through. There is nothing anyone can say to make it better.

  33. Thanks Double Down and Dustin.

    And Double Down…I totally agree with your comments about Dustin’s exceptional coverage of the baseball team. Giving inning by inning game logs on Scoop is something above and beyond the call of duty(especially considering the size of the audience). But I sometimes believe Dustin finds a certain meditating quality in covering baseball. Baseball is not only the ‘great American pastime,’ it’s also sort of the great American escape from the daily grind. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from days I would escape to a third floor screened in porch my father had built extending from a back rooftop where he converted a large attic space into a billiards/game room. I would hustle home from school and go up to the porch to watch some late innings with Brickhouse and the Cubs. I was among the tall branches of trees…My own personal fortress of escape to just kick back, turn on the small black & white TV, and watch Banks, and Santo, and Kessinger, and Beckert, and Williams, and Hickman, and Hundley, and Jenkins, and Holtzman. Baseball moves at a pace you can almost breathe with in unison. It sorta creeps into your blood and seduces you without the forced noise of the other sports. You have a chance to truly study every idiosyncrasy and fall in love with all the nuances and moments. You feel more at ease. It’s not pushy. The game seems to open up in front of your eyes. It lures you and plays to no disguise. It’s a rare and honest place that exists in confidence and comfort within in a world of turmoil, self-indulgences, and the endless taste for the ostentatious sell. Baseball is the classy lady. She’s Iris sitting in the diner waiting for a Roy Hobbs she hasn’t seen for twenty years. She’ll be there when you’re ready and her heart will not judge, stray, or grow wary.

  34. The previous message was brought to you by…Jello Pudding, Pee-wee Herman, every Tom Cruise love story film with fighter jets or motorcycles, Alpo, Charles Nelson Reilly, Captain Stubing of the Love Boat, Hallmark Cards, Gold Bond, all Hall & Oates songs, and Stayfree Soft Thin Maxi Shields.

  35. Speaking of your Cubs, and more specifically, Wrigley. Back in my growin’ up days, my summers were full of watching my Mets take on the NL East (thanks to the syndication of WOR). It was on of the only good eras for a Mets fan. Every single road game was just a blur of gray uniforms and bland in the ThreeRiverFrontVeteransBuschFultonCountyJackMurphy Stadiums. It felt like it was just a sound studio hidden somewhere that just was renamed when another team had their turn to use it.

    Wrigley just looked and felt different. To say that is to state the bleeping obvious. Not only was their the brickwall with the ivy, but hitters were literally hitting the ball out of the ballpark into the street. In every other stadium, the outfield bleachers were empty. In Wrigley, you haven’t experienced it fully unless you are sitting out there, basking in the sun and listening to Lee Elia’s 15% razzing the opposing outfielders (although, I’m almost positive I saw Ken Griffey Jr making eyes at some hoochie dressed to get the backstage pass back in 98 or so).

    It was a place where when the forecast said, “the wind is blowing out today,” pitchers would audibly gulp. I remember Darryl Strawberry hitting a homerun there that probably landed in the Milwaukee suburbs.

    95 years of goodness. As a bit of random trivia, how about this? Here are the 3 longest tenured stadiums in the NL:

    1) Wrigley Field, since 1916
    2) Dodger Stadium, since 1962
    3) Coors Field, since 1995

    There’s no place that connects with baseball’s history like Wrigley. Boston fans are too annoying to really catch those vibes (although Fenway is sweet).

    Love me some Wrigley.

  36. The blasts out of Wrigley that seem to stick most vividly in my memory are those from the bat of Kingman. When Kingman connected, they left Wrigley before the crack of the bat sound made it to the bleachers. Think I’m lying…? Just watch</a

  37. How did we get away from the original post…The last few comments has nothing to do with Littlejohn committing to Indiana football team….

  38. The crowd on Scoop had thinned considerably since the rather unanticipated early departure of the Hoosier baseball team from postseason play. There were a couple posts here and there, but interest had really faded from the pages of Scoop. Outside of Dustin piling on a ton of ‘Hoosiers in the Baseball Draft’ notices(somewhat attempting to equalize the immense disappointment he was feeling over the baseball letdown)and these tidbits of football recruiting news of national talents that will turn us from a Dandelion Bowl to Rose Bowl contender, you could say things have been like a tumbleweed town on Scoop.

    Until, much like the stagnancy an LSU offense suddenly rescued by Pistol Pete, on to the court/Scoop thread arrives Harvard for Hillbillies to energize the crowd and the team. My apologies for such digressions, but when I see the ugly void of zero comments based on lack of interest, I gotta put on my Converse high-tops and help out my boys at HT. Some of us are born creators(e.g. Pistol)and love to bring out the flashy goods when the entertainment level is falling off.

    Without entertainment value, sports survives no less than Hoosier Scoop.

    Yours truly,

    Pistol Harvey

  39. I would also like to add…

    Seahawks SUCK!! DA Bears! are coming for you.

    And if you’re watching World Cup soccer, you are a complete drama queen. I thought the NBA was full of a bunch of actors/floppers/whiners/crampers(e.g. D-Wade,LeBron)until I watched a few minutes of Portugal vs. USA. Wow….Is there a bigger sissy sport on the planet? I’m with Clarion…I’d rather watch paint dry rather than watching these male hunk “hotties” in Dustin Bieber haircuts fake crying over elbows to the jaw that never landed. Seriously? People get excited over the theatrics of these 42nd Street drama queens faking it and rolling around in the grass?

    Hell, they didn’t even give those old dudes on the Spurs a water break when the AC had failed at the AT&T Center. Water break? Stop play for a water break? The fans at San Antonio have more stones than soccer players.

  40. Harvard for Hillbillies,

    If you don’t think that Coach Wilson and this Hoosier Football Team has beat out Top B10 Schools and Top Schools in general for recruits recently then you might want to look again. Here are some of our recent commits and other schools they had offers from.. Tommy Mister – Wisconsin, Michigan State, Notre Dame Will Dawkins – Ohio State, MSU Delroy Baker – Florida, Miami, FSU Domonique Booth – Alabama, MSU, Wisconsin, etc. Tegray Scales – Wisconsin, Louisville, Oklahoma Tony Fields – MSU, Missouri, LVille, Georgia Tech The previous years class has the same type of players that we beat out big time schools for as well (Fant, Kenney, Allen, Latham) If those aren’t big time schools then I must be missing something. Now this just started a couple of years ago so it will take a little bit of time to start producing big time results, but we are getting there!

  41. Pistol, you must be too busy setting ncaa scoring records to notice ESPN Forecast. Picks the Top 50 college basketball coaches. You’ll be delighted to know that Tom Crean is nowhere to be found.

    Full Top 50 Coaches List

    No. 50: Tie — Randy Bennett, Saint Mary’s; Scott Drew, Baylor
    No. 49: Richard Pitino, Minnesota
    No. 48: Stew Morrill, Utah State
    No. 47: Bob Hoffman, Mercer
    No. 46: John Thompson III, Georgetown
    No. 45: Mike Brey, Notre Dame
    No. 44: Rick Barnes, Texas
    No. 43: Chris Mack, Xavier
    No. 42: Josh Pastner, Memphis
    No. 41: Ed Cooley, Providence
    No. 40: Bruce Weber, Kansas State
    No. 39: Tubby Smith, Texas Tech
    No. 38: Buzz Williams, Virginia Tech
    No. 37: Rick Byrd, Belmont
    No. 36: Steve Alford, UCLA
    No. 35: Phil Martelli, Saint Joseph’s
    No. 34: Tad Boyle, Colorado
    No. 33: Fran McCaffery, Iowa
    No. 32: Tim Miles, Nebraska
    No. 31: Lon Kruger, Oklahoma
    No. 30: Bob Huggins, West Virginia
    No. 29: Jim Crews, Saint Louis
    No. 28: Jim Larranaga, Miami
    No. 27: Mick Cronin, Cincinnati
    No. 26: Archie Miller, Dayton
    No. 25: Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh
    No. 24: Bob McKillop, Davidson
    No. 23: Greg McDermott, Creighton
    No. 22: Tommy Amaker, Harvard
    No. 21: Larry Brown, SMU
    No. 20: Thad Matta, Ohio State
    No. 19: Jay Wright, Villanova
    No. 18: Steve Fisher, San Diego State
    No. 17: Mark Few, Gonzaga
    No. 16: Roy Williams, North Carolina
    No. 15: Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State
    No. 14: Tony Bennett, Virginia
    No. 13: Shaka Smart, VCU
    No. 12: Jim Boeheim, Syracuse
    No. 11: Sean Miller, Arizona
    No. 10: Kevin Ollie, UConn


    What is ESPN Forecast?
    Our engine for creating more accurate sports predictions and opinion.

    Does it work?
    Yes. This is the future of forecasting, as demonstrated by the 2012 presidential election and Fortune 500 companies.

    How does it work?
    Our approach, in a nutshell, is to create a diverse panel of people with college basketball expertise and aggregate predictions and opinions. For ESPN Forecast, we have a panel of 45 members that collectively possess vast college basketball experience, knowledge and perspective.

    Why does it work?
    This panel has a collective intelligence that’s greater than any individual member’s knowledge and sharper than that of any single statistical system.

    Diversity is a key factor in creating accurate predictions and opinion. The wisdom of the crowd comes from having diverse views that emerge from independent thinking.

    The ESPN Forecast panel is a diverse mix of contributors from across the spectrum.

    The result?
    More accurate, insightful forecasts and views.

    This is the wisdom of the crowd in action. This is ESPN Forecast.


  42. No. 49: Richard Pitino, Minnesota
    No. 33: Fran McCaffery, Iowa
    No. 20: Thad Matta, Ohio State

    Gotta figure that Beilein, Izzo, and Bo Ryan make it into the remaining nine.

    And does anyone really think that Crean has a stronger resume with regard to coaching in the areas of in-game management/adjustments/working officials than guys like Groce(Illinois), Chambers(PSU), Collins(Northwestern), and Miles(Nebraska)?

    Who’s that leave? Painter and Tommy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

    Now if we’re talking about modeling a team in order for one blossoming talent(maybe the guy that’s overlooked by the programs that can land three or four truly elite talents through their McDonald’s All-American revolving doors each season) to take full advantage of his NBA potential via a coach that can only build his notoriety via the “eye” for talent…? And if we’re talking of this said coach that functions to solely pad his resume by endlessly drooling over his personal searching for the supremely coveted talent at a legendary basketball school that can provide that premium backdrop/stage for these chosen few…? Well, how hard is that at Indiana? There is his throne. He has taken one of the most storied sites in the nation for the basketball classroom rooted in the belief that five men working together can sore collectively above individual gifts and has turned it into an NBA burlesque show.

    And when Indiana is their stage, who in the hell is watching Jordy Hulls? Any NBA level of athleticism looks like Marilynadipo performing ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Orlando Friend.’

  43. ESPN must have had a hangover the AM they put this list together with at least a half dozen + listed who should not be and another half dozen + who aren’t and should be. The E in ESPN truly stands for entertainment not expert.

  44. “He’s your guy when stocks are high, but beware when they start to descend.”

    Is that not one of the best metaphoric lines/boob references in the history of song writing? Never really paid that close attention to lyrics, but that tune has some real jewels(outside of the obvious diamonds and the drooling over the gal in the pink dress). And there is simply no one that could deliver it better than Marilyn.

  45. Then again, maybe Tom Crean is our Marilyn..? We certainly gave him the diamonds and he certainly put out by delivering Zeller. But maybe our heated affair is beginning to end…? Maybe the old gray wife that raised our three children(Seventy-six, Eighty-one, and Eighty-seven)is looking smart and classy again as our interest in the NBA boob begins to “descend”..? At least Tommy got his diamonds.

  46. Everyone knows my history of balance who’s spent any time around here. I’m not surprised that our coach isn’t on the list. We can argue ad infinitum about it, but this reflects perception and CTC lost some shine last year. Some of it I think was deserved.

    In the binary of world we now live in of “good” and “bad” where we always need to pick a side: either “believers” or “haters.” We can’t criticize constructively, nor praise someone when they do something right without being banished from the village with pitchforks and torches.

  47. Can’t disagree with those comments.

    I think the barometer for whether or not Crean is on the “hot seat” is reflected by the changed status of his twitter page. It remained pretty generic(solid background with his name/signature on the side border) during the Sweet 16 runs. Now he’s back to putting IU images(primarily a photo of the inside of Assembly during a game)as the backdrop for all of his biblical rants. It’s back to Jesus hovering over McCracken rather than his own private ‘voice of Joyce’ tweeting paradise with no IU logos. Surprised Fred let him go back to the old format. It’s obvious the man can’t stand on his own two feet. He’s back to carrying around the Commandments like a playbook.

  48. And if anyone wants to question the potential for proclaimed supreme belief to protect a figurehead against controversy(or secure/advertise positional power), they need look no further than the Pope’s recent raising of the ‘faith shields’ against the Italian mafia.

    Crean’s job may not be as secure as the Pope’s, but his personal faith shield gives him a thousand times the job security than 3-way phone calls or 19 F’s. Coaching acumen is of no concern. It’s the few kids he drops into the NBA draft that validates the following and his genius.

    Coming soon: Tom Crean driving a golf cart version of the Pope Mobile around Bloomington? It would likely take three seasons without even the minimum NIT postseason berth for the “torches” to chase the flawless ‘Pope of Bloomington’ out of his protective tweeting cocoon of tufted velvet, Joyce shields, and limestone privilege now found at the Cook Compound.

  49. Dear Wolf Blitzer,

    Please ask the reporter stationed in Baghdad with the English accent that you’re currently interviewing why Great Britain doesn’t solve the Iraq civil war/conflict? That Brit reporter sure sounds as sophisticated as the voice they use to sell skin care products on infomercials …He certainly must be from England and he surely must know why only the U.S. must be the only country to send military and troops to every world conflict/religious/civil war/crisis. We surely can’t be the only country that can instantaneously see the horrific images via internet and cell phones with picture sending capabilities.

    I perfectly understand that the Brits are a bit too busy following World Cup and getting Wimbledon off to a rousing start, but don’t you think it’s at least a fair question to ask this smartly dressed and reputable English journalist? Maybe this dashing reporter could also offer suggestions for why Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, and every other country closer to the conflict can’t put their ships and planes in the Persian Gulf. Maybe they could at least write us a check for the some of the expenses?

    Come on, Wolf. Get some of the heat off Obama and ask the stuffy Brit journalist if his country can put some of the crown jewels and the lives of their young men where their reporting mouth is. Could we at least hand over the Ukraine problem over to Europe while were sending our military to Iraq once again?

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