Report: Indiana hires former Marist coach Chuck Martin as new assistant

Jon Rothstein of is reporting that Indiana will hire former Marist coach Chuck Martin as its new assistant coach, replacing Kenny Johnson.

Martin spent five years as the head coach at Marist from 2008-13, compiling a 41-117 record. He was also an assistant under John Calipari at Memphis from 2006-08.

More to come.


  1. With east coast connections, maybe we can steal a recruit or two. Hopefully nobody will judge Martin by his record. Johnson didn’t have the best coaching record either, but did well at Indiana in his role.

  2. Well put Ben. Hopefully we give this guy a chance to make an impact in this program. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Is it possible that CTC specifically avoids ANY former players under RMK that are now coaching?? I would hope that he would have given Stew Robinson a thought. Welcome aboard Coach Martin

  4. A. How bout we look for good hires, instead of giving out jobs because they played here?

    B. We hired Calbert Cheaney.

    C. Stew Robinson is still ticked over Knight’s firing, I believe.

  5. He’ll probably not hire a ‘Knight player. It’s a totally different concept of basketball; a completely different philosophy about team and roles and a considerably different view of how talent fits into the goals and objectives of the program. CTC has every right to guide the program and determine the best source of coaches fitting into it. Outcomes will determine how Hoosiers value this and any other philosophy.

    Tom Crean should not try to emulate Bob Knight’s vision. He could not do it (it is not in his nature). He would fail completely in that attempt and what is left would be meaningless.

    Bob Knight should not try to imitate Tom Crean. It is also unlikely that he could do it following Crean’s implementation. Crean values too many facets of basketball that have little importance in sustaining Knight’s vision of the game well played.

    The rest of us…we don’t know what we don’t know and we are too inflexible confronting this knowledge, much less putting it out in front of 17,000+ fans twice a week, 4-5 months each year. Even less when you consider you then have to go home and read about yourself in someone else’s idea of a contribution.

  6. Are they so stuffy and nauseously politically correct that they held off this announcement until the baseball team lost? Not even the most trivial of basketball news until the final out of the new “era?”

    It’s baseball that should be protecting the lackluster, uninspiring, Keystone Cops, “worst halfcourt offense,” so-called basketball under Tom Crean. And in many respects, the success of ‘Smith’s Diamonds in the Era Rough’ boys of summer were filling in for much of the horrendous disappointment in recent memory of a helpless Hoosier hoops unable to even secure an NIT bid(post an ugly exit the previous season as we witnessed a talent spurt still grossly underperfomring at a Sweet 16).

    How gentlemanlike of Crean to once again play the protective fatherly role of Hoosier success. Knight imitate Tom Crean? Knight would never turn the other cheek for the Jerry Sandusky of Hoosier Basketball….much less attempt to imitate his sudsy slathering of importance on himself for anyone near his careful and calculated gleaming presence.


    “Now that the spectacular baseball season is over, I would like to carefully announce that I passed gas this morning while checking the current mock draft status of Noah…And isn’t it just remarkable that we’re now witnessing Hoosier baseball players that will have a great chance to play at the next level. Smith is following in my shadow…Have you noticed the similarities? He has great players…I have great players…la dee la dee la…Drinking party tonight at my house. Afterword, were going to go look for someone on a porch to beat up.”

  7. Now up five barfly rungs on Dustin’s ‘Top 10 Kilroy’s Pickup Lines’ list:

    “Beautiful summer evening…If you don’t share a drink with me, I’m going to look for someone on a porch to beat up.”

  8. I mentioned Stew Robinson ’cause I knew he was in the coaching ranks AND (from what I have read in the past) People are wanting CTC to recruit IN-state not have them transfer IN-state. Any other thoughts abiut HO could do instate recruiting( other than Kenny Johnson)

  9. Martin also spent time under John Calipari from 2006-2008 as an assistant coach at Memphis — including the 2007-08 season the Tigers made the national title game — as well as stops at St. John’s, Drexel, UMass and Manhattan(courtesy: NBC Sports/College Basketball Talk).

    Oh, so that explains it. This is a John Calipari recommendation for a desperate friend. We can take a recommendation from UK…We just can’t schedule them in an traditional rivalry game and get our butts embarrassed.

  10. Effross could have used some of Harvard’s Tom Crean valvo cream to get some more cut on that offering to Edman last night.

    So much for supporting the baseball team.

  11. I anyone else refusing to answer the Google questionnaire intrusion and simply commenting based on the headline and a bit of research done at other sites…?

    It’s all rather sad that HT’s desire for a few extra measly dimes renders such worthlessness upon their hardworking journalists efforts.

  12. [Is] anyone…


    Everything hinges on basketball. It’s now time for a Cody Zeller dedication.

  13. I think the last 8 comments above are justification for you guys to think twice about who you are fans of. If you are Hoosier fans, let’s be a little positive and help CTC and his team recruit, coach, and let the team win or lose. If you don’t like being positive about the Hoosiers, go find a different team to follow and complain about. I double if you will ever be satisfied no matter who you follow.

    Let us know who you change to or start getting positive!

  14. Dustin-

    Sound the sirens…A potentially dangerous, Model TC Tweet 7000(from the ‘Kelvin is a cancer’ production run), singularly pollyannaish Bozichbot has wondered off the ITH grounds. It is armed with no complaints and requires the immediate intervention of a Price frisking.

  15. Dennis, You are so right. Of those last eight posts you mention 2 are honest.

  16. What I dont understand from many “fans” here,is the expressed importance of recruiting INstate talent. Coach Martin from Marist does NOY present an “instate” presence when there has been expressed concern wether CTC can recruit instate.Marist is in Poughkeepsie N Y and the largest college in that town is Vassar. ITH should set up a running scoreboard of recruiting between Louisville and IU

  17. IF you havent read the article in the Lansing State Journal,you should. The article details the recruitment of Marvin Clark to MSU and pulling the rug out from under IU at the last minute.He essentially had decided to come to IU but MSU persisted; even after being told of that decision

  18. The reason for an in-state recruiting connection is because of all the great players IU has lost to adjoining-state schools. How many Indiana natives are playing or have played for Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville or Kentucky? If not for Cody, when was the last Indiana Mr. Basketball IU landed? CTC keeps looking to hook the big East Coast fish but it always seems to nibble on the line but get away.

  19. Cody came to Indiana because of the Christian compound connection. The “Movement” of mediocre AAU friends/players followed on his coattails in hopes of more PT than they would have found at Butler.

    Crean has never successfully recruited the state. He successfully recruited a center pegged as being “soft” that adhered to Crean’s same devout doctrines.

    Other than selling the same NBA farm camp blow that you’ll find at a more potent and competitive UK, Crean has only his faith doctrines and personal promises of guaranteed PT for those he coddles and slathers in admiration as having the athleticism to play at the next level.

    He has zero ability to recruit based on coaching acumen. He’ll continue to turn off every recruit desiring a deeper understanding of the game and a true chance at deep NCAA tournament runs. We’ll continue to attract the “thumpers” and those more egocentrically motivated in using Indiana(and her deep pockets/facilities) as a developmental bus stop to perfect an NBA jumper.

  20. if crean can’t close the deal on Indiana recruits by himself, then what good is he? he sure can’t teach the game. I mean, after all, isn’t recruiting supposed to be his forte?

  21. Turning Joyce into a twitter temptress lottery pick is his forte.

  22. Jeremy-

    Just curious to how you would answer my Google question.

    Do you have skincare concerns?

    No, I never have skincare concerns
    Yes, I sometimes have skincare concerns
    Yes, I often have rhinestone chaffing skincare concerns

  23. Yes, I often have rhinestone [chafing] skincare concerns.

  24. I love it when a talented Indiana High School kid chooses to play for IU and is successful doing it. Loved players like Landon Turner, Steve Alford, and on and on. But I also loved players like Thomas (both of them), and Buckner, VO and WS and on and on. As for those talented Indiana kids that chose to play out of state, well I blame most of that on the terrible job IU’s past A.D.s and top Administrators did in neglecting and mis-managing IU basketball. Crean has brought the program back to relevance, but still has a way to go before any long-term Hoosier fan will be satisfied. I for one don’t care if the players he signs have grown up in Indiana or some other state, as long as they identify themselves as Hoosiers once their time on IU’s campus is done.

  25. With the implementation of class basketball came less interest in the local talent. Damon Bailey would have likely never been recruited to Indiana within a multiple class system. Nobody cares where the recruit resides because some dimwits in offices that never played 10 minutes of competitive hoops decided to take away what made Indiana hoops so wonderfully unique.

    But we must also now be much more careful when evaluating Indiana talent. Simply witnessing a in-state kid putting his 1-A or 2-A team on his shoulders and winning a watered down trophy may not be indicative of finding the next Scott Skiles truly blessed with clutch blood and undaunted spirit for the game.

    The fact that it is less important to many Indiana fans to put the top in-state talent in a Hoosier uniform may be more a result of a general trend of less passion for the game and the empty seats at sectionals across the state. Having more of a national focus becomes more of a necessity based on the difficulty to truly measure local high school talent and the evaporating cheers that would drive a young man to extend his “legendary” high school heroics in front of thousands at Assembly.

    The passion for the game must now be more focused on selling the coaches ability to place a top recruit in the NBA. The respect for b-ball acumen taught through the ages that came with underdog achievements within the one state tournament has nothing but a tombstone. The lore of local heroics is gone.

    It’s not just Indiana Universtiy that suffers because of the destruction to those statewide passions for the game. No Indiana college team made the NCAA tournament last year. Many of us were sitting on the edges of our seats ih hopes that Fort Wayne’s IPFW could be the sole state representative in March Madness. To defend such lowly conclusions the result of class basketball by cheering coaches with low coaching IQ and the fact we put a couple draft picks into the NBA is more than pathetic.

  26. …..selling the [coach’s] ability to place a top recruit in the NBA.

  27. And to be so delusional to think that “Because it’s Indiana” was born from a bubble without the lore of a statewide system of incomparable passions, legendary players, and a love for teaching the game inside and out grown from the singular Indiana high school tournament system is also pathetic.

    “Because it’s Indiana” is now a replacement cute slogan for those that just salivate at rankings sites and those removed from passions that must dumb the game down to individual achievements and raw elements of body size and wing spans. They build their following with preachy tongues and ostentatious carnival shows for the next D-Wade to present to the townspeople. They are clueless to the roots of their slogan and have absolutely zero understanding of what was truly Indiana’s identity that poured into Bloomington through those passions extending to every corner of the state.

  28. I for one also don’t care if the recruits or Indiana boys or elsewhere. I just want to win with what talent we have. The pressure is on Crean for sure. I’m not sure how deep he needs to take us to secure his job. Crean claims to like the pressure of a difficult season, so we’ll see if he thrives or not.

  29. Conclusion: Nobody brought “Because” to Indiana. Bobby Knight and Brad Stevens didn’t bring “Because” to Indiana. Tom Crean will not bring “Because” to Indiana.

    There was and will never be any other state in the nation that equals Indiana’s basketball riches in talent on a per capita basis. Whatever any coaches usurp from Indiana to put on their podiums and resumes is a result of the statewide history, love, and identity to the game. That well is drying up. What is left is the only “Because” they ride into the sunset their own glory.

    Bobby Knight simply brought his big fat spongy egg to the party. He went down like Connie Chung while our statewide fertile basketball gonads came to a bed that just happened to be in Bloomington.

  30. The only pressure on Crean is cramping in the bowel from his constipated self-righteous backup that chokes every genuine functions into becoming a true teacher of the game.

    His contract extensions are safer and more guaranteed than a Donald Sterling trust fund.

  31. Good stuff…good stuff. You boys have fun with curing cancer and comparing everything from war medals to blessedly fortunate offspring sharing your presence.

    I’m just a lonely loser in search of a pickup line to use on Nurse Karen or NoMendacity. Goodnight.

    P.S. Seahawks Suck!

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