Schwarber, DeMuth, Travis, DeNato named All-Americans by Perfect Game

Perfect Game released its All-America teams on Tuesday, and most of Indiana’s usual suspects were named. Kyle Schwarber and Dustin DeMuth were named first-team All-Americans with Schwarber being named as a designated hitter so both he and Kennesaw State’s Max Pentecost could be on the team. First baseman Sam Travis was named to the second-team and pitcher Joey DeNato to the third team.


  1. Just got back from Omaha last night after watching 6 great games Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The buzz around Omaha was that Arizona State is going to make a hard run at Coach Smith. I guess they are ready to throw tons of cash at him and they are building a new facility. Not sure if these are just rumors or some truth. I have a friend that works for the NCAA and got us all access passes. We were up in the press box when a few writers and SIDs that we talked to were mentioning the ASU thing every time we told them that we were IU fans. Apparently, it is out there, but again not sure how credible. ASU may be putting it out there.

    IU would be struggling at this CWS. The wind has been blowing in at an average speed of 20-30 MPH. The teams winning are playing small ball and advancing runners. Great week to be a pitcher out there. Nolan Rogers from Bloomington South is playing for Vanderbilt, but has yet to see the field. Hopefully, by the end of the week he might see some playing time, but has to be a great experience for a freshman.

  2. Isn’t a U.S. Senator referring to his Commander-in-chief as “delusional” a form of “abandoning his post?” Tsao???…Punjab???…Chet???….Any thoughts from Scoop bloggers that have served?

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