1. Gutted. Wow.

    Hats off to Stanford. They just kept hanging around and didn’t give up.

    Tough to sit here knowing a lefty put the walk off into the stands knowing that Denato was warm in the pen. Edman just tore up over three games. But Effross looked great up until then, so I understand sticking with him.

  2. Man, I gacked that one. Edman was a switch hitter and didn’t have any power lefty. Definitely the right call to have Effross pitching there.

  3. I know Dustin said he didn’t know the home team vs. visitor team rules for regionals, and I realize that being the host doesn’t assure you of being the home team every time — nor should it. But I would think it should end up that when you’re the host site and its your regional, if there’s a final, deciding game, you should get to be the home team — regardless of who’s been home/away to that point. We were the visitors in two of the three games against Stanford — makes no sense. Am sad to see this era end without another trip to the CWS — think it’ll be a while before IU reaches this level again. Combining regular season and tournament, we went 25-3 in the B1G and easily could’ve won all 28 — the three losses were by a run. … Would’ve loved to see this team go the whole season with Kyle Hart and Ryan Halstead.

  4. What are the chances that Travis and Shwarber have such a bad taste in their mouths that they decide to come back for their senior year? I am not holding my breath, but hopefully they think about it a little.

  5. Somewhere last night that same Harbaugh twerp that wore his Michigan hat to piss of his brother-in-law was donning his Stanford baseball cap and poking needles into a Hoosier voodoo doll again. Never liked that soft Meatchicken grad when he did nothing for the Chicago Bears. We seriously need to get all those with Michigan love out of Bloomington(the Creans and Harbaughs bring major jinx upon our programs with their hearts elsewhere while puking and poking about with their righteous blow).

  6. What happened to my other post? Sorry if you felt offended. Your invested heart in Hoosier baseball does not erode your professionalism….It makes you human. It’s refreshing. It’s long overdue and breath of fresh air that is never seen in the cynical tone you often bring to LiveChats when covering Hoosier basketball. Hate to break it to you, but cynicism is no more “objective” than your obvious heartbreak displayed for Hoosier baseball.

  7. Wow. Didn’t see this coming. Tragic end to such a promising season, especially toward the end.

  8. How did we even get Stanford in our regional? Seems sorta strange to send them 2000 miles to a Midwest regional site.

    I also wonder if the home field maybe added some unexpected pressure on this Hoosier team. Maybe the expectations would have felt less suffocating when playing in less friendly confines as the “underdog.”

    Stanford brought the big shoulders of tradition and they didn’t look one bit intimidated by our new “era.”

    Maybe winning the BIG tournament was not the best scenario for this Hoosier bunch. If they would have stayed somewhat below the radar, maybe the mentality changes and the opponent isn’t a “been there before” breed coming at us right out of the gate.

    Bottom Line: I still blame the Harbaugh/Crean jinx.

  9. One last comment….

    You should have called it ‘ScoopBalk’ during the baseball season.

  10. Though IU has been good the last couple years+this year…they were never over powering team nationally, but good….big ten is good but not as good as traditionally power warm major conference teams….IU baseball would probably rank somewhere in the middle of traditional major baseball conference warm climate teams…as did Stanford in the Pac 12.

  11. Now that Mitch McGary is off to greener pastures, it is nice to see that Harvard’s Michigan fetish has ended with a flurry.

  12. After having a day to sit on it, while it was still a gutting loss, put into perspective, IU still played really well. It came down to 2 2/3s innings where Stanford just reached deep down and found something extra.

    Sometimes a gimpy Kirk Gibson hobbles to the plate and drills one into the seats against the best pitcher in baseball (that year). It’s the beauty of the game. I’m still proud of our season and I think the future is still bright for our boys. But as A’s fans know, watching the replays of the ball sailing over YOUR head is one that will cause you to flinch forever.

    These were some amazing games and the competitive spirit and fire that is so often talked about around here was scorching in this game–on both sides. Even had the benches clear in the heat of it all.

    With that said, living in Stanford’s back yard, there couldn’t be a worse team to lose to for me. They have one of the worst and classless fan bases I’ve experienced. Watching those knuckleheads (who were two grown adults, not college kids) dance on the dugout after the walkoff last night just confirmed it. Grow up elitists.

  13. Thanks for that “In Search”- I wondered if someone would blame this on CTC, and of course, they did!
    What an awesome team and great accomplishments, tough to come up short like this, but you have to give SU credit, come into Bloomington and take two with elimination on the line…no small feat.
    As we seem to always be saying in March ( since 1987)…there is always next year!
    Great job guy’s were proud of you!

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