Will Sheehey to play with Knicks summer league squad

Indiana forward Will Sheehey went undrafted on Thursday night but will play for the New York Knicks in NBA Summer League from July 11-21 in Las Vegas, according to his coach at Sagemont Upper School in Florida, Adam Ross.

Sheehey had found his name at the end of the second round in several mock drafts on draft day, but was not taken. Still, Ross said before the draft he expected him to have a number of offers for summer leagues and training camps. The Knicks and other teams would have the option to invite him to a training camp after the summer league.

Sheehey averaged 11.4 points per game in his senior season to finish with a total of 1,120 points in his career. He was Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year in 2012-13 and played for Team USA in the World University Games in 2013.


  1. Sorta weird that Tom Crean didn’t express any immediate thoughts on his twitter page over Vonleh and the Draft.

    Wasn’t there a story a couple months back that was done by a reporter from Vonleh’s hometown…? Wasn’t there also a bit of a suggestion from Noah that had something to do with not utilizing his skills to the fullest.

    There is absolutely no room for even a hint of such questioning thy holiness and savior of our basketball program.

    Now it’s all making sense…Thank goodness for my superb memory. Now I know why Aruss and Podunker will no longer follow Noah in the NBA. He spoke ever so slightly critical of the coach that walks on water.

  2. Vonleh got the most out of his year at Indiana on court, in spite of some real restrictions placed on his game by Crean.

    The Big-10 Conference Freshman of the Year was forced into the center spot, despite his uncanny athletic ability that could potentially land him on the wing at the next level.

    On a team that shot just 45 percent, with a leading scorer in point guard Yogi Ferrell at just 41 percent, Vonleh shot a team-high 52 percent from the field and hit 16 of 33 3-point tries.

    β€œI felt a little held back,” he admitted. β€œThere was more I could do.”


    I have a feeling that last sentence was being very kind. It speaks volumes as to why banners may seem out of reach in the minds of some skyrocketing stars that learn the hard way under Crean. Even if delaying the dream of the NBA would enter the thinking, how long does it take to realize there is a ceiling for their college success while playing the game for a recruiter and not a skilled coach?

    And though Zeller could have used the extra year, I believe he also felt that coaching ceiling playing into his decision to chase the banner. That ceiling was found at a Syracuse game during March. Maybe Vonleh saw that ceiling at a crucial loss at home against Penn State when our Hoosiers couldn’t even run an in-bounds play to secure what should have been a coasting to victory.

  3. And now Crean’s twitter page doesn’t light up for Noah the same way it did for Zeller and Oladipo.

    So maybe there’s your character flaw you were looking for, Double Down. Noah touched a nerve and crossed a line into a territory of brutal honesty. Men of character keep their mouths shut and do not question the flawless witch hunter of Bloomington. Fresh off the disappointment of not even making an NIT, Noah broke ranks a bit while Hoosier fans were still looking for more Crean excuses. There is his flawed character and why we’ll quickly forget he ever spent one year at IU.

  4. And Fischer didn’t leave over anything whatsoever that could have to do with Crean’s coaching ceiling…He was dying from homesickness.

    And Perea not becoming Dustin’s next Olajuwon(oops…Stoudemire)…? Maybe the hopelessness of such a low coaching ceiling drove him to drinking…?

  5. Don’t get me wrong….They all love Tom Crean(even the kids that transfer or have to play in his musical rotation games during inexplicable substitutions …or have to take the fall for his lack of calm, adjustments, and clear instruction in timeout huddles. Despite his limitations as a coach growing more obvious the longer they stay, it doesn’t change how warm his enthusiasm that believes in their skills. It’s only natural to protect him when he’s done his best…The clinging to scripture and the obsessive clapping alone must break their hearts on a regular basis. But in such buttoned-up lips of protecting against the opening of doors to any criticism, they still ultimately must do what is best for their future. They either opt out to take their skills to the next level or they move, transfer(even at the cost of going to programs with less heritage/fervent fans), to seek a place where the team goals have a better chance at success through competent coaching.

  6. Lets see now, 7 posts on this article and H4H has 5 of them. Hmmmm, he apparently has no one to talk to at home, therefore, we get all of this insanity πŸ™

  7. Come on Mike. It’s not the quantity that is important. It’s the content. Look at all the new topics HH introduces. He states his position and moves on. Oh. Wait. He may have noted his concern with Coach Crean before. My bad.

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