A quick recap of IU’s Lucas Oil fan event

INDIANAPOLIS — He had already signed autographs and posed for pictures. And after he answered the final question lobbed his way from a group of reporters at Wednesday’s Hoosiers On The Road fan event at Lucas Oil Stadium, Cody Zeller turned to walk toward the next portion of his night among the glow of Hoosier love.

But, before he did, he flashed that vintage Cody smile.

“That was more media coverage than I got all year,” he said with a laugh.

What do they say? It’s Indiana.

Zeller and Victor Oladipo were back in the area working out this week, and the two spent a few hours with fans at Wednesday’s event in Indianapolis. I touched on their return in Thursday’s print edition of the Herald-Times, but there were, of course, some snippets left on the cutting room floor. They follow.

Zeller on ending up in a good situation in Charlotte:
“I feel very fortunate. I have a great coaching staff that I learned a lot from this year. It’s a good group of veteran guys. Making it to the playoffs my rookie year is a big deal, a big opportunity for me. I kind of got a taste for it and hopefully there’s more to come. It was a great first year for me.”

Zeller on playing with former Pacer Lance Stephenson next season:
“Everyone around here is upset about it, but I’m excited about it. I think he’ll be able to help our team a lot and be another scoring threat for us.”

Zeller on IU’s upcoming basketball season:
“I think they’ll be good. I think they have a lot of guards, a lot of skill positions with Yogi (Ferrell). I was impressed with Rob Johnson and all those guys, the freshmen coming in. Obviously and Hanner (Mosquera-Perea) and Troy (Williams) looked good. They have some pieces there if they can put it all together.”

Oladipo on the reception of the Indiana fans Wednesday:
“It’s great. Been a year since we’ve even played and they still treat us like we’ve been playing every year since we left. It’s just crazy. Definitely a crazy fan base and they treat us so well when we come back here. It’s hard not to come back.”

Oladipo on adjusting to the NBA:
“I gotta work on a little bit of everything. I haven’t even scratched the surface. I was saying that even when I was here. Being the No. 2 pick is cool, but I feel I have so much more to accomplish. I’m just gonna continue to keep working, keep getting better every day.”

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass was also available to the media Wednesday. He spoke on a variety of department topics, but there was one area where Glass wouldn’t go.

When asked if he would characterize Indiana’s split with Curt Miller as amicable, Glass declined to comment.

“I’m not here to talk about that,” Glass said. “If you want to talk about that at another time, that’d be great.”

Indiana will hold a similar fan event in Bloomington on Friday. Baseball coach Chris Lemonis and volleyball coach Sherry Dunbar-Kruzan are scheduled to speak.