Caleb Cornett arrested, charges dismissed

Indiana wide receiver Caleb Cornett was arrested Wednesday morning on preliminary charges of battery and disorderly conduct, which have since been dismissed.

From Laura Lane’s report, which you can read here, Cornett remains in custody at the Monroe County Jail because he was on probation for a reckless driving conviction.

Indiana released the following statement from Kevin Wilson:

“We are aware of Caleb’s situation and take this matter very seriously. At this time, Caleb is suspended from all team activities. Once we gather all of the facts and information, we will move forward accordingly.”


  1. Coach Wilson has done the right thing in this case. Regardless of who hit who first, brawling in the street by
    an IU player is not acceptable. Cornett needs to stay out of the bars if he wants to play.

  2. I agree, stay out of the bars and off the streets at 3:00am.
    Especially when you are two weeks away from the start of the season and you have done nothing to contribute in an IU uniform so far. Focus on school and football 1st.

  3. Mr. Miller…is it football season yet? By my count it is approximately 5/6 basketball related stories, always including a couple on former players, to every one on IU football, 0.5 on soccer….and so on, even in August. Thought it would stop with the end of Cream’s Canadian Caravan, but it hasn’t.

    Would it be possible to balance and focus in on the Hoosier football program for the next 2-3 months?

  4. Is it football season yet? Yeah. Kind of. There’s a football wrap coming out on Sunday, which has, frankly, taken up all of my time outside of the daily work. It’s coming. And, to be quite honest, I’ve had maybe a week with the football team since taking over. Hang with me.

  5. Mike, never mind Tsao…that dude is just mean and gave Dustin a bunch of crap as well. Tsao, get over yourself. Quit complaining or write your own damn blog. Get a hobby or something!

  6. IU has always been and needs to continue being unequivocally committed to integrity in our athletic programs. This is a core IU value. Coach Wilson appears committed to instilling this in his players for which he should be commended even though we, as IU alums and fans, demand nothing less. This young student athlete has run afoul with an OWI and now this incident…he needs to be counseled to understand what conduct is expected and what conduct cannot be tolerated. My hope is he’ll “get it” and be a proud Hoosier!

  7. “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!”

    And I’m shocked to learn that a 21 year old male student athlete, after being in the bar until after 2:00 AM, got into a physical altercation with another male. What is the world coming to?

    It’s never a good idea to use violence unless you have no choice but to defend yourself or someone else from a violent attack. But my guess is that student athletes involved in violence happens a lot less frequently these days than it did in decades past. And if Mr. Cornett had not been an IU football player, no one on this site would even know the altercation occurred.

    I’m reasonably confident Mr. Cornett will learn a very valuable lesson as a result of this experience and will probably suffer greater consequences than any normal student would under the same circumstances. Being suspended from the football team is probably going to be very painful for this young man.

  8. Mellencamp brothers and former baseball coach’s son severe beating of young man that required facial surgery…? Is that ever going to trial or is this Penn State?

    Perea drinking and driving…?

    Ferrell and Robinson bar-hopping with fake ID’s…?

    And now this Cornett “altercation” at 2:00 a.m….?

    And people keep thinking that slaps on the wrists are just fine? Keep pampering these athletes as if a different set of rules applies to them than the rest of us? Hope it all works out..Hope they never have to live in a St. Louis suburb. Where are exemplary Hoosiers of the past coming forward? Where is Dan Dakich to be found with the same necessary speeches talking of the same dysfunctional culture that was once only tattooed to the back of a Sampson recruit? Would any of these prima donnas stuck on the maturity level of a 16-year-old survive one day under Bob Knight? The whole compound now gets to hide behind the fortress of Bible quotes and “boys will be boys” flippant jokes that wouldn’t have ever cut it when we ran the program “wreckers” out of town. Those “wreckers” may have been far from model students, but I don’t recollect them putting innocent civilians in danger with reckless attitudes toward violence or public intoxication/DWI offenses.

    Privilege comes with power…Often the powerless get hypocritically labeled as the “dysfunctional class” of citizens(athletes?) when they are on the wrong side of the white majority operating within their facade of purity. Sampson and his “culture” brought to Bloomington was no more threatening to the image of Indiana than the immature hooligans and boozers we now protect. They simply didn’t have the educational tools to succeed. They also never had used the symbols of a supreme faith to protect their foul deeds. There is no character building that comes with the current class protection and the locker room prayers used as excuses for weakness that didn’t prevail under the “wrecker.” You represent Indiana beyond the halls of classrooms…Simply because you’ve had the privilege and fortune to a fine public or private education(making the college classroom experience far less intimidating and daunting than that of a young man denied by poverty/inner city circumstance and lack of true parental/family/friends guidance the same advantages)shouldn’t excuse our current prima donnas degrading the integrity of the school outside the halls of their pampering coaches and classrooms rarely more difficult than the average demands at a Park Tudor or Carmel High School. Values don’t stop with a 3.0 in a Sports Communication class at Ballantine Hall.

  9. The questions you pose imply a pattern and that none of the people involved with these alleged violations/crimes have been punished. Do you know that for a fact? If so, please share those facts and your sources with the rest of us. If not, please stop insinuating/implying that these student athletes have been given a break in an attempt to support your narrative.

    I don’t know the facts, therefore I’m not ready to pass judgement on any of these people. But I will say that if they’re found guilty, they should receive the same punishment that any other young adult would get. There should be no favoritism applied to people just because they are student-athletes. And my point was, in many cases, the total punishment student athletes receive is worse, because they lose the privilege to remain a student athlete, at least within the school they chose to attend.

  10. There is not nearly the push for accountability, the seeking of just punishment, the public condemnation for the assualt on IU’s integrity/pristine “culture”, nor the same “narrative” by much of the current holier-than-thou followers of the greasy preacher to degrade the current protected class of boozers, thugs, and curfew violators for their mistakes with anything close to the means a wide brush was painted on those labeled as “wreckers.”

    How is it addressed now…? Follow this narrative..

    Boys will be boys…What do you expect from young men getting their first taste of wine, women, and song? Did you expect the PED and testosterone overload in a football athlete, now, thankfully, as big as a Wisconsin cheese-filled rhinoceros would end any different at 2:00 a.m.? Leaving the stagnant level of maturity a good Christian remains stuck on as if still in his freshman year in high school is a “process”..These are kids in bigger candy stores now…We’re working through those things…Alcoholism is a disease. We should cut these young men and their booze-guzzling parents a break and not treat blowing someone off the road drunk as if it were a Sampson dimwit getting bad grade on a quiz in a Intro to Sports Medicine class. You people need to pray more and get your priorities straight. Are you smirking at me..? Jeff Meyer wrecked the program!!! And just like Dopirak, Jeff Meyer was also a master of the smirk bomb. He brought sin and degradation to our culture now pristine and clean as a freshly laundered and pressed Park Tudor uniform. Because it’s sell what they want to here.

    Trips to Toronto don’t serve as much punishment for underage drinking(and/or drinking and driving).

    Values don’t stop with a 3.0 in a Sports Communication class at Ballantine Hall.

  11. Why isn’t Andy Graham taking a large load of the football coverage? Is he retiring? Too busy with the Cardinals?

    Graham knows football…Maybe not as much as Bo Jackson, but he does know.

  12. Coming to conclusions about what happened and what this all means is folly. When things like this happen, I think it is best to employ the following checklist:

    1) Right ear: switch to ON
    2) Left ear: switch to ON
    3) Right eye: switch to ON
    4) Left eye: switch to ON
    5) Mouth: switch to OFF
    6) Keyboard: switch to OFF

  13. Thanks and noted, Mike Miller…hope you are able to focus (or at least be allowed a fair amount of time to focus on Hoosier football) to give it proper depth. Particularly important when we are hoping for a sea change (the emergence of IU football) and give it proper respect.

    I do respect and am aware that Andy Graham is lead in covering IU football and believe he does a hell of a job, has a great ‘football eye’, a ton of knowledge and history; and is an excellent writer to boot. But, I suspect the HT’s Sports set up has Mr. Graham also doing a ton of copy desk duty, his high school football beat and the economics of modern journalism may be a constraint. Still, in Bloomington, IN, one Hoosier football writer during football season (mid-Aug>on) is simply not enough. So, your support in the coverage is equally important. (And, while some may see IU basketball as the dominant theme; they- and Mr. Crean- will also have to respect Hoosier football fan time/space demands and their desire to read football coverage from mid August on.

    Thanks for your answer, Mr. Miller. Having and avid and demanding following is a great break for a young sports journalist. Good luck and great stories to you.

  14. With all of life’s vicissitudes and uncertainties, it’s strangely comforting to know that there are at least a few things out there that never change:

    -Harvard bringing up John Mellencamp’s brothers any time a non-white IU athlete gets into trouble

  15. The “whitewashing” and puritanical walls of protection now enveloping Bloomington have nothing to do with skin color.

    We’ve adopted the “thou who casts the first stone” bag of tricks that was never so colorblind for the same multi-cultural and multi-colored landscape of diverse humanity from our past.

    There is nothing more suffocating to a town’s life than whitewashing the present in the preachy and puritanical boredom that operates outside of genuineness and sincerity in perspective. And that false pretentiousness is the furthest thing from the heart of true Hoosier.

  16. Husky Tom’s real Super Bowl is tonight.

    They are going down. It pains dearly for him to see his Washington Husky’s lose to the Hoosiers basketball squad….but nothing compared to seeing fly-by-night Seahawks crumbling to The Monsters of the Midway(even in an insignificant preseason game).

  17. Po’s post #7 is right on and illustrates what Wilson said during the Big Ten media days about student athletes being held to a higher standard than others, including faculty. If two classics professors punched it out over who was the real author of the last book of Caesar’s Civil War Commentaries, who’d care? It’s a good idea for everyone to stay out of taverns and fisticuffs.

  18. Professors aren’t regularly offered as a public representation of Indiana…Many professors prefer the identification as rebel and eccentric..Many prefer to operate outside the mores of society. It’s almost a badge of honor to play devil’s advocate and bring into question the accepted policies, positioning, and politics of the institution.

    An athlete is a national celebrity of sorts that is expected to conform to a given overall cultural sense within the entire institution’s general image. Many of these athletes put a ton of effort into marketing their names and selling their uncanny abilities in selected YouTube clips made into glorious productions of testimonials for character and skill sets.

    But within that selling and boasting comes the full understanding that expressions of rebellion and individuality are constrained because of the leaps and generalizations the public will make upon the entire institution based on simply viewing a subset aspect of the college put regularly on public display via sports.

    The sad reality is that what we strive to believe as most important, the quality and diversity of the institution’s educational systems, will never rival anything approaching the national attention of the athlete or the school’s sports programs.

    Maybe professors involved in nationally televised boxing matches could begin to turn that tide. I would pay big money for such a cable experiment. There has always been a need to put a human emotional element into the stuffy halls of pretentiousness in academia. I’d love to see televised gladiator games putting the IU Spanish Literature prof prof against the Harvard Law School prof. The body is a terrible thing to waste.

    I’d pay decent money to see professors get in the ring and duke it out.

  19. When you have no idea what you’re talking about, just vomit up a bunch garbage in the most articulate way possible, then convince yourself that what you just wrote represents a higher level of consciousness. It matters not that few people will read the drivel as long as one fool believes it to be anything but nonsense. It’s like going fishing, but the only bait you have is a hunk of rotten, moldy cheese. You shape the cheese into a tight ball, place on the hook and let it gently sink to the bottom. An hour later, reeling in a carp reinforces your belief that you are a great fisherman.

  20. And what are you fishing for as a coach and community when you claim a handful of kids “wrecked” a program that survived Bob Knight for over 20 years? Somewhere along the line you’ve seemed to have lost the perspective that men are not so simplistic when it’s convenient for your own “narrative” and witch hunts(e.g. a 3-way calling felon or a coach demeaned because he’s an offspring of a prominent Hoosier with shoes difficult to fill).

    The coach that you so idolize has built his career on lumping his mediocirty and the sinful deeds of those removed and easy to tear down as targets into one giant ball of moldy cheese you can’t seem to get enough.

    Those that were labeled as past villains/wreckers/deviants/rules violators were no more destructive to the image and glory of Indiana than those committing ugly deeds today that we conveniently turn the other cheek and excuse as “boys being boys” to fit the current “flawless” narrative.

    The previous targets were simply not equipped to defend against such a narrative. They were used and recruited knowing full well the likely results and failings that come with indoctrinated abandonment….So shallow and simple to call them “wreckers” when they’ve known nothing other than wrecked streets and wrecked homes.

  21. Harv,

    I will fund your “Professors Boxing Circuit.”

    There’s no more borg-like communal mindset that is equally shallow and lazy than in the halls of academia. The only thing rebellious about the professor is the 40 yrs past expiration ponytail. Except for some extremely theoretical hard sciences (like physics), most of the advances, research and future development has happened in the real world. In technology, it has been and is still driven by dropouts.

    In my (ahem!) 5 years at IU, I maybe had 4 professors that were worth anything. I meet smarter, more revolutionary and independent thinkers at my local coffee shop than I did within the classrooms at IU. IU is also better than most places, too.

    Academia is weak sauce.

  22. Shameful officiating in Seattle…Shameful offensive pass interference call against the Bears to reverse their touchdown at the end of the first half.. And a shameful attempt to take the ball away from the Bears on a previous drive fumble call that was reversed after a challenge. You’d have to be completely blind not to see that Marshall’s knee was down before the ball impacted the ground(which still was not a fumble). Big surprise it’s tough to play in Seattle with that sort of corrupt officiating.

    Super Bowl champs need that sorta home cookin’…?

    At the end of the day, I haven’t seen a Bears team so soft. The softness starts with Cutler and the new guy that holds his clipboard as if he’s Linus van Pelt with his blanket. Mutts of the Midway…Preseason or no preseason, the Bears’ performance was downright ugly and pathetic. There’s no hint of hunger or leadership. For how they treated Urlacher, it’s almost deserving.

    “Jay Cutler done for the night….?” Wish he was done in a Bears uniform. Should have kept Josh McCown…Maybe not the arm of a Cutler, but far more the hunger and belief than Cutler and his fraternity brothers of the soft.

  23. Bringing Wilson out for the second half in a 31-0 game? That’s enough spit in the Bears face to adopt a Sean Payton bounty strategy for a QB head on plate.

  24. Never really hung out at coffee shops. I do pop into Dunkin’ Donuts and enjoy a bit of comfort in recognizing the 50-something-year-old man serving my large daily Dunkin offering and cinnamon coffee roll…He used to work at the Marsh meat department only a few blocks away. Now Marsh has employed kids that barely look out of high school to serve their freshly cut steaks and other butchered offering. I don’t really care about brilliant minds hanging out at coffee shops. I see the struggles and wonder of the stories that follow so many Americans in the same shoes the meat department guy now working at Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t know if I could do it. I’m pretty positive that I’m not strong enough. Brilliance has nothing to do with the strength in an individual to not quit. I look more behind the counters for my silent recognition in hope more than those around round tables experienced at stale shorts stuck to their cracks.

  25. Do not be burdened by events in Syracuse. Happiness can be found in simplifying your life… Exhilaration awaits in attacking a “no parking zone.”

  26. Duuuuuhhhhh Bears. I’ll let you continue to do the talking/whining, Hardfart. No need for me to try to embarrass you, when you are perfectly capable of doing so yourself. HAWKS!!!

  27. Sorta figured #28 would hit the old ‘Stale Shorts of the Soma Coffee House’ nerve…

    You and Double Brain need to get together…I have a feeling that shot he took at ponytails is due to a common thread: the last thread of hair growing out a cue ball noggin awkwardly betraying the hairy feet in flip-flops associated with superior IQ’s nesting at round tables in coffee shops.

  28. This Sunday morning, Tom Crean gives glory to his Jesus, while Lord of the Glazed-Cinnamon Roll Induced Gas puts his faith in the 50-yr old ponytail academic – whose career defining work sits under a dust mound on an untouched shelf on the 7th floor stacks of the Indiana University Library – but now wears a brown apron, a $3 hat and shuffles his feet across the floor at 4:30 am, avoiding kissing his wife on the way out to work because she hasn’t shaved yet.

    An hour is too long to sit a the pew of Prof Working Class’s seminar because he’s trying to balance out the ratio of how many more glazed more glazed cinnamon rolls can be devoured vs the number of hours spent dumping the intestinal liquid sludge piling up behind the Hoover Dam sized rump holding it all back afterward.

    Crean will continue to chase former assistants, while Lord of the Smashed Car Window chases his invisible boogymen ruining Bloomington, the State of Indiana and apparently all of America. The offspring of Mellencamp heading up the East Coast Bias Club continue to plot, while our resident shamus hunts for clues and other conclusions seeking evidence. East Coast bias of course, being that cadaver which has long been harvested for all it’s organs, thrown down a slab, melted in a furnace and poured into a Kroger coffee can.

    The irony that a chain like East Coast born Dunkin Donuts is the sanctuary for the person decrying the loss of smalltown, middle-America to the Walmartization of soulless corporations should bring a smile to the face of anyone with a finely tuned bovine fecal matter detector.

    Tell us, oh Lord of the Slackjaw, how is it that you managed to be the only person on earth who went on vacation and came back crabbier than ever before?

  29. ^^^Hell of a good effort. Inspirational, but just not to me. I dig Husky’s insults quite a bit more. “Harfart” still brings a huge grin. It’s just a personal preference and not intended to dismiss your own creativity.. I certainly enjoyed the various “Lord of..” names you blasted out that cannon. It’s just that Husky’s writing never appears strained.

    Maybe it’s just Husky Seahawk in Ottawa’s timing…Maybe it’s the fact that we used to battle while being removed from any real stage. The classroom is now too full. We had a blast long ago. Maybe we connected. I still hang onto hope that we did. Maybe we became friends in the most unusual of circumstances and places. I’ve never had many friends…Haven’t had a solid friend for over three decades. When I pass on, I given wishes to my daughter to attempt to contact Husky Tom.

    Anyway, it’s always been frustrating to me that I don’t possess the refinement and natural skills to make it all flow with the feel a Wyoming river stirring down the mountains and twisting through the valleys. I hope one day that we can all be challenged and made to feel important. There was a time when a Hoosier fan on Basketblog made me very fond of Seattle. He stirred my imagination and was the first person to really tell me I was good at anything. Don’t for a minute think that window being shattered erases the days I was walking on clouds. You have no idea how much I’ve struggled to believe I’m worth on small piece of that shattered glass that rested on the back seat my car.

  30. Husky-

    I’d like to think my window was shattered because I wanted what you created in my mind of your home and favorite places more than the anything seen that usually fails the dream. Annecy could never live up to what me made of it with Pierre and his bakery…The toes in a soft sandbar of northern Lake Michigan would fall short of what I wanted to make a beach and the crystal clear waters near Hiawatha National Forest for you. I overreacted to the shattered window because I didn’t want to destroy all we thought of heartfelt places fighting to find eternity in a typed word amongst friends. I did get a glimpse of Mount Ranier stealing the rest of the sky…It was magnificent. It was blending with some clouds that attempted to jump its massive shoulders like loving children around a favorite grandpa. It was forever enough while your favorite coffee shop remained a place my thoughts could always paint.

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