Emmitt Holt commits to Indiana

Indiana added what appears to be the final piece of its 2014 recruiting class on Wednesday, picking up a late commitment from 6-foot-8 6-foot-7 forward Emmitt Holt.

Holt, who planned to attend Vermont Academy and join the 2015 class after a year of prep school, will be available for the upcoming season. He posted the following tweet on Wednesday morning:

The New York product averaged 19.8 points, 14.6 rebounds and five blocks as a senior at Webster Schroeder High School. He will accept Indiana’s last available scholarship. Holt also had offers from Vermont, Duquesne, Hofstra, Towson, Fairfield and Drexel, according to Rivals.com.

More to come.


  1. WOW! Another rabbit out of the hat! In 4 years we hope that we will all be talking about the spring-summer recruits of 2014 as if they were a new “fine wine”: April, Priller, Holt! Let’s give these kids a chance to grow, develop, learn and contribute gradually. IU’s need is immediate, but the potential of these kids is NOT limited to 2014-15! These are 4 year investments! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this great story. If none of these three become a really good B1G player, then Coach Crean will move on. If 1-2-3 of them become household words for great college players with unheralded resumes, then he will reap the benefits of great recruiting insight! A big gamble! Look at Emmitt’s sweet baby face… as he reaches out and grabs a rebound or blocks a shot on the floor! How can you NOT root for this kid? Look at Tim’s Icabod Crane’s awkward shot…as it swishes the net at a 60% rate. How can you NOT root for this kid? Look at Jeremiah’s…well we can’t yet because we haven’t seen him play at all. But I am fully on board for him at 7’0/235 and 4 years to develop. I would take him in a straight trade over the OH St gamble (which recruiting always is) on the Temple transfer for this year and the VA Tech transfer for the next three years. We will see as time goes on which is the better play. At least Indiana fans have something to be excited about and to talk about for 2014-15 (unlike Purdue!)!

  2. No gamble at all….that is all IU can get as IU scrambles to try to get some players. Having said that I do like this recruit. IU just needs a couple high 4 to high 5 star quality big men like every mid major wishes for and the top major programs have.

  3. Hope this kid proves to be a true talent, but beating out Vermont, Towson, Duquesne, Hofstra, Fairfield and Drexel for a recruit doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Remember, we’re in the Big Ten, not the Atlantic-10 or Colonial Athletic Association.

  4. No gamble at all…..exactly what I mean #3….means no elite high star (especially big men comming to IU)….they are going to elite programs.

  5. Interesting. Can’t say I was on pins and needles waiting for this decision, but looks like a good pickup. Looking at his game, size and athleticism, I am surprised to see that he didn’t have more interest from other programs.

    There was a really interesting article in ESPN a couple months back about the lack of talent coming out of NYC in recent years. It has not been recruited like it was in the past due to this deficiency. Did we find a diamond in the rough, or did we find Larry Richardson’s shorter and softer little brother?

    Sorry, I usually shun open ended rhetorical questions posing as insight, but I needed to wedge in a Larry Richardson reference in there somehow.

  6. Now that’s a fine move. I bet now Laval, Carleton, Ottawa, McGill and Quebec will pull out of next year’s traditional Tom Crean Canadian trip scared silly. Way to go Tom Crean!

    Let’s give these kids a chance to grow, develop, learn and contribute graduallyte (or transfer?). It’s Indiana: Tom Crean winneth !

  7. I have alot of confidence in his (or would have been ) Academy Coach. I believe the youngman was underrecruited but I bet he grows another 2 inches ina year and next will be the big man or PF IU needs

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