Emmitt Holt’s high school coach compares him to Draymond Green

When Emmitt Holt walked into Webster Schroeder High School as a freshman, basketball coach Matt Spadoni wasn’t sure what he had.

At that point, Holt stood at nearly 6-foot-1, 220 pounds. He was a bit pudgy, with long arms and huge feet. But he had room to grow.

That’s what he did, albeit incrementally.

“He was really good as a sophomore, he was very good as a junior and excellent as a senior,” Spadoni said. “Even now, watching him play AAU, he’s twice as good as he was during the year. He just turned 18 at the end of April, so he was a young senior. He continues to get better and the one thing about Emmitt is he’s a very intelligent basketball player. You only have to show him one time and he can do it.”

Spadoni believes there’s a very high ceiling for Holt, especially after he gets into a Big Ten weight room. Although he’s 6-foot-7 and around 225-230 pounds right now, Spadoni sees Holt eventually getting up to 245 pounds of muscle.

According to Spadoni, the best-case comparison for Holt is Draymond Green.

“He still needs to work on going left,” Spadoni said. “He’s right hand dominant. But it’s something that he’ll continue to work on. I honestly think, with another year under his belt, that he can be a legit 3-point shooter. He always had a green light to shoot when he was open. He always let the game come to him. He doesn’t try to do more than the team needs. He’s not going to jack up a couple 3s because he feels like it. He plays well within the confines of the team.”

Spadoni also agreed with Vermont Academy coach Alex Popp’s assertion that Holt would have received plenty of other high major offers had he gone the prep school route.

Holt also had offers from St. Joseph’s and George Washington, Spadoni said.

“It was either go to prep school or choose between two or three schools,” Spadoni said. “We knew that Emmitt had just scratched his potential Everybody who sees him knows he has his best basketball in front of him. He was almost Mr. Basketball for New York, which should get you more notice, but apparently not.

“He’s one of those kids that, when he walks into the gym, he doesn’t do a 360 dunk. He doesn’t impress that way. But when the game starts, he produces. You don’t realize it and you turn around and he’s got three blocks, two putbacks, a couple steals, he doesn’t turn the ball over and he’s smart with it. He’ll be a hard kid to keep off the court once he adjusts to life at Indiana.”


  1. I agree with you Geoff…..might do well to keep that HS coach on speed dial….at least it appears you can get honest assessment

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