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Monroe County Youth Football got a taste of Memorial Stadium thanks to IU coach Kevin Wilson at Saturday’s annual jamboree, Andy wrote.

New IU baseball coach Chet Lemonis is off to a strong start on the recruiting trail, notching five commits for 2016 already, Mike wrote.

Time is short and the bench is long as IU men’s soccer kicks off its first exhibition game tonight, I wrote.

No more quarterback by committee for Indiana, which is now relying solely on Nate Sudfeld, John Mutka of the Gary Post-Tribune writes.

IU wide receiver Nick Stoner is hoping to tattoo the competition this year, literally, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel wrote.

Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo and Dwyane Wade are among the players working out in Bloomington this week, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall reports.

Just for Nick Stoner, a cut off the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You album, “Hang Fire” live in 1981.


  1. The video is easy to find. I am talking about the hurt Cody Latimer put on Antoine Bethea when blocking down field when the Broncs played the 49er’s. Devastating! He did not learn that at Denver. He learned it from Kevin Johns, who soon will become a hotter commodity so IU will have to pay for to keep. This is what we want out of any staff.

  2. OSU is a classic “Next Man Up” school. I’m sure J.T. Barrett will step in and evolve into Denard Robinson by the time conference play starts.

  3. I’m not saying OSU is going to suck, but winning the B1G is now going to be an uphill battle. They lost a lot of experience last year. Kenny Guyton came in and performed phenomenally when Miller was hurt last year, but he was a senior. JT has a lot of growing up to do in a short amount of time.

  4. Agree with Steve in Ottawa. I wouldn’t lay awake at night worrying about OSU…they’ll be just fine.

  5. OSU is like Oregon. Seems like they are always losing players to injuries, scandals and the justice system, and yet, they never dip from the top 10. An “Uphill Battle” for OSU is a season where they may only win 9 or 10 games.

  6. Two comments for this string:

    1. Everything is relative to expectations. For OSU, if you’re preseason ranking is in the top five, and you expect to make it to the four-team playoff for the national championship, losing your starting QB is a big deal because it means it is a lot less likely that OSU will run the table in the regular season. Now, they probably won’t even win the Big Ten Championship.

    2. I watched Cody Latimer crunch Bethea on the block during Denver’s blowout preseason win at San Fran. It was a perfectly clean play, and after it was over, Latimer just walked off the field without any celebration or bravado. He’s a big, strong, fast wide receiver, and Elway said Denver drafted Latimer because he had the best combination of blocking and receiving skills of any receiver coming out of college. If he stays healthy, Latimer is going to be very successful in the NFL.

  7. There is an early Oct date with OSU playing at Michigan State. We will see how a Freshman can handle the pressure early. MSU mauled OSU in last year’s B1G Championship Game. MSU has a lot of kids returning.

    Anyone buying IU tickets in Columbus this year? đŸ˜‰

  8. The problem with Barrett is he is considered a dual threat QB out of HS. His feet will have to do the work at this level as his arm is weak. In other words he cannot get the ball down the field even on a good day. That ties one of Urban’s hands behind his back when it comes to offense(and with no Carlos Hyde). The Bucks hill just got higher to climb in the East division.

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