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There are reasons to be optimistic about the upcoming IU football season, Andy writes.

Despite plenty of opportunities, the IU women’s soccer team failed to find the net in a loss at Eastern Michigan Sunday, we reported.

The IU men’s soccer team made one goal stand up in an exhibition win over No. 6 Washington Saturday, we reported.

From our IU football preview section in Sunday’s paper:
—— Nate Sudfeld decided not to play it safe and instead forge his own path in Bloomington, Mike wrote.
—— A look at the 2014 IU football opponents, from Andy.
—— A look at the Hoosiers position-by-position, via Mike and Andy.

Athletic director Fred Glass takes the blame for IU’s football schedule and looks forward to basketball season, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Tom Crean’s Hoosiers made the cut and are in the final seven for 2015 6-foot-6 small forward O.G. Anunoby, the Jefferson City News-Tribune reported.

Thinking of IU football optimism and came up with Head East, “Never Been Any Reason.”


  1. Mike, nice article on Sudfeld’s choice to come to IU. I’m really looking forward to watching him play over the next two seasons.

    The process he went through in first selecting Arizona, then selecting IU, over the California PAC-12 schools, really took some guts and maturity for a High School kid. There are so many California kids who would never consider leaving California unless they have no other options, and many of those young people have no idea how great a campus like IUB is. It is my hope that Wilson will continue to maintain a recruiting presence out west and find more players like Nate Sudfeld from time to time. With over 12% of the U.S. population living in California, there’s a lot of High School talent out there that are marginalized by the traditional PAC-12 schools. And weather notwithstanding, I’d put the campus of IUB up against any college campus California or the PAC-12 has to offer.

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