Hoosier Morning

Confidence is the missing ingredient for Indiana’s revamped defense, Mike wrote.

Emmitt Holt officially became a Hoosier on Tuesday, Mike reports.

Indiana football finds itself trying to live up to expectations of success, Andy Profett writes for the Terre Haute Tribune-Star.

A young IU soccer team will have its hands full with a difficult schedule, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Former IU golfer Steve Wheatcraft can breathe easy after earning his PGA Tour card again, Jonathon Batuello of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana wide receiver Caleb Cornett was not charged because a second party instigated the fight that left Cornett in jail for several hours, the Indiana Daily Student reports.

Ex-Hoosier kicker Mitch Ewald failed to impress the Denver Broncos and was cut on Tuesday, Arnie Stapleton of The Coloradoan writes.

A trio of IU football in-state commits made their senior debuts last Friday, Ben Faunce of AllHoosiers.com writes.

USC is investigating to see if Josh Shaw’s story of heroism is true or a fabrication to cover an incident involving police, Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times writes.

Say it ain’t so, Josh Shaw —— Fleetwood Mac with “Little Lies.”


  1. Random question. I noticed that in a few pics of spring/summer practice that some of the jersey’ had the three stripes on the shoulders. Are they old jerseys from prior years being used in practice, or are our jerseys this year going to feature the stripes again?

    I think they look cool. Makes us look a lot less like Oklahoma. Although, I would hope that sans jerseys, we’d look at lot more like Oklahoma with the play on the field!

  2. Hey DD:
    I think those are just the standard adidas practice jerseys. Haven’t heard anything about new additions/ alterations to IU’s uniform collection.

  3. Noticed that no charges were filed against Caleb Cornett because the police or the DA concluded that somebody else “instigated the fight.” If someone comes up to you and “instigates” a fight, it is not a criminal offense to defend yourself. Just because the person who instigated the fight probably suffered the most damage, as would be expected when you pick a fight with a college football player, that does not make the person defending himself liable for criminal charges. I hope anyone who jumped to conclusions about Cornett’s behavior, or those who cast aspersions regarding his involvement in this incident, will decide that to do so until the law enforcement professionals have gathered all the facts is foolish and destructive. If they’re not so inclined, they should watch the old classic, “12 Angry Men.”

  4. 12 Angry Men…?

    Isn’t that a film about a defensive coordinator only hired because of his pedigree football name…? Hoosier fans witness the repeated crime of 1 coach + 11 misfit tacklers repeatedly violated and forced into a sideline huddle and subjected to the coach’s(played by a Lemmon)gross incompetence?

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