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Once thought to be Indiana’s running back of the future, Laray Smith is instead headed to the defensive backfield, Mike writes.

Five predictions for the impending IU football season, from Mike.

Ex-IU wide receiver Cody Latimer talks haircuts and catching passes from Peyton Manning in an interview with Tam Vo of Bevelcode.com.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo is still working to tap his basketball potential, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Tanner Thompson is looking to come into his own in a family of soccer success, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

ICYMI, Kevin Wilson shows off his Slip’N Slide skills, via LostLettermen.com.

The credibility of university-run media is up for debate in light of the Josh Shaw situation, Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times writes.

North Carolina suspended four players for its football opener in the wake of a hazing investigation, Aaron Beard of the Associated Press reports.

A dedication to the Tar Heels this time — Dishwalla with “Haze.”


  1. LAPD has called in Mark Fuhrman to see if he can find the other Josh Shaw nephew that was swimming at the crime scene.

    This should be a lesson to everyone that rushes to judgment when a football player for a major college tells his side of the story.

  2. “Slip ‘N Slide Today!” has now officially replaced “Win Today!”…?

    Hoosier Football is at peace again in the “mindset” of a metaphor that forever works.

  3. Could there be two better IU role models than Oladipo and Zeller? I’m proud they are Hoosiers.

  4. Maybe not better but Jordy? And Tom Pritchard? And Matt Roth? And even Jeremiah Rivers? CWat and Will?

    CTC and IU have had so many boys become men to be proud of.

    But must agree with you. Vic and Cody lead the way.

  5. Harvard, you realize “win today” just means make the most of everyday, right? Your standup routine on this is, uh, odd.

  6. Jimmy0, are you new to The Hoosier Scoop? If you’re not, you should know better. If you are, please don’t feed the beast.

    Ron, you’re right, they’re all good guys. But I was particularly touched that after becoming millionaires, they a) return to IU and Bloomington, b) remain humble, and c) have not forgotten where they come from. I wish them all the very best.

  7. If you’re searching for “role models“…or making the “most of everyday.”

    Sports is entertainment. Let’s reserve “role model” material to those that will put their lives on the line so the rest of us can sit on our asses being entertained.

  8. And how far removed from reality is a narcissistic blogger(or someone that endlessly uses a social media site to publicly sell himself as equally full of holier-than-thou redemptive value through the self-slathering daily tweets to the Holy Ghost and the self-serving blabbering endlessly referencing his handpicked Christian role models)in calling someone a “beast” when journalists are beheaded in YouTube clips and Ebola is wiping out families?

    Better take a hard look in the mirror, Podunker. The “beast” is content in your reflection of perfection.

  9. Just stopping by to catch up on IU sports and say hi to my other family, however far removed. Life moves pretty fast with three little ones and your first kindergartner also has soccer practice 3x a week. I’m sure it only gets busier from here. I swear just yesterday football season was still a month away…

    Anyway, go Hoosiers and keep fightin the good fight, Harv. That’s about all I got. Cheers, fellas.

  10. Punjab-

    Good to hear from you….You never appear to be arrogant in tone or take the chance to slip into the nonsensical level of mean cynicism so many are prone. I’ve seen this quality in you for a very long time. Your kids are very lucky and we’re a better “family” on Scoop because of your strong values and decency.

    Cherish those soccer practices…We used to run are little girl to gymnastic classes…Did it for 8 years. Now she’s in college. It all went way too fast.

  11. Moderately active? But you don’t find a group more unique and knowledgeable than Podunker, Double Down, Tsao Tsu Gonzalez, Geoff, Seahawk Tom, Punjab, Clarion, Chet, Ben, NoMendacity, and Ron.

    What Scoop lacks in numbers is blown away in passion, creativity, diversity, and originality.

    The bloggers of Scoop could have comfortably debated and sat in the same Constitution Hall with our Founding Fathers. I am often humbled by the level of wit and intelligence. It can shake your confidence. I encourage you to stay, but if you are intimidated by men and women that will from time to time flex their knowledge way beyond Hoosier Sports, then Inside the Hall may be a better fit.

    Things get very intimidating when we start sharing pizza recipes…Many of Scoop’s contributors are also “warriors” in the kitchen. When Seahawk Tom gets on a thread discussing cuisine, it’s more informative and taste bud tantalizing than an entire day watching the pros on the Food Network.

    Don’t judge us by numbers…Judge us by strength and conviction.

  12. Harv, I don’t know how well educated we all are here. We are all just as full of crap as the guys on ESPN are. I don’t consider myself a regular contributor here, but I do pick my shots. All sites like this are generally full of Monday morning quarterbacks, some with a little more information than others and everyone has passionate opinions. Some that you consider knowledgeable tend to spew what they have heard from those on ESPN and other sports analysis shows. We are all guilty of that from time to time, but it makes us sound like we are educated about our opinion.

    Ultimately at the end of the day everything on here is our opinions, some educated, some not, some eloquently presented to make it seem the poster is educated, and some down right goofy. It doesn’t make anyone right or wrong, just passionate about their opinions and it is really hard to convince someone else to change their opinion, but some of you have changed mine on this site from time to time especially you Harv. I just think when this site gets down to the name calling over someone else’s opinion that doesn’t match yours, then that is when I feel we all become no better than 3rd graders on the playground.

  13. Oh, here it comes again. Harvard is warming up his anti-Crean-anti Christian rhetoric again. And it’s another red letter day for The Hoosier Scoop when Harvard questions “how far from reality” another blogger is and finds a way to reference the beheading of an American journalist on a site intended to discuss Indiana University athletics. There’s nothing wrong with Harvard, he just got stuck living in the wrong dimension.

  14. There’s plenty wrong with Harvard. Plenty wrong with my opinions and plenty wrong with my prejudices. What I hope is “right” with Harvard is something I’ll always consider a work in progress. I certainly won’t claim that I have all the answers…Maybe this becomes a place, like all places, to find a few voices that will help me believe there is kindness where others want to contemplate and work on those answers together.

    There is nothing “wrong” with any opinion whether it’s regarding sports, faith, or any of the other daily topics we wrap our thoughts. What I find more sad than wrong is when such a position is cast in stone in order to dismiss another faith, hope, question, answer, or pursuit. Certainty is not necessarily a strength…(n my opinion)and thus opens the door to most of my issues with many so unyielding to a faith, dismissing all other voices, until the bloody end a sword.

    iuhoosier1992- Enjoyed your post and the pathways of your honest thoughts.

  15. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes…

    “I don’t have to agree with you to like you or respect you.” – Anthony Bourdain

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