Indiana opens season with 28-10 win over Indiana State

Indiana received career rushing efforts from Tevin Coleman and D’Angelo Roberts in a 28-10 season-opening victory over Indiana State on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

Coleman rushed for 247 yards on 23 carries, finishing with a new career high and the fifth-most rushing yards in Indiana history. Roberts set a new career-high with 129 yards on 24 carries. Coleman scored twice and Roberts found the end zone once.

The Hoosiers went the duration of the afternoon without tipping its hand offensively. IU focused its offense on the rushing game and was rewarded with 455 of its 566 total yards coming on the ground.

Indiana defense continued to struggle to make tackles, missing on four through the game’s first two plays. The Sycamores drove 51 yards on the game’s opening drive before Eric Heidorn missed a 42-yard field goal. Take away that opening drive and the Hoosier defense held ISU to 119 yards of total offense.

Both of Indiana State’s scores followed Hoosier turnovers. J-Shun Harris fumbled a punt return in the first quarter that led to a field goal and Nate Sudfeld threw a third-quarter interception to set up a five-yard touchdown run by ISU running back Brock Logan.

Coleman had scoring runs of 73 and 13 yards, while Roberts punched in a touchdown from two yards out in the second quarter. Myles Graham added a late, one-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

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  1. My thoughts about today’s game:
    * Defense looked better, especially the three down linemen. They’re going to be really good if they stay healthy. Tackling is better than last year.
    * IU finally looks as if they have the size to play in the Big Ten.
    * Coleman is just excellent. Maybe the best running back ever for IU.
    * Wilson and staff coached this game as if it was a summer camp scrimmage. How about putting the lessor team away before beginning the experiments? An 11 point lead late in the third quarter was a little too close for comfort.
    * While Sudfeld is more elusive and runs better than I thought, IU can’t afford to have him running the ball. If he keeps that up, IU’s back-ups are going to be playing sooner rather than later.
    * I know it was Indiana State, but it was embarrassing seeing all those empty seats when the TV cameras panned over the stadium. Maybe Glass will learn to schedule an opponent for the first home game that more people want to watch. Or maybe it won’t matter who we play until IU starts going to bowl games.

  2. 28-10 over a Indiana State ?? ….wow….put 70 on them last year…see another 4 win season coming….stop all that silly bowl game talk.

  3. The tackling looked far more sound today than in 2013, I only saw a few plays where the ball carrier did not go down after 1st contact. Michael Hunter Jr. made some BIG open field tackles that he would have likely missed in 2013. ISU took away the passing game and gave up nearly 500 yds of rushing. Hopefully the offensive balance continues, it’s not evident in today’s stats but our opponents will have to pick their poison. I was pleasantly surprised by how physical our RB’s finished their carries by always falling forward. I’m a bit more optimistic than some about this season. Clearly CKW didn’t introduce the entire offense prior to a bye week. I believe this team WILL play in a bowl game this season, with a record better than .500. Go Hoosiers.

  4. Bob- This game was different. Last year we ran up the score, but we also allowed obscene numbers on defense. I was slightly disappointed the score wasn’t higher this time around, but our run game and defense leave me feeling pretty good. The defensive performance, especially, is an overall better indicator of things to come.

    There have been many, many Big 10 teams over the last 10 years who have racked up ugly defensive wins over non-conference opponents at the start of the season…Ohio State especially has had a lot of them. They usually come out just fine.

    IU, on the other hand, has been the master of offensive blowouts in games 1-4 of the non-conference schedule, and look what that’s gotten us.

  5. Maybe I expected to much. One of the most boring games I have ever sat through. 3 hour drive, rain delay and 3 hours home. Might be to much for this old man.

  6. For plain vanilla with no sugar added it was a pretty fair game. The DL is going to have some fun this season. Safety position is damn solid. Dutra is going to be something to cheer about. Good open field tackling. Hunter has come of age. If he continues CB is a strength. Experimenting(if that is what it is called)does not bother me in the least against ISU as I would rather have Harris muff a punt against the Sycs than the Hawkeyes. Many hated losing TR because he had wheels but are turned off by Sudfeld using his in trying to create advantage. He has been schooled when to get down. Cheerleading causes injuries too. I liked the intensity on D. I don’t think ISU reached the red zone on their own. Although the 1 announcer made it sound as if they were playing so soundly and smart that the Hoosiers would cave in because they were over matched. I suspect having next week off had much to do with Wilson game planning so conservative and wanting to see what some of the 2nd and 3rd string new comers could do. Pretty good plan. Knorr’s impact will only get stronger through the season.

  7. Good defenses will not have to pick their poison against IU. IU’s inexperience at receiver is going to be our achilles this year. These young guys just don’t have the knowledge yet at reading a defense and know when to alter their routes. The passing game is just not about a QB reading coverages, it’s about receivers reading what the defense is doing as well.

    When IU plays OSU, MSU, UM, or Maryland (saw parts of their game, and their defense is pretty good too.) they will shut down the ground game and force IU into having our veteran QB throwing to this group of talented, but inexperienced receivers.

    I’m going to go on record now and say IU’s offensive scoring average this year is going to be significantly reduced to somewhere in the upper 20’s to low 30’s. Hope our defense can make enough improvement that they will drop their defensive scoring average as well or it’s going to be another season IU will struggle to become bowl eligible.

    I’m tempering my expectations about this team. They will be better game 12 than they were in game one. It will be those ten games in between that will determine the fate of this team.

  8. For any downs yesterday that remotely appeared to be a passing down ISU were in a nickel or played 8 deep. A big advantage for a good OL and the run game. Even for good teams perceiving a running down they will stick 7 in the box and mark the advantage for a good OL and the passing game. The IU offense will do what it does and the D will have total control as to whether there will be bowl invite.

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