IU releases Week 1 depth chart

Here’s the depth chart ahead of Saturday’s opener against Indiana State. Starters in bolt:

LT: Jason Spriggs, Ralston Evans
LG: Bernard Taylor, Jacob Bailey
C: Collin Rahrig, Jake Reed
RG: Dan Feeney, David Kaminski
RT: Peyton Eckert, Dimitric Camiel
WR: Shane Wynn, Ricky Jones, Dominique Booth
WR: Isaiah Roundtree, J-Shun Harris
WR: Nick Stoner, Simmie Cobbs
QB: Nate Sudfeld, Nate Boudreau or Zander Diamont
RB: Tevin Coleman, D’Angelo Roberts
TE: Michael Cooper or Jordan Fuchs

DT: Adarius Rayner, Darius Latham
NT: Ralphael Green or Nate Hoff, Chris Cormier
DE: Bobby Richardson, Shawn Heffern
BANDIT: Nick Mangieri, Zack Shaw
SLB: Flo Hardin, Clyde Newton
MLB: T.J. Simmons, Kyle Kennedy
WLB: David Cooper, Marcus Oliver
LCB: Tim Bennett, Kenny Mullen
FS: Antonio Allen, Tony Fields
SS: Mark Murphy, Kiante Walton
RCB: Michael Hunter, Rashard Fant

K: Aaron Del Grosso, Griffin Oakes
P: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
LS: Matt Dooley, Josh Pericht
H: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
KR: Damon Graham, D’Angelo Roberts
PR: Shane Wynn, Mitchell Paige


  1. As far as I remember, Latham never started last year. He was a key component of the DL rotation and played just as much as the starters, but technically never started. Also, the coaches have been saying that Latham is improved from last year playing really well, but Rayner is just outplaying him.

  2. Few surprises..

    Kennedy – really haven’t heard much about him this summer and have heard a ton about the Frosh LBs and expected one to be on the depth chart.

    No Friend. Also, I knew the coaches liked Fuchs, but didn’t expect him to be in contention to start.

  3. PB:
    Friend has been dealing with a minor injury. Doesn’t sound like he’ll play vs. ISU, but should return for BG. Corsaro has also been limited recently, so there’s an opening.

    Kennedy’s a bit of a surprise, but I wouldn’t read too much into it. Those freshmen are going to play, no matter what the depth chart says. I’ve found it’s usually best not to read too, too much into these things.

  4. I am trusting the staff and plan on going to 3/4 first games, including at BGSU. If our listed SLB (#4) misses as many tackles this year as he has the last two, I am out. I hope he improved or it is the same old-same old. I can’t believe one of the younger guys hasn’t won the job.

  5. One Seven:
    You’re right. Tackling has been a huge issue for this program for at least the last couple seasons. Brian Knorr said today that they’re working on new tackling drills to hopefully improve that area. We’ll see.

    As for the young guys, we’re going to see plenty of them. I wouldn’t necessarily worry about the Nos. 1 or 2 on the depth chart right now. I haven’t seen a second of this team in practice yet (I was in Montreal during the open workouts and didn’t cover the team in the spring), but I can’t imagine a guy like Greg Gooch is that far behind a guy like Kennedy. Those young linebackers are going to play. All the coaches have said as much. Imagine we’ll see a good amount of them on Saturday.

  6. Another point of emphasis: the pass rush. Last year, we sat back most of the time with a 4 man rush. Our D Linemen were horrible getting underneath the pads of their blockers on the snap. The ball would snap and blockers would just stand them up and drive them back. Specifically, the MSU game was painful. We didn’t even touch their RBs until they were 5 yards past the line of scrimmage.

    Get low, really, really low. Then move your feet and pushing until the whistle. It isn’t always about making the tackle themselves, as much as it is about collapsing the pocket, filling the gaps and allowing your LB and S to come in and make the play.

    I keep obsessing over this here, so apologies to long time readers. But the old Arizona Desert Swarm D was filled with this type of play. People obsessed over the scheme side of things. All of their scheme was predicated on D-line play. They had an undersized line, but their fundamentals were so good, they were pushing their blockers back right off the snap. Teddy Bruschi was a DE for that team. Mike Waldrop was their NT, was only 270lbs, but he was 2 time All-American and winner of Outland and Nagurski Awards.

    I heard Knorr talking about this in one of his YouTube clips earlier this summer. It was refreshing to see that he not only has identified some of the major issues, but actually seems to have a plan for solving them.

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