Kasongo not visiting Indiana, Holt scheduled to come Monday

A source close to the program confirmed Saturday night that 2014 frontcourt target Ray Kasongo will not visit Indiana this weekend as previously scheduled. Kasongo was unable to gain admission due to his grade point average.

Kasongo, a 6-foot-9 forward from Canada, was previously denied admission to Oregon. Michigan State, Purdue and Wisconsin are among the Big Ten teams also making a late push for Kasongo, according to his mentor, Brandon Bender.

Emmitt Holt, a 6-foot-7 forward, is still scheduled to visit Bloomington on Monday.


  1. When you are desperate and trying to get players at the last second things like this are going to happen. When hanner and devin davis get in foul trouble we will really be hurting.

  2. Isn’t there going to be a significant black mark for anyone who takes this kid? The more times he is rejected, the harder, right?

    May be his own fault, but I gotta feel sorry for this kid.

    Sounds like he either goes to school for an extra year or plays overseas —- if he is good enough.

    By the way, comment in mobile devices didn’t work because it didn’t offer the spam protection addition problem. I had to switch to website mode to submit this. You may have a glitch needing correction.

  3. There is nothing “desperate” about recruiting a player in August when you have 1 unused scholarship available (out of 13). However, it is correct to say that it is a “last second” recruiting effort as classes will soon start. However, the determination that Ray Kasongo would not qualify for admission academically was “normal” in every respect. The player and his advisers had to submit the proper academic documents and sign the appropriate releases. Then the university does it’s review and issues it’s opinion. Both parties now move on.

  4. My concern with recruiting has been, we are on the verge, if not already losing our high destination site, but success on the court this year can readily change that. Might be late for a number of the desirable recruits tho. Time will tell.

  5. Who is this Bender character acting as Kasongo’s “adviser”? His presence and self-appointed seems more like a street-agent/promoter and this role raise immediate concerns- fairly or not- about the student-player. It was most uncomfortable when Bender was announcing Kasong ‘was going to Indiana [make no mistake about it]’. Hope Coach Crean makes it a policy to avoid these characters.

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