1. I really appreciated Wilson’s comment, made at the end of this video, about “good kids” in this freshman class of football players. He’s doing it the right way.

  2. thirty some odd kids kicked to the curb his first year. surely some of them were good kids. if this year is successful it will be alright. so sad.

  3. Those 30+ made the decision they would rather be remembered as losers during the Lynch tenure than try to be winners for Wilson. Their actions on and off the field got them kicked to the curb just as if they verbally said I’m quitting. Hopefully it was a positive life altering event for the majority.

  4. Why did most stay? Kevin Bush had issues even at/with Toledo nor did he tear it up at Saint Francis. That is why fit is so important to a recruit and a coaching staff. Whenever there is a coaching change someone finds they do not fit or they do not want to fit so they have to leave because 1 thing is for certain the new coach is not going to leave. Many have the same problem with new bosses throughout their employment career. It is as simple as understanding that people are different.

  5. HC, you nailed it. It’s so easy to make the false claim that the new coach kicked 30 some odd kids to the curb. In reality, those kids, many of whom were upperclassmen, made a decision not to follow the rules or put in the effort required to meet the higher expectations and therefore remain a part of the team. Through their actions or lack of action, they kicked themselves to the curb. This is just another example of the “there are no losers and everybody deserves a trophy” mentality. Can you imagine the Navy Seals operating under that same philosophy?

  6. Po, Succinctly stated and I do not think there is anything wrong with the folks who left. But I do know if you get a case of the red ass you should move on.

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