Let’s take a look back at last year for moment

So, I want to point out a few things for any of you who are freaking out about beating Indiana State by only 18 points.

No, Indiana State is not very good football team. Yes, the final margin could have been much wider. But check out this comparison from last year’s blowout and this year’s, well, win that looked pretty vanilla. It’s pretty telling.

The number on the left shows the figure from 2013, the right is 2014.

FIRST DOWNS: 29 in 2013, 29 in 2014
RUSHING YARDS: 313 | 455
PASSING YARDS: 319 | 111
TOTAL OFFENSE: 632 | 566
PASSING: 17-30-2 | 11-18-1

Here’s Indiana State, for comparison:

FIRST DOWNS: 15 | 10
PASSING YARDS: 175 | 140
TOTAL OFFENSE: 306 | 170
PASSING: 12-32-1 | 17-33-0

Basically, IU had its way with the Sycamores.

It was fairly obvious how Indiana treated this game and Kevin Wilson basically acknowledged in his postgame comments that, with all due respect to the Sycamores, this was a game meant to be an extension of IU’s preseason. There’s a bye week on deck. Let’s call this what it was — a glorified scrimmage.

IU was able to get its running game established and its backs feeling good. Nate Sudfeld was more or less treated as a manager. He wasn’t asked to do a lot. Yes, he missed Nick Stoner on a bad pass in the end zone, and there were times when he could have looked better, sure. But the guy didn’t even attempt a pass until the final couple minutes of the first quarter. Think we’ll see that again?

For all intents and purposes, Indiana’s season doesn’t start until Sept. 13 at Bowling Green. This was merely a good day to see everyone on the field moving at game speed. The Hoosiers are so clearly on a different level than Indiana State.

To think anything else is probably not wise for anyone’s longterm health. So, if you’re worried about the final score in this one, don’t be. Cool off. Calm down. It’s still August.