Live chat transcript: Hoosiers in Canada, Teri Moren

MODERATOR: Mike, welcome back from Montreal.
How’s everyone doing today? Lots of questions so let’s go ahead and get started. Sound good?

JEREMY: I’m ready when you are. Let’s get started.
MIKE: Thanks, Moddy. It’s good to be back. I brought home a new love of poutine, which will be pretty much be the only thing I choose to eat for the rest of my life. That stuff is great. Happy to visit Montreal, but I’m disappointed I didn’t make the time to get over to both Olympic Stadium and the old Montreal Forum, former home to many, many legendary Montreal Canadiens teams. They’ve preserved the structure of the Forum, turning it into a mall/multi-use facility. Bummed I didn’t make it over there, but a great trip overall. Let’s chat.
ANDY: Good morning, everybody. Bonjour, Mike. Happy birthday, Bobby Wilkerson (one of my guys as an undergrad) and Steve McClain. Time to chat (which is the French word for cat, as Mike would note.)

QUESTION: Dustin Might be gone but I am going no where I am sure Mike will do a great job.
1. I understand IU needs another big man but is using your last scholarship when you have no seniors a great idea? I understand the new forward they’re looking at is better than the previous guys they got but still less than ideal. Also It just seems to me with the way Crean handles things when he needs scholarships is going to come into conflict with this student bill of rights athletic department has (I don’t believe Crean literally takes scholarships away but I do think he nudges players out the door a bit after a year or 2 if he doesn’t think they will help the team which is certainly a bit of a gray area with new athletic department policy).
2. Not happy about that preseason 34th ranking or the general direction of the soccer program. I understand this team may over perform and do very well but an IU soccer team that is not a certain top 10 elite team preseason is an issue. The article you wrote about practice sounds like a lot of unknowns which should NEVER be the case with soccer (i understand a lot of new players on team, but there is ALWAYS turn over in college sports and team always reloads and it appears they are doing it less succesfully now). Soccer should be the one sport where IU knows it has a great team period. Soccer is starting to turn into basketball post 1994-200 I’m afraid which is not great (by this I team scraps and claws but ultimately makes postseason each year and certainly not good enough to go very far). Is Yeagley the man? Is recruiting dropping off? What is going on that the teams level of play is less consistent each year (minus that great tourney run that made than national champs)?!
Darren , Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
1. I don’t know if I’d call it a great idea, but the truth is that Crean’s priority has to be whatever makes Indiana the best team it can be in the 2014-15 season. And I think we’d all agree that adding another big man to the front line is the biggest need for this team. Now, per an Adam Zagoria tweet this morning, Indiana wouldn’t mind adding two players, not just one, which would put the Hoosiers over the scholarship limit unless somebody transfers or there was a way to get a medical hardship waiver on Collin Hartman for this season.
For the uninitiated, Indiana is set to host both Ray Kasongo and Emmitt Holt next week, both power forwards.
Several interesting aspects of this. First, Holt was set to be a 2015 and go to prep school before IU inquired about him as a 2014. Second, Kasongo was set to go to Oregon before he was denied admission despite the NCAA declaring him eligible. That’s one red flag and another is that his mentor is Brandon Bender, who was tied to NCAA violations at Central Florida as a runner between the school and AAU programs/players.
You bring up an interesting point with the Bill of Rights, but by the same token I know that coaches in every sport sit down with players after the season and discuss their status. Sometimes that conversation winds up with a player being told, “We think you’d be better off somewhere else, because we just don’t see you fitting in our future.” Now, ultimately it’s the player’s choice whether to stick around, but especially in the ambitious world of college basketball, who stays where they’re not wanted? Still, those discussions might have to be more carefully constructed so as not to violate the Bill of Rights, and it certainly gives a player a certain level of security regardless of playing time.
2. I wouldn’t sweat the preseason rankings, which by the way have three Big Ten teams in the top 21 – Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin. I would say that to you and me there are a lot of unknowns, but that’s probably only true to a lesser degree with the coaching staff, which is just trying to figure out where to put the puzzle pieces.
I suppose you could paint that brush of the soccer program between its last national championship and when Todd Yeagley was hired. But he did win the Big Ten regular season title in his first year (2010), then won the national title in his third year (2012). He also won the Big Ten Tournament last year, the first time IU has won that since 2006. Yeagley did make an interesting point at practice this week – this being his fifth year means that the team has cycled through to the point of being all his recruits for the first time. So we’ll see where it goes from here in order to make a more accurate judgment.
For what it’s worth, and given that it was only one practice, but I was fairly impressed with a lot of the newcomers. This team won’t be devoid of talent, nor was last year’s, but the cohesion and chemistry was missing last year.
MIKE: Thanks, Darren. Glad to have you along.
It’s a tricky situation, but I think we’ve all come to learn that these types of scholarship crunches have a way of working themselves out. IU seems to be in a position of ‘Win now, right the ship and see how things play out,’ so I can see a rationale in jumping in on Kasongo at this point. You get him, find a way to work him in and worry about the roster later. I think with the Bill of Rights, you raise an interesting point. There could very easily be a few gray areas that arise when dealing with scholarship crunches and the giving and taking of scholarships. I find IU’s whole approach to this fascinating and, obviously, there’s going to be a lot to learn from it over the next 12-15 months as we watch it put in motion. This might be something to come back to after the season.
I’ll let the soccer fellas handle your second point.
ANDY: Darren:
1. My official self-imposed policy is never to worry about the scholarship numbers, because things always seem to work out, but you raise an interesting point about IU’s Athletes Bill of Rights. The four-year commitment (or until graduation) is there. It won’t always come into play. Matt Roth, to cite an example, had a year of eligibility left but had already graduated. However, I do think the Bill of Rights might complicate matters a bit for the coaches at times, but that’s fine. I’m all for the Bill.
2. Meh. I don’t seem to recall that IU was preseason Top 10 in 2012 when the Hoosiers won the program’s eighth national title. I do recall that IU was preseason No. 1 last year when the Hoosiers had the first losing program in school history before rallying to win the Big Ten tournament and give eventual NCAA champ Notre Dame a scare. So preseason soccer rankings frankly don’t mean much, and that’s been true for years. Jeremy and I were going over this year’s roster a couple of days ago and concluded that there is sufficient personnel and potential to have a really solid, maybe really good, team. A lot of the newcomers are promising, even though you might not yet be familiar with them. And since you bring up a certain period of basketball that people tend to remember as a “struggle,” relatively speaking, here are some of the non-conference schools Indiana defeated in Bob Knight’s last season in Bloomington: Texas Tech (on the road, with Tech dedicating its new arena), No. 5 Temple, Notre Dame, No. 13 Kentucky, Missouri (also on the road), No. 6 North Caroline (neutral site). IU started 13-1 that year before injuries and other factors intervened. I bring that up only to say that fans who feel RMK “stuggled” during his latter years at IU are right only when comparing those years to most of RMK’s 29 years. Indiana won at least 20 games in each of his last four seasons.
But thanks for your kind words about Mike, and you are most definitely right about him.

QUESTION: 1. Maybe bringing in Zeisloft was a good idea after all it looks like and we as fans were wrong? I was pleasantly surprised with his play in Canada from what I read and think he will contribute in a big way this year.
2. Not the best hire for IU women but sounds like best they could do under circumstances so no complaints. Do you think Coach Moren can and will continue what Curt Miller started?
Mike, Seymour

1. Well, it was a good idea in Canada at the very least. I would temper everything that happened in Canada a bit for two reasons: one, three of the five teams were clearly inferior, and two, IU was playing with no Perea or April in the middle, which it won’t be able to do in Big Ten play making for different lineup combinations than what we just saw. However, Zeisloft was indeed impressive. He’s confident in his shot and was shooting it at a tremendous clip while north of the border, both of which are critical. Not sure where he’s at defensively, but he brings something to the table offensively for sure.
2. Well, it certainly wasn’t a splashy hire. As a matter of fact, I’d describe it as a safe hire, with a good deal of upside. She’s known commodity in-state and has a track record of consistent success. Assuming there aren’t significant immediate defections, we’ll find out what Teri Moren can do. She won’t have a lot of size inside this season, but there’s depth with the perimeter talent. If she can get everybody to buy in and stay on board for next year, then it’s just a matter of building on the recruiting momentum Miller started. He had some very talented prospects potentially on the hook for 2016 and beyond that will want to see some proof that Indiana is still headed in the right direction.
MIKE: Hey Mike,
I think there’s definitely reasons for optimism regarding Zeisloft’s addition. Of course, he’d only been with the program for a few weeks by the time IU left for Canada, so we only saw a taste of what’s to come from him. I think he’ll not only fit well within the team, but he’s going to impact the offense from Game 1. My takeaway on Zeisloft was his immediate confidence. He has a good stroke and isn’t afraid to shoot the ball. For only being in the program for a short time, I thought his movement off the ball was good and he showed a knack for getting open looks in the corners. IU needs that. But, yeah, solid first impression for Zeisloft.
No, I don’t think Teri Moren was Indiana’s first choice, but as you say, IU wasn’t necessarily in the best spot to have the pick of the litter. I’ll be interested to see who stays and who goes. But really, beyond the current roster construction, the biggest thing for Moren is maintaining the foothold in 2016-17 recruiting that Miller and company established. These next couple recruiting classes were where IU seemed ready to really reach the next level as a program. That’s where Moren needs to jump in and have an impact. If she can do that, while keeping the current team at a level where it’s doing no less than treading water, I think she’ll be fine. But the key to everything is those next few recruiting classes. IU can’t afford to lose its place there.
ANDY: Mike:
1. I would caution reading too much into the play in Canada, given some of the opposition’s uneven quality, but Zeisloft was indeed impressive during the runs of play I was able to watch. He looks like he can help in terms of shooting and overall maturity in his play. Still don’t know how effective he is on the defensive end, really, but we shall see.
2. Seems like a pretty solid hire to me. She prides her self on building close-knit clubs through the coaching context, as somebody who relates to players well and builds solid relationships. If so, that could be a crucial component to a smoother transition. If the current players stay and the recruits in the pipeline still come to Bloomington (whether or not Jenna Allen of Bedford North Lawrence, who decommitted after the Curt Miller news, comes back into the fold is a big deal, since the team needs skilled size), I would think Coach Moren would have a good chance to have pretty competitive clubs right away and, thus, could maintain some momentum. It all remains to be seen, of course, but I think she’s got a chance to do that.

Welcome back from Montreal.
Why has the media chosen to stay silent on Curt Miller’s departure? I do not accept the answer of “We don’t know what happened.” The truth has become pretty widely known throughout Bloomington, why not report it?
Overton’s Limo Driver, Bloomington

You are implying that we somehow know something that we are unwilling to report, which would of course be unethical.
Equally unethical would be reporting something without any facts on which to base that report.
The truth is a bit of a relative term there. If I report something that I believe to be true, but I can’t prove it via documentation or on-the-record sources, and it results in a defamation suit for libel, just citing it as truth widely known in Bloomington isn’t going to hold up.
Bottom line, as we’ve stated before, if and when there is something to report, we will do so. If there’s not, we won’t.
MIKE: Thanks, OLD. Good to be home.
I can’t speak for any other publications, but no one at the H-T has “chosen” to stay silent. A big part of the job is sorting through the rumors and hearsay until you find the truth. We can only deal in truth. Getting to that point takes time, and it’s often longer than any of us wish. But we don’t go to work every day, find stories and choose not to report them. When we have something to report, we do. Best thing I can tell you is to sit tight.
ANDY: This is pretty simple. Have you ever heard the words “libel” or “defamation?” You have? Good.
So if one publishes something one hasn’t confirmed as true that besmirches or defames somebody’s character, without sufficient evidence to back it up, one can be sued. “Truth” can be a defense in such cases, but only if one has the evidentiary basis to establish said truth. In other words, printed information doesn’t have to be false to be libelous. There are legal precedents that hold “malicious intent” must be proven regarding “public” figures but, well, I’m not going to attempt conducting a full seminar on journalism law here in this chat so I’ll just leave it there.
But we are not at all inclined to print rumors.
Whenever an entity such as IU chooses to almost completely clam up about the unexpected departure of a high-profile coach, it has to know rumors will run rampant, and that some of those rumors will almost inevitably be of a salacious nature.
We’ve probably heard some or most of the same rumors you’ve heard, but they are at this juncture wholly unsubstantiated. They may be wholly or mostly untrue. Until they are substantiated through evidence and/or mutiple on-the-record sources, you won’t see us repeat them. Not only is that the right approach from a professional point of view, in terms of journalistic standards, but it is the ethically and legally correct approach.
I genuinely don’t know the truth about Curt Miller’s departure. I’ve heard rumors. My colleagues and I are working hard to get the substantiated truth.
If you feel you know the truth, feel free to publish it under your own, real, legal name and take responsibility for it. Be my guest.

QUESTION: Old Sports Dude is here. Welcome Mike. I missed last week’s chat but am a regular here most weeks. I will miss Dustin but have been reading your stuff and you seem more than capable of taking over. I live in NW Indiana better known as the land God forgot. I am a Central Indiana guy stuck up here. Well so much for the chit chat onto the questions.
First what are your impressions of the basketball team based on how they played in Canada against the level of teams there? Seems to me like Blackmon is all we hoped for, Troy Williams is becoming a beast, Robert Johnson is good but has some work to do, Devin was good and may get better, Nick is a pleasant and good surprise. Not much about Yogi in the articles but hope he doing well.
Second question, are we going to sign one of the two guys for this year that have been mentioned in the past few days? If so which one? Emmitt Holt or Ray Kasongo? Kasongo seems the better choice. What say you?
Well once again Mike welcome to the partee. This ship gets rocking sometimes, so keep your seat belt buckled and tray in the upright position. When in doubt lean on Andy, he is the voice of reason in this crazy sports world.
The OSD has to go now but will return at some undetermined time and place. You all be good and keep your powder dry (no idea what this means but sounds cool).
The Dude has left the chat…………………………………….
Old Sports Dude, Crown Point

Mike is indeed quite capable, and it turns out he can write and eat poutine at the same time.
I watched most of the two games that were streamed in Canada, and I think you have to come away with an overall positive impression. I didn’t think there was anybody that really disappointed in any way. The only real disappointment is not getting the chance to see Hanner Mosquera-Perea or Jeremiah April on the floor at all. The biggest difference between what IU experienced in Canada and what will happen during the season is the pace of the game, particularly with a 24-second shot clock in Canada. That allowed IU to play at a fast pace that was comfortable. But the Butlers and Wisconsins of the world aren’t going to play that way, and they won’t be the only ones. So Indiana is still going to have to find the ability to adjust when necessary.
Well, as I mentioned earlier, seems like maybe Indiana would like to have both. That would be interesting. But if pick one, I think Kasongo is more ready right away and a little bigger body. However, sounds like Holt just might have more upside in the long-term with a tremendous wingspan and the potential to add a couple more inches.
My powder is indeed dry, but thanks anyway.
MIKE: Hey, Dude. Glad you’re back this week.
First, I don’t think it’s wise to read too much into the Canada games, but there are obviously some takeaways. The evolution of Troy Williams’ game is one of them. I should note that few, if any, of the players in Canada could handle his blend of athleticism and length, so he was able to do some things that NCAA/Big Ten players won’t give him so easily. Then again, just watching him play the game, he just looked more steady. He looked like he’s developing more of a shot, more of a comfort outside of 10 feet. He also flashed a really pretty turnaround jumper on at least three or four occasions. Basically, he’s developing and it’s pretty clear that he’s getting himself in the best shape to do so. I think he averaged something like 18 points per game. Don’t get carried away with that figure. Just know that some of the ways he was getting those points were encouraging to see.
You’re definitely right about James Blackmon. Blackmon is Blackmon. He’s really, really good. With that, he makes Yogi Ferrell better. Ferrell looked comfortable knowing he didn’t have to be the entire offense of this team. He didn’t try to do too much, while also taking on a more vocal role on the floor. We could hear him barking instructions while IU pushed the ball up the floor, directing the offense and taking charge. That’s exactly who he needs to be this year.
From the initial reports, including one from Jordan Littman at Inside The Hall, it certainly sounds like Kasongo is looking to commit to IU. Could happen this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled. According to Littman, he’ll be here for a visit either Sunday or Monday. I don’t have a real gauge on the recruiting pulse just yet, but from what it sounds like, I’d be surprised if Kasongo was not in an Indiana uniform for Hoosier Hysteria.
ANDY: Dude:
1. I’ll let Mike hold court on that question, since he saw all five games up in Canada and I only saw one full game and bits of the others, but I wouldn’t disagree with your general assessments from what I saw.
2. Kasongo might seem to make the most sense on paper, but I’ve seen him listed at both 6-9 and 6-8. The film I’ve watched seems to indicate his athletic and talented but a bit raw. Holt could be either a 2014 or 2015 guy and reportedly “plays taller” than his listed 6-7 height would indicate. I do think things sound reasonably good regarding IU’s chances of picking up Kasongo. Indiana might even see a way clear to take both of them, if it gets the chance. Crean always seems to have a plan regarding scholarship numbers, even if the plan isn’t immediately apparent.
Many thanks, OSD, for welcoming Mike and for the very nice compliment you sent my way.

QUESTION: What do you think are the chances iu makes a bowl game this year?
Patrick Ford, Bloomington

JEREMY: Patrick,
I’d say 50-50. Maybe the football dudes would like to elaborate.
MIKE: Good chance, but they can’t screw up the early portion of the schedule. The only sure-thing win is Indiana State. Beyond that Bowling Green will be tough on the road and North Texas is a good program that already has a win over IU in the last few years. I think it could all come down to a stretch of three games in early November — at Michigan, home vs. Penn State and at Rutgers. I could see IU winning two (maybe three) of those games, but could also see them losing all three. It’s tough to predict anything with this program. But if you’re asking me if Indiana will make a bowl — and you are — I would say yes. I think they get it done.
ANDY: Patrick:
That’s pretty much the perpetual question, it seems, and it’s an interesting one this preseason because I think one can make a case either direction. I don’t see Indiana winning fewer than five. I think IU, on paper, is probably favored to win against Indiana State, Bowling Green, North Texas, Rutgers and Purdue. The Bowling Green and Rutgers games are on the road and are hardly sure things. Bowling Green and North Texas are legit teams. There aren’t many sure things, period. But if IU manages to win those five, that means the Hoosiers would only have to pick up one more win to attain bowl eligibility. Beating Ohio State or Michigan State or Missouri would constitute a significant upset, on paper. IU gets Maryland and Penn State at home, with road games at Iowa and Michigan. Maryland is a talented team, and that is the Terps’ first Big Ten game. There are some intriguing matchups. But do I see IU winning the five games I mentioned and picking up at least one more? I say yes, at this point. My sense is 6-6 or 7-5. But IU could also play better football, be a better team than last year, and still finish 5-7 again. There isn’t much margin for error.

QUESTION: I noticed while watching the interview with Nick and Yogi there was about one cement block difference in height which is 7.5″. Nick is listed at 6’4″ and Yogi as 6′. So, my question is what is the REAL height of the two?
BigD, Fort Wayne

I’ll leave this to Mike as he was there.
MIKE: BigD, you should have asked me to bring my tape measure to Montreal. We could have solved this question very easily.
I don’t know, I mean I was surprised to see Zeisloft listed at 6-foot-4. I thought he was more in the range of 6-2, 6-3. Yogi’s right around 6-feet, perhaps that’s a tick generous. Basically, those listed heights — if they are inaccurate — they’re not far off.
Haven’t stood next to Nick, but have stood next to Yogi. I’m about 6-feet and 3/4 inch. Yogi pretty much looks me right in the eyes. So I’d say 6′ is accurate for him.

QUESTION: Good morning gentlemen, I hope everyone had a nice week. Mike, thanks for the terrific coverage in Canada. Each of the videos were great and the in-game Twitter updates and post-game articles were very helpful.
1. I’ll start with the Canada trip…I saw highlight videos, read the articles and looked at the box scores but it’s hard to glean too much without actually seeing it (which I guess means this question is only for Mike)…if you were doing a “stock up/stock down” on each player after this trip, which guys would you say are looking up and which ones are looking down?
2. Andy, I missed you last week but I’ve enjoyed the interviews and content that have been coming from IU’s football practices. This question is really similar to the one I just asked about basketball…after what you have seen and heard thus far, which players or position groups are looking better than you anticipated and which ones are still a concern or more of a concern than you anticipated?
Jeremy, you’ve done a really nice job on the women’s basketball coaching search and hire but I don’t have a question regarding that (I’m sure you are crushed haha). As always, thanks for everything guys, I really appreciate it. Have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers.
TJ, Noblesville

1. Mike, have at it.
2. Andy, have at it.
Thanks, TJ. I’ll gladly take this question off.
MIKE: Hey, TJ. Thanks, as always, for reading along. We appreciate it.
Before I answer you, I’ll once again post the disclaimer that we shouldn’t read too much into these games. I don’t want people getting too carried away with some of the numbers. That said, I’ll give you three guys who I think looked the best in Montreal: Troy Williams, Devin Davis and Nick Zeisloft. We already touched on Williams and Zeisloft in this chat, so I would advise scrolling up to get those insights. But let’s talk about Davis. He’s another guy who looked more comfortable, more confident. Beyond his rebounding, which was mostly a product of skying over smaller, inferior players, Davis looked good on the offensive end. He put the ball on the floor and moved well to the basket. More than anything, he showed a better understanding of his teammates and the way the game can open up with a few quality passes. If he can add more dimensions to that part of his game, while maintaining his physical/tough nature under the basket, I think IU could see some special development from Devin Davis.
As far as guys who lost some stock, I think Hanner Mosquera-Perea is the only one I could mention at this point. Part of the whole reason for going to Canada was figuring out Hanner’s place on this year’s team. Well, Hanner missed the trip and that’s not good for IU’s purposes. Not that it really matters, but I think IU goes 5-0 if Hanner is with them against Ottawa. The Gee-Gees got hot from 3, but they also beat IU defenders one-on-one on a couple crucial possessions. With Hanner locking down under the basket, those Ottawa guys would’ve been challenged at the rim. We didn’t get to see what IU’s new-look frontcourt will look like with both Hanner and Jeremiah April out of action, and that’s a shame. But, looking back, it seems IU made the most of what it had available. We’ll see in a few months what it all means.
Mike ruled in Canada. We’ll have to see if he picked up an accent.
1. Mike shall hold court.
2. Well, I’d have to say the defensive front seven has had its moments. I know it’s preseason, and it’s just Hoosier-v-Hoosier for now, but the defensive guys up front are winning more battles more often. And since I think IU’s offensive line is pretty doggone good, that probably is a good sign for Hoosier fans. I like the size and athleticism up front defensively. I think most of the linebackers can run. I like the aggressiveness of the scheme. I like the running backs, too, and I like the notion of Sudfeld being the man. As for concerns, I’d say perhaps the secondary, the wideouts and the kicking game, but I also think all three of those areas might pan out just fine. I’ve seen some dropped passes, but there is a lot of talent among the receivers (including the three true frosh who are already in teh mix in Harris, Booth and Cobbs.) Stoner just had a good week, which is a key thing. I think IU will be fine at tight end, in the long run, too. I figured somebody might really surface enough to beat out either Bennett or Hunter at cornerback, but that hasn’t happened as yet. I’d like to see more depth there and at safety. I’d like to see consistency out of Toth and Del Grosso, but both clearly have big legs.
All best to you and yours up in the Hamilton County heartland.

QUESTION: Coach Lemonis tweeted something yesterday about three recruits in three days. What’s that about? Thanks
Big Eddie , Smithville

JEREMY: Big Eddie,
From what I’ve been able to find on Twitter, the three recent commits are for 2016 � Wisconsin’s Jack Eagan, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound left-handed pitcher and first baseman; Indiana’s Andrew Saalfrank, a 6-5, 185 left-handed pitcher; and Illinois’ Brad Littleton, a 6-2, 180 right-handed pitcher and shortstop.
MIKE: Ah, I missed that tweet, but it seems Jeremy has uncovered the names of the recruits. From reading a Q&A with Saalfrank, sounds like the kid has a nasty breaking ball. Lefty, too.
ANDY: Good question, Big Eddie. The names I’ve seen but have yet to confirm are Luke Miller (outfielder from Cowan), Jack Eagan (LHP from Illinois) and Brian Littlejohn (RHP from Illinois.) There is also a verbal from Andrew Saalfrank, a 2016 in-state prospect from Heritage.
QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us and be sure to follow the action on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app.
We appreciate the time, guys. What else should we know as we inch closer to the weekend?
JEREMY: More IU football coverage coming over the weekend and more soccer from me next week, including the men’s home exhibition match Tuesday and a season preview of women’s soccer. Thanks for chatting, everybody.
MIKE: After going strictly basketball on the six-day stay in Montreal, I’m back to football this week. We’ll have availability this weekend, so stay tuned for updates from that. We’re getting closer to the regular season, which means we have to finish our special football wrap that’ll run the week of the Indiana State game. I’m doing a big profile of Nate Sudfeld for the cover. I plan on spending much of the next few days sitting down to actually write that, so I’ll be around. Thanks for checking in, everybody. See you next week.
ANDY: Satuday’s IU football scrimmage isn’t open, but it’ll be interesting to see what Coach Kevin Wilson and the rest of the crew have to say afterward. That will be exactly two weeks till kickoff.

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  1. Hey Limo Driver,
    If you’re so privy to the truth behind Curt Miller’s resignation, why don’t you clue us all in. Just because it’s “widely known throughout Bloomington,” as you stated, that doesn’t mean those of us not in Indiana have this knowledge.

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