Live chat transcript: IU football, soccer openers

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for joining us and be sure to follow IU sports on the Hoosier Scoop app and blog.
How is everyone doing today? Busy weekend with men’s soccer and football kicking off their seasons this weekend.

JEREMY: And I’m ready to kick off this chat. So let’s get right to business.
MIKE: Morning, everybody. Ready to chat.
ANDY: Whether oblong or oval, time to kick the ball off. And to chat.

QUESTION: OSD in the house again albeit for a short while. Mike in reference to why I called “The Region” the region last week here is the explanation. In the Northwest Corner of Indiana roughly from Michigan City west to the state line including such fine cities as Chesterton, LaPorte, Valparaiso, Portage, Lake Station, Gary, Hammond, East Chicago and my domicile of Crown Point they call this “The Region.” They have called it that for well over 40 years I know of since OSD was in college at least and that was many moons ago. The people from this area call themselves “Region Rats.” I know not an attractive name but not an attractive place except for Crown Point and a few of the cities east of me mentioned. So that is explanation.
I do not have lots of questions this week. Number one I guess is when is “Hoosier Hysteria” this year?
Second how will Emmitt Holt fit in to team and will he play more than 20 minutes per game?
That is all for this week. The Dude was in a wreck last Friday and had air bag deployment. So still suffering from those injuries. But never fear minions I am still alive and kicking.
Mike, Jeremy and my old pal Andy (he could explain the region business to you too) have a great Labor Day. As for me I will be resting at my palatial estate for 3 days.
The Dude is gone……………………………………………….
Old Sports Dude, Crown Point

Hoosier Hysteria hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the scuttlebutt says Oct. 3, which I believe is the first actual day of practice. That would make sense with a home football game against North Texas the next day, and IU football on the road the following weekend. We’ll wait to see if that’s actually the case.
Good question on Holt, although it will be a while before we get to see him for ourselves, as in Hoosier Hysteria. I don’t know if he plays more than 20 minutes, but if he’s in the 15-20 minute range along with Devin Davis, and Hanner Perea can go closer to 25 minutes, that would probably cover the interior minutes.
Glad to hear you’re OK. Take the weekend and rest up by watching football players give/take hits that could cause air bag deployment.
MIKE: Dude: Thanks, as always for checking in, and thanks for the rundown. I actually had a kind reader message me last weekend about the origins of The Region moniker. Always appreciate the feedback. Also glad to hear you’re doing fine.
We don’t have a date for Hoosier Hysteria yet. Perhaps Jeremy or Andy could fill you in there.
Lots of intrigue, lots of questions about Holt. Sounds like, from all indications, that he’s a pretty decent prospect. I’m sure he’ll play this season, but I’m not sure if he’ll get close to 20 minutes or more per game. I think the safe bet is probably in the 10-15 range early, then see where he is later in the year.
Minions everywhere send best wishes your direction regarding recovery, myself very much included.
Air-bag deployment? Come to think of it, I have, upon occasion during chat, resembled a bag full of hot air.
No sure they’ve announced a Hoosier Hysteria date as yet. Jeremy or Mike may know differently.
Emmitt Holt sounds like a worthy addition, may well see a lot of the court this season, and by all reports has upside down the road. One never knows exactly how a kid will transition into the major-college game, but people who have seen him play feel as though he’s really coming on of late. And it isn’t as if this particular IU team perhaps couldn’t find a role for a useful, active, 6-7, 225-pound guy with a 7-3 wingspan who averaged 19.8 points, 14.6 boards and 5.0 blocks as a prep senior and 11.6 points, 7.1 boards and 2.1 blocks while shooting 60 percent for a loaded team during prestigious Nike Elite Youth Basketball League play this past summer. From what I gather, he’s a bit raw. I don’t what kind of a shooter he is. His free throw percentage, as I recall, was right at 60 percent this past year, too. I’ve heard he can pick-and-pop a bit. But I’ve heard he’s very active on both ends, an energy guy, who talks and leads on the court. How much he can help this season remains open to question and I don’t know if he’ll average 20 minutes, but I would guess he’ll be in the rotation, and I think he could develop nicely in upcoming seasons.
Hope your Labor Day weekend isn’t too laborious. Take it easy up there.

QUESTION: Sending this in early and its my only question this week so hopefully you can do the research needed as this a tough one I am giving you but an important thing that will affect all IU and Big Ten fans. I called IU and got the run around so I think a story is needed.
Something you guys need to investigate and get a statement from IU and BTN on IMMEDIATELY. In all previous years the broadcast’s produced by IU online whether it was through or in house by IU had ONE subscription for 9.95 or 79.95 and was through at the same website. Now it appears btn2go has separated its content to its website for 9.95 a month and any in house IU broadcasts produced by CSTV will remain in the same place and require a SEPERATE 9.95 monthly charge. For example to watch this weekend’s soccer matches will require BOTH monthly subscriptions from 2 different services with Saturday’s match being done by IU and Sunday by (in past years it was all part of SAME service in the SAME place for 9.95 just a better camera for BTN Online broadcasts)
In other words to watch all home athletic events this year online for the year will cost $160 for an IU fan instead of $80 or $20 a month instead of $10. Please look into this as this is something IU has kept very quiet (totally not their fault but a statement should be issued explaining on website at very least) but is a major money pinch and kind of unfair to many of us (even though it probably has to do with a split between btn and cstv but still).
Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: I’ll defer to Mike, and what I hope can be called his expertise.
MIKE: I called over to the athletic department to check on this. Sounds like there was a late change in operating plans with the vendor, leaving it outside of IU’s hands. Starting Sept. 1, I believe you will find everything on the BTN service, so don’t worry about buying/keeping any subscription with CSTV or CBS, whatever.
Update: Also didn’t mention earlier that the cost will stay the same as it has been with the BTN service.
ANDY: Mike volunteered to take this one on, so I yield the floor.

QUESTION: Just wondering about the completion of the coaching staff for WBB….While I thought it was interesting that he waited to have a Lemonis press conference, I wonder if he’s dodging the Curt Miller questions by not having a press conference for Coach Moren?
Steve, Indianapolis

JEREMY: Steve,
The coaching staff is virtually complete for Indiana women’s basketball, even though it’s not yet official (should be soon). In addition to keeping Curtis Loyd and bringing over Rhet Wierzba from Indiana State, it looks like Teri Moren is going to hire Lenoir-Rhyne head coach Todd Starkey as the third assistant.
If you’re wondering, Lenoir-Rhyne is Division II school in Hickory, N.C., not far from my old stomping grounds. Starkey was head coach there nine years and won DII National Coach of the Year in 2009. He was also a men’s assistant for two years at L-R.
I admit to wondering the same thing about a lack of a press conference, although the timing of the whole hire with school starting is not ideal, not to mention rounding out the staff. Now I’m hearing there might be a press conference in the next week or thereabouts, so we’ll see who might attend and what they may or may not have to say.
MIKE: Hey Steve:
The coaching staff is just about in place. Jeremy floated out on Twitter the other day that Todd Starkey from Lenoir-Rhyne could be the final assistant to join the staff. Should be an announcement soon.
There should also be a press conference soon. Part of the hold up was waiting for the whole team to get back on campus. The other part is coordinating it so that there’s no conflict with football availability and other schedules. I’ve been assured that there should be one soon — like next week. IU has chosen not to answer questions about Curt Miller thus far. Do I expect that to change at a Teri Moren press conference? No, probably not. But we’ll continue to ask those questions and see where it leads us.
ANDY: Steve:
Jeremy has a notion about the completion of the WBB staff, I believe, and was opining about it in the office last night. I will let him weigh in, if he so chooses.
The timing of press conferences sometimes seems one of life’s great mysteries, I’ll grant you that.
Clearly, IU officials aren’t tripping all over themselves in a rush to talk about Curt Miller. I don’t see that changing any time soon. And, sure, if they had a press conference featuring Coach Moren, it would overtly reinforce that. But there are a lot of reasons why press conferences are delayed, and this could also simply be mainly a matter of waiting until she has completed her staff.

QUESTION: Thank you guys for making my point last week when you basically said IU still has some talent on the team. I totally agree they have a fair amount of talent on the field but it is not at the same level it was under Yeagley or even Freitag (Freitag had top talent he just had no idea how to develop it or get the most out of it). Yeagley on the other hand is great with talent developement but I don’t think he is a great recruiter compared to his dad or even Freitag and it shows with his recruting class rankings (32nd this year and a cuople in the 20’s the year before). I really hope this team and Yeagley succeed and I will do everything I can to support them but im skeptical until he can prove to me he can recruit at an elite level all the time and I dont continue to see a slight talent drop off each year.
IU Soccer Fan, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU Soccer Fan,
Glad I could help.
At least the 2014 season kicks off tonight and Sunday with the IU Classic, so maybe we can talk a little more next week about what you actually see on the field against No. 9 Georgetown and No. 12 Marquette. I’d say if the Hoosiers can get a split or better, they will have done well on this opening weekend.
MIKE: Hey, soccer guys. This one’s for you.
ANDY: You mean the team that beat No. 6 Washington in exhibition play this past week?
Seems to me I disagreed with your point last week, rather than subscribed to it. I don’t tend to put that much stock in soccer recruiting rankings. Recruiting rankings are a bit more precise in in football, and more precise still in basketball, but I’ve yet to see much correlation with eventual results in soccer. It’s important to recruit solid classes that feature a few special talents in soccer. I think Indiana is doing that. The talent level I see at IU right now seems reasonably competitive to me.
If you want to keep beating this particular drum, feel free. And as I’ve noted before, you are a supportive fan in terms of actually attending games and at least giving a hoot, so more power to you in that regard.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, I hope all is well. As always, thanks for your excellent coverage and for this chat, I appreciate it.
1. Winning the game is the most important thing for IU tomorrow. However, what are a few things you are interested in seeing in tomorrow’s game and how will you determine success/failure in each of those things (at least for week one)?
2. The announcement that Laray Smith had moved to cornerback was certainly surprising. I think it’s an interesting move and if he takes to the position, he clearly has the raw tools to be successful there (I doubt it will be this season though). What kind of running backs are Myles Graham and Devine Redding and what role do you think they will play behind the solid, but unspectacular, #2 back De’Angelo Roberts?
Thanks again for your hard work and for your answers. Have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers!
TJ, Noblesville

I’ll defer to the football dudes, although for the record I don’t think Indiana scores 73 or gives up 35 vs. Indiana State this year. A more modest 51-17 final is my prediction.
MIKE: Hey TJ. Glad to have you back.
First, I think all eyes — rightfully so — will be on the defense. I’m not sure I want to call anything a success or failure against Indiana State, of course if you’re IU, you don’t want to give up 35 points again either. But I want to see some semblance — or at least the beginnings — of a pass rush. I want to see if guys on the defense have any more lateral quickness than they did a year ago. I want to see if IU can prevent ISU from coming up with big plays because, frankly, that shouldn’t happen. I want to get an actual impression for what the new blitzing schemes will look like. Now, granted, it’s Indiana State. IU doesn’t have to bring a big playbook into this one. And they won’t. But I’m looking forward to simply seeing this group on the field at game speed and seeing how they react. I also want to be careful not to read too much into this one, either. I thought the defense looked much improved in last year’s opener. I thought they looked quicker and played smarter, but neither of those things held true. So, we’ll see. Either way, glad to be back in a game week.
Second, the Laray Smith news was (and still is) a bit unexpected. I’m sure they have their reasons, and we’ll find out soon enough, but to me it seems like you try to keep that home-run capability on offense. Then again, if he can gain a handle on the position, you gain a whole heck of a lot of athleticism on the defensive side of the ball. Clearly, they see there’s something to work with.
I’m still annoyed that I’ve been on the beat for about a month now and I still haven’t seen a single second of practice. Of course, there was open availability earlier this month, but I was in Montreal covering basketball. So, I still don’t have a gauge on a guy like Devine Redding, whose name has come up quite often during the preseason. Tommy Mister was another freshman I thought might make an impact, but he’s out for the season with a knee injury. Hopefully Andy can give you a better idea of where Redding fits. Seems like Graham will be a serviceable change-of-pace guy for years to come.
How are things up in The Land of the Endless Cornfield?
(Or at least that’s what I used to call my old stomping grounds, Hamilton County, before suburbia encroached to its current extent.)
1. It’s all about defense. Do the guys look like they know what they are doing? Do they look properly aligned? Can they tackle more effectively? Are they aggressive? Are they playing fast? Are they tipping their blitzes? Are they giving up an inordinate amount of big plays? Are they really laying the wood out there? How much speed do the young defenders have? How much trouble are the blitzes giving the offensive line? I know a game against Indiana State may not provide a complete gauge for all of that, but that’s what I’ll be checking out.
2. I was certainly surprised by the Laray Smith news. He looked like such a potential offensive weapon during camp last fall before the injuries hit. I mean, he took it to The House with real regularity during the snippets of practice I was able to watch. There is no doubting his speed. I thought he had great vision and cutting ability as a runner, too. I don’t directly know if he has “the hips” or other desired attributes to play corner, but I would presume he does or they wouldn’t be making this move. Coach Wilson’s comments during his radio show were pretty encouraging, in that he seemed to think they might have found the right “niche” for Laray. If it works out, that’s a reasonably tall and very fast and very athletic corner to deploy out there. But I figure it’ll take some time, regardless. He would doubtless have a lot to learn first. I also don’t think the staff would have made this move had it not been pretty sanguine about guys like Graham and Redding being able to fit the bill if called upon, given that Tommy Mister is out for the season.
Thanks, TJ.

QUESTION: Couple of funny baseball questions that are hypothetical since I cant even think of anything serious
1. If an IU baseball team from the early 2000’s played an IU baseball team from the last couple years how badly would the early 2000’s team lose (just trying to think in my mind how much talent has improved on the team in 10 years and im glad to see Lemonis recruiting every bit as strong as Smith was)?
2. If I brought a student from the mid 90’s who has not been back since to an IU baseball game would they pass out and have a heart attack from shock seeing how much nice the new stadium is, how much better the team is and having 3,0000 fans instead of 300?
Mike, Seymour

1. It’s baseball, so you never know how the game would go, but the biggest thing aside from overall talent is the level of pitching Indiana is getting now.
2. That student would probably just say, “Pass the Cracker Jacks.”
MIKE: Mike, no questions? It sounds like your starving for a storyline. Me too. I’m ready to watch a game and have something to talk about. But let’s ponder your questions.
I would certainly think the current era would have the upper hand. I mean, I don’t care what was or wasn’t here before, the lineup over the last 2-3 years is an all-timer. But you know that.
I’d think that former student would have palpitations, at the very least. I don’t know IU baseball outside of BKF, but Dustin and others would regale me of their days spent over at Sembower. Let’s just say I’m glad I got here when I did.
ANDY: Mike:
1. The pitching matchup would matter, of course, as is always the case in baseball. Having said that, though, IU has perhaps never had a pair of simultaneous power bats such as those wielded by Schwarber and Travis, with great support by DeMuth, Donley and so many others. I’ll go with, say, 8-3 for the more recent teams.
2. A friend of mind who had lived out west for a quarter-century recently returned to our mutual hometown of Westfield and nearly keeled over. It is an alternate universe compared to the one in which we grew up. That’s pretty much the case for the IU baseball context, too. I hope the fan base is sustained in the wake of Smith’s depature, but I think there is a good chance it will be. As you note, Coach Lemonis has gotten off to a good start in terms of recruiting, and I think a lot of the locals have already figured out it’s a pretty pleasant deal to head out to The Bart.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Thanks for being here for the chat today. We’ll keep this 11 a.m. Friday time for the IU sports chat. Follow the action on The Hoosier Scoop blog and/or app.
Busy weekend for sure on the IU sports scene. What else should we know?

JEREMY: IU soccer updates tonight and Sunday, of course football on Saturday and anything else that jumps to our attention will be on The Hoosier Scoop and Twitter. Have a good weekend, everybody!
MIKE: Well, it’s a football weekend in Bloomington. But you all know that. Otherwise, the volleyball team is beginning its season tonight at the UConn Classic, and Jeremy will have a handle on men’s soccer. We’ll be around on the blog and on Twitter all weekend, so you know where to find us. Thanks, everybody. See you next week.
ANDY: Preseasons seem interminable now with the 24/7 news cycles. Are you ready for some football? I know I am.
Thanks as always to all those who chatted or checked in. Hope everybody is headed for a fun, safe, restful, fruitful and family-oriented Labor Day weekend.


  1. OSD, Hobart native here. You are terribly inaccurate with your statement that The Region is “Michigan City west to the state line including such fine cities as … LaPorte…” Uh, no. … For one, LaPorte is east of Michigan City. For two, neither LaPorte nor Michigan City are in “The Region.” In fact, I’m not sure I’d even include Chesterton, Portage or Valpo. “The Region” is hardcore. “The Region” is tough. “The Region” is Lake County and not much else. And “The Region” has been identified as such for much, much longer than 40 years.

  2. Who is the frantic soccer fan? In the last two years we’ve won a B1G tourney title and a National Championship. Get a grip.

  3. I’m with CalChaneyfan. Being born in LaPorte county I just never considered LaPorte or Valpo part of “The region”.

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