Mosquera-Perea not on Canada trip

Hanner Mosquera-Perea is not with Indiana on its current foreign trip in Canada due to visa-related issues, an IU spokesman confirmed prior to Friday’s game against Laval University.

The spokesman said the team is hopeful Mosquera-Perea will join IU at a later time on the five-game trip.


  1. I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t ring right with me. All the advance notice of this trip and at the last minute there’s a visa issue? It’s Canada for gosh sakes, not another galaxy.

  2. How could you screw up a visa when you have known for a year about this “trip”; least off all HMP needs to be playing and not sitting at home HOPING to join later. what a cluster-*&^* this is and speaks to organizational problems within Creans “program”…especially when ALL these feshmen weren’t on the team but they got their visas

  3. Might have something to do with the fact that HMP is not a US citizen and everything has to be coordinated with his home country and thus is out of the hands of the IU staff. It also could be a problem of gaining reentry into the US. Might he not lose his US visa if he leaves the country? Everybody is so fast to jump to conclusions and twist everything into the way you want to see it.

  4. I had an Occupational Therapist working here on a work visa. Wanted to go out of the US for some family get-together thing. Checked with her immigration lawyer, our employment lawyer and the immigration office. Told no problem. She was not allowed to reenter the country. No reason given. After three weeks was approved to return. So who knows, but I would bet IU and HMP have done everything requested.

  5. Bottom Line is probably closer to the answer than any of those waiting for anything, anything at all as long as they can be critical (mind you- not a huge fan of how we play the game but if you ar going to be critical know what you are talking about).

    Bottom is right that Hanner’s issue may have something to do with his status immigration wise. The Canadians are particularly tight about all who ‘visit’ their country. It could even be related to HP’s driving arrest and subsequent charge; it could be Hanner’s residence status or any one of a number of (visa/passport)issues. Indeed, we’d hear the same people screaming bloody murder if HMP went, was detained at the border and his status as a US resident came into question at a time when US residency is a particularly sensitive subject with the more ‘political folks’ on both sides of the aisle. So be smart…whatever it is…shut up!

  6. JP is absolutely right. Has the issue been resolved court wise? Or does it technically remain an ‘open case’?….TJ, 2 cents worth…THINK!

  7. Curious development, but no need to jump to conclusions. My wife has had issues re-entering America when we were stationed in Germany, and she was natural-born Hoosier on dependent military orders with all her paperwork in order. It could be any number of things, and it doesn’t take much to hang up the process. It’s bothersome for some, but let’s be thankful the American/Canadian authorities are being diligent in determining who they allow to pass through their borders… at least some of the time…

    More troubling is the simple fact that our (presumed) primary post player isn’t playing. He above anyone else needs the minutes. Whatever the issue, let’s hope it gets resolved in time to get Hanner some PT.

    Incidentally, I’m way behind the power curve on this one, but farewell Dustin. Thanks for being such an informative, entertaining, professional, calming presence for the paper and on the Scoop. Best of luck in your chapter. And congratulations, Mike. You’ve got big shoes to fill, but from what little I’ve seen you’ll be more than up to he task. Good luck with gaggle of hooligans, though. Cheers, fellas.

  8. Tsao;I was lamenting the fact that HMP really needs the playing time.TeddyC thanks for the info , I guess next question is : will Canada really work to get visa for HMP or will he miss playing at all…now 4 games in 5 days and 2 of the days are on a weekend

  9. DUI-related. You can’t enter Canada with one on your record. Came across this while planning hike on PCT into Canada. You can be “rehabilitated” by filling out the appropriate paperwork and paying approx $200. For the IU spokesperson to say that they hope he can join them later in the tour… that indicates to me the kid is stuck at the border with a couple staff members while they clear this up. What might also be an issue is who pays the $200. If it’s not allowable for the university to foot the bill, then Hanner has to come up with it and he may not have brought that much cash with him.

  10. Hiker is right. Very likely DUI related. In fact, if you have any misdemeanor or felony that is alcohol related, you can have issues getting into Canada. I’m 99% sure this is the issue.

    If so, the IU Athletic Dept didn’t do their homework. Many athletes that travel to Canada for baseball, basketball, football, etc, have less than stellar records. So the way they get around it is simple: they apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. Canada grants about 10k of these per year.

    The rehabilitation route that Hiker mention is another way to go, too. Takes longer and isn’t guaranteed, especially if your offense is recent. In fact, I think your offense has to be more than 5 years old to even apply (not positive).

  11. This no puzzle at all. Anytime you deal with a government anywhere things can go sour. Bureaucrats at work.

  12. Actually HC, the Canadian government is being consistent here. They’re a lot more consistent than we are on this. As others point out any open charge (including DUI) makes admission into Canada near impossible. IU and those (at the IU Athletic Dept) in charge of planning the tour should have known that as they planned it. The matter may be even more complicated for HMP since he is likely traveling on a Colombian passport.

    Anyway, doubt that he is across the St. Lawrence looking at Niagara Falls planning his honeymoon. He’s probably headed back to Bloomington.

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