No bad blood between Shane Wynn, Indiana State

There was the blowout, then there was the hit.

One of the lasting snapshots from last year’s 73-35 Indiana win over Indiana State was Carlos Aviles’ cheap shot on Shane Wynn during a third-quarter punt return. With the Hoosiers already up by 24 points, Wynn was positioned deep in IU territory to field a punt with 9:12 left in the third. He was still tracking the ball through the air when Aviles launched himself into Wynn’s upper body, knocking the IU return man to the ground.

Flags flew immediately, as Wynn rolled on the ground in shock. What was left of an announced crowd of 40,278 began to boo, and Aviles was ejected from the game under the new targeting rules.

Aviles won’t be with Indiana State on Saturday afternoon. He transferred to Division II Colorado Mesa last winter. As for Wynn, he’s moved on.

“There’s no bad blood,” Wynn said.

Here’s the replay, from