On the eve of a game week

We’re six days away from football. Real, live, actual football.

Where did my #BtownSummer go?

We printed our IU football wrap in Sunday’s paper, featuring position-by-position breakdowns, a schedule breakdown and a profile of Nate Sudfeld. If you’re not a subscriber to the print edition of the Herald-Times, you can find them all at the following links:

The First Nate Sudfeld

IU position-by-position breakdowns

IU schedule glance

On Monday, Indiana is expected to reveal some additions to its gameday experience. While snooping around on the net, I believe I found a few, if not all of them, at this site. A brief rundown:

  • A ribbon board on the North End Zone will show stats during the game.
  • Improved Wi-Fi
  • Countdown clocks at Kilroy’s
  • A Hot Dog Paradise stand, serving five types of hot dogs and sausages
  • A turkey leg stand
  • Popcorn buckets shaped like the Old Oaken Bucket
  • Dippin Dot bowls shaped like Memorial Stadium
  • Johnsonville BratBurgers