One more Montreal matinee

MONTREAL — Indiana’s six-day trip to Canada has entered its final stage, with an afternoon game against University of Quebec-Montreal set for 1 o’clock.

Hard to believe. Feels like my love affair with poutine has just begun. Speaking of the delicacy, can someone bring poutine to Bloomington? A food truck on Kirkwood, perhaps? I don’t care how or where, I just want to find some quality poutine back home.


Another one of the positive takeaways from Indiana’s Canadian tour has been the more fluid instances of ball movement. It stands to reason that it’ll only look better in the coming months, with a backcourt full of players who are not only willing to shoot, but are also looking to make the extra pass. We’ve seen it not only from Yogi Ferrell on this trip, but James Blackmon Jr., Robert Johnson and Nick Zeisloft. Things do seem to be coming together back there.

Of course, IU has occasionally found itself looking to make too many passes, but the sticking point for IU coach Tom Crean is how quickly his players are recognizing when that’s happening and what they’re doing to fix it.

“It’s so much more than saying, “OK, it’s gotta start with Yogi moving the ball,'” Crean said. “It’s gotta start with everybody. It really does, because we have numerous guys who can make plays. We have numerous guys who can make shots. We don’t have numerous guys that we stop and play out of the low post and all our action comes from there. We’re not as good at the elbows yet.

“The games are moving so fast that you really have to literally get them to slow down and call the offense. We still want them to play and make real time decisions, make conceptual decisions, things of that nature, but you also want them to get some offensive work into it.”

Speaking of the frontcout, it’s unlikely we’ll see Jeremiah April on this trip. Crean said after Tuesday’s game that April’s injured ankle has not progressed as quickly as the team had previously hoped. April hasn’t played in any of the four games so far in Canada.


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