Poole, Eckert will not return to Indiana women’s basketball staff

Brandi Poole and Kevin Eckert will not return to the Indiana women’s basketball coaching staff, a source close to the program confirmed Monday.

Poole worked alongside former IU coach Curt Miller, who abruptly resigned on July 24, for his entire 13-year coaching career at both Bowling Green and Indiana. Eckert had been an assistant to Miller for 12 of his 13 seasons as a head coach.

Director of Basketball Operations Liz Honegger, Assistant to the Director of Operations Briana Bass and Graduate Assistant Amanda Hyde are still in place on the staff. Associate Head Coach Curtis Loyd’s status with the program is unclear. New IU coach Teri Moren has yet to name her remaining assistants.


  1. What a shame, my guess is that Moren did not want them and will bring her staff from Indiana St.? I really believe that Poole & Eckert would have been the wise move but, I can understand Moren bringing her staff. I just hope that the team stays together and that they can retain the verbale commits that we’re coming to IU? I know that Poole & Eckert were instrumental in their recruiting.

  2. You have to give the head coach the opportunity to have her own staff and hope that the returning players and freshmen and future recruits like what they see!

  3. Does anyone have any clue who she has in mind to feel these two open spots? or will she see who applies and go from there?

  4. Incredible that Coach Poole and Coach Eckert were not kept on staff. They were tireless workers, phenominal recruiters, terrific coaches, and truly genuine people — not to mention having tremendous relationships with the current players, future players, and potential future players as well as a real handle on the goings on at IU and the Big Ten scene. Coach Moren… Fred Glass’ THIRD CHOICE for the head coaching position, apparently can’t find assistant coaches. Why didn’t Glass leave well enough alone and keep the interm head coach tag on Coach Loyd, keep all of the seasoned assistants, and see how the year goes. Surely he can’t be pleased with his THIRD CHOICE who really has no substantial coaches record to speak of (certainly not like Coach Miller’s). If things didn’t work out, hire a new coach in the spring when coaches look for jobs. Don’t hold your breath on commits and prior potential commits that Poole and Eckert worked so hard to land heading to B-Ton. Really sad. IU had a great thing going and threw it away.

  5. Yup, all’s gone to hell in a hand basket, months before the 1st tip off. Give the season ticket holders their money back and cancel the damn season.

  6. The interim choice WAS the worst choice. Every bit of momentum would have evaporated….While they are accomplished ASSISTANT coaches, they have no shred of experienced HEAD coaching experience. Right now a job in the Big 10 cannot have a “head coach in training”…

    With the young guns Coach Moren has, the words in the interview I heard was “talented coaches around them”…Let her work the plan and watch the results….

    I’m sure if she does win, all we will here is, “So, she won, it was Coach Miller’s players anyway…that sounds familiar.

  7. So is that why Fred offered an accomplished HIGH SCHOOL COACH with ZERO college coaching experience at any level Damon Bailey first, followed by a one year head coach of a mid major (that finished under .500) – Cameron Newbauer as his second choice? Anyway, just seems awfully strange that you would get rid of a tremendous recruiter who had many top caliber players throughout the state either verbally committed or very close to becoming Hoosiers… particularly since she there seems to be no imminent hires. Apparently IU continues to fail to put their money where their mouth is. No way that Purdue should be paying Coach Versyp over double what IU was paying Coach Miller. Thinking that a more lucrative contract/salary (particularly at this late date which undoubtedly turned away some very strong candidates) would have kept Fred from hiring his THIRD choice. There shouldn’t be a THIRD choice. At least not for an athletic department/athletic director that truly wants a woman’s basketball program that the university and state can be proud of…

  8. He made it clear that it was the coach’s choice. We don’t know if it was the coach’s choice…Heck we don’t know if it was their choice…(Poole and Eckert were VERY loyal to Miller…) Heck, we don’t know if offers were made to Bailey or anyone else…Because, NONE OF US WERE IN THE MEETINGS…

    So, the third choice reference could be wrong. Smesko, for example, said he was told they were going a different direction…HE was inferring there were more flirtations going on before he dropped out…I could speculate that he was keeping his name out there before GRACIOUSLY dropping out…..(yawn)

  9. Oh for the love of God, Bailey didn’t get offered the job. That was pretty widely reported. And how the heck do you know Moren is struggling to find assistants? She hasn’t even had the job long, and this is a unique situation anyway. Quit being a baby.

  10. So, Jeremy Price retweeted from Coach Lloyd from Aug. 20…”What up Hoosier Nation, great to be a Hoosier.”…loosely quoted…

    Does that mean he is staying? Since I wasn’t at the meetings, I don’t know….

    While I’m anxious to see what Coach Moren’s staff looks like, I just have to wait patiently…(um, yeah…patient…whatever…lol)

  11. So I assume that from what I read in Gary’s post that the reason we no longer have Miller is because IU wouldn’t raise his salery to be comparable to Versyps? That is what he is implying? Leave it up to Glass to let Miller walk away over money, really? How do you expect to raise your program up to higher standards when you have a coach in hand that has completely turned things around and refuse to pay him the money to retain him? If this is true, IU and Glass should be ashamed! If you are going to talk the talk to elevate your program then you need to walk the walk by paying him what he deserves!!

  12. While the implication of “rumors around Bloomington” was stated in last week’s Chat, Gary’s accusation is the first time I’ve heard about it being about money… Assuming that without proof is a dangerous road. If it IS true, Curt Miller signed the contract and one good year is hardly the time to force the hand of your boss. Second, Purdue has a tradition with women’s bball and budget accordingly…

    Otherwise, I won’t go down that road.

  13. Re Coach Miller: it was not about money and the head coach of any sport, at any college anywhere, has the right to choose their own assistants.

    1. MikeC,
      That is not what Gary is saying. Miller’s departure was not a money issue. What he is saying, I think, is that IU should have ponied up the necessary money to get a higher profile coach that would stand a better chance of maintaining the momentum Miller and staff had on the recruiting trail.

      That said, Gary is over simplifying the departures of Poole and Eckert. There are a number of extenuating circumstances in play, not the least of which is whether they wanted to stay, given the situation.

  14. Jeremy, thanks for the clarification. I have been a long time women’s season ticket holder and am still very upset about Miller’s departure. If it was truly for medical reasons, I can completely understand that but, there seems to be something else going on here that hasn’t been revealed yet. It is just such a shame that we finally found a coach that can coach and recruit at a high level and he is gone just like that. He had completely turned this program around in 2 years and now we have to hope that our new coach can at least maintain the momentum that exsists. It remains to be seen that Moren can recruit at the level Miller did. Miller and his staff’s aggresive recruiting is what was turning this program around! We can only hope Moren can keep this going and I would really like to know the REAL reason we lost Miller and his great staff?

    1. Quick update. A source close to the program confirmed that Curtis Loyd is staying on staff (or being rehired or whatever you want to call it). Also, Rhet Wierzba is expected to come over from Moren’s Indiana State staff, leaving only the third assistant coach position to be filled, which should be done next week.

  15. Couple of posts on here are delusional. Looks like everyone but Gary has figured out who authored them.

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