Reports: Christian Watford signs with Boston Celtics

Christian Watford has signed with the Boston Celtics, according to numerous reports.

Watford played professionally in Israel last season after going undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft. He was invited to the NBA Summer League this year, where he played for both Detroit and Golden State.

“I’m all in for the NBA, man,” Watford told the Herald-Times last month. “I really think I can play in that league.”


  1. Christian, congrats on being signed with the Celtics! This is a golden opportunity for you to work with a team having a great coach and tradition. Work hard! Do good! And seize the opportunity before you.

  2. So much for Geoff’s claims that he would never sniff the NBA. That Harvard guy on Hoosier Scoop never gave up on Watford…though many never stopped calling him lazy.

  3. I’m excited for CW. I really hope he makes it and has a good career in the NBA.

    How anyone could watch him play for IU and say he was “lazy” is beyond me. He has a unique stride (i.e., lope) when he runs, and is not the quickest man on the floor, but I think he was a very versatile player that made major contributions in the paint and on the perimeter for IU. To be so effective as an outside shooter while having the ability to play power-forward and bang for rebounds in the paint suggests that he had to work very hard in order to be effective in those different roles at IU. Lazy my ass!

  4. I will always remember how quickly he made it down the floor to be in position to take that shot to beat Kentucky. Good luck Christian!

  5. Yep, a shot that never would’ve happened had Indy native Teague not lethargically jogged down court after initially being picked on the play, if you watch the replay you’ll see he would’ve stolen the pass easily had he not given up. Great lesson on the difference between just playing instead of making winning plays.

  6. Pretty sure I said he’d never sniff the first round. Said Jordy would never sniff the league. All that being said, I’ll go see him a couple times up here when he’s playing for the Red Claws. Definitely going to recruit him to my men’s league team. He can sniff the floor for us occasionally…

  7. Geoff-

    I wasn’t sure exactly what you said(other than that prediction that we would lose to UK in Bloomington on an afternoon when Watford would spring the Hoosiers back into the national limelight and foul up such uninspiring lack of faith in the energy dynamics of a big game on McCracken)….but it evoked the desired result to bring you out of woodwork.

    Hope all is well. Anything new in Maine? Do you do any movie nights? Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy…? I just loved that flick..Loved the soundtrack…Zoe Saldana is a very unattractive woman….Wow…

    Don’t stay away so long.

  8. Geoff’s predictions always tend to fall flat. I remember when Geoff would argue to Harvard about not giving the Hoosiers due credit. Harvard must have been right, cause they’ve struggled. I thought you was dialing back Geoff?

  9. seems that the Kentucky cheater cats just cant get over losing at Indiana with the best players money could buy that season.

  10. Maybe CWAT will never be an NBA star but he is the kind of person we want as a a Hoosier. Ran into him at a Hoosier ladies game his senior season and he treated my 12 and 13 year old granddaughters like he thought he should be getting their autographs not the other way around

  11. indiana52-

    Nice words…And that’s what always shined through in Watford. His calm confidence grows from a place not rooted in arrogance. It was so fitting that a humble and levelheaded young man wearing a Hoosier jersey hit the biggest dagger shot to bury a Kentucky team more a cold machine…CWAT remains true to his character and upbringing at complete polar opposites the stylish trend of “in your face” cockiness that spreads like a “me world” greed virus in college athletics.

    I think that quiet resiliency irked a lot of so-called fans that never grew beyond their own bratty arrogance a young man of Watford’s character has no need. When Christian’s buzzer-beater ripped the nets, it disturbed more than just UK fans. Winners don’t have to be witch hunters, microphone addicts, or serial boasters. And if Christian had missed the shot, he’d made no excuses or demeaned the opponent in the aftermath their own pride and celebration.

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