1. “About the Hoosier Scoop” should come with an X-rated warning…or maybe just change to ‘Hoosier Scoop: In Memoriam.’

  2. Does this also mean no more Zsch Osterman guest appearances on ScoopTalks?

    It’s know finally hitting home…The last vestiges of IDS Basketblog dies with the final nail in the coffin and departure Osterman’s friendly antics and keen insights brought to my Hoosier Hoops world ….A tragic and sad day, indeed.

    One final question: Is Chronic Hoosier the accused Scoop troll(Rico Chet and Podunker impostor) that I’ve always referred to as the Remora? Chronic always seemed to be very close to Dustin and Korman. Wonder if Chronic did an exit interview with Dustin like he did with Chris Korman….?

  3. oops…Zach Osterman(a.k.a The Osterizer…Owner of the Alford Bobblehead….The bearded “Ginger” dude always forcing Jeremy out of a ScoopTalk)

  4. Chronic is also likely the ‘Wilmont’s Kissy Face’ character on LiveDiscussion during the basketball games….Just a guess.

  5. Another nice job.

    But I agree with Harvard comment 2 — interplay is fun too – and probably more interesting. A little disagreement sells!

  6. Mike – Thanks for the excellent coverage, I appreciate it! Each of the videos were great and the steady stream of Twitter updates and post-game articles were really helpful. Have a safe trip back to Bloomington.

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