The New Guy

Hi. I’m the new guy. But not really.

I’m Mike Miller, and maybe you’ve seen me around these parts. Maybe you haven’t.

For those who don’t know me, I’d like to introduce myself. Before I do, I want to tell you a story.

I received my first set of keys to the Scoop back in October 2012, when I filled Dustin Dopirak’s chair on the weekend of the Ohio State-Indiana football game. You know, the one where Indiana authored a late comeback and gave Ohio State a scare – albeit a brief one – in an eventual 52-49 loss at Memorial Stadium. Dustin was attending a wedding that weekend, as young, popular dudes are often asked to do, and I remember I wrote something about that IU comeback, about how the beauty of early fall in Bloomington can make you feel like anything is possible.

I remember I also mentioned something about trying to make this place feel like home. You see, I came to the Herald-Times in 2012 to fill an open position covering high school sports and IU women’s basketball, among other various roles. It’s my second stop out of college following a brief run at the Public Opinion in Chambersburg, Pa. I came here hoping to find a place to call my own. I wanted to find a city and a newspaper that felt like more than just a stopover situation. I wanted a home.

That was two years ago. These days, I tell people that I’ve found that place.

Whether you live here in Bloomington, you recently moved away, or you’re simply looking for a connection to the town where the Hoosier heartbeat thumps, I’ll be your guy. We’ll live on 17th street and beyond, following the stories that matter with the IU athletic programs that you love.

My pledge to you is simple: I’ll try to write sentences that aren’t as corny as that last one.

Really, it’s an honor to take the same seat previously occupied by my friends Dustin and Chris Korman. They, along with the rest of the Scoop crew, past and present, have created a great template for what this place should be. They’ve each brought their own charms, and I hope to bring my own.

In the meantime, let’s get back to the real reasons you’re here: the stories, the insights, the Scoop Talks in strange arena storage closets. We’ll do it all.

And, hopefully, we’ll make this place — this great online community in a great college town — continue to feel like home.


  1. Hi Mike and welcome. I am OSD for short and Old Sports Dude for long. I live in the hell hole they call Northwest Indiana. Oh it is really okay but a central Indiana guy born and raised. God’s country. I am on the chat each Thursday time willing, very passionate about IU basketball, old hence the name, and like to ask more than 2 questions so be ready for my follow up ones.

    I will miss Dustin but glad we have an able bodied replacement.

    Good luck and I will see you Thursday on the chat. Oh by the way most of us cannot be live on the chat so please post the whole chat later.


    Old Sports Dude

  2. Thanks, Dude. I’m a longtime reader, first time — uhh, panelist? — of the IU sports chat. There’s no need for an introduction. I know who you are and I’m looking forward to our weekly interactions. I’ll also be sure to give Tom Crean a heads up about your grandson. He’s a solid 2028 prospect, right?

  3. Besides ITH, there are two sports sites I regularly drop-in on: the Scoop and the OH. I’ll try to remember not to refer to you as BowieMike.


  4. Mike, as much as I appreciated DD’s contributions, having new blood involved with The Scoop is exciting. Glad to hear you’re enjoying B-town and IU sports. It’s a great place, not just because of Hoosier Hospitality, but also because Bloomington is filled with a lot of great people. When IU does something really special in sports, and I hope it’s sooner, rather than later, you’ll remember the response of the IU faithful the rest of your life. In the mean time, I hope you will “work hard, have fun, and try to make a difference.”

  5. Belated welcome, Mike. Sounds like you’ve joined the sizable ranks of those who’ve wandered into Bloomington only to find yourself unable to leave. My wife and I hung around for many years after graduation before leaving, and are now entrusting our only child to IU this fall. IU people really are family, so congrats on the promotion little brother. Just remember, that as our brother, you might occasionally feel we’re picking on you. But in a loving way…and god help anyone outside the family who picks on you.

  6. Hi again Mike,

    I pick and choose my moments on here and to be honest the family life now has taken away from my Scoop time, but looking forward to reading your stuff.


  7. Welcome Mike. Congrats on a job well earned. I can already tell that you won’t miss a beat. Enjoying your posts already.

  8. Mike, glad to see you will be taking on the roll vacated by Dustin. Doug Wilson and Chris Korman started something great here Hugh and DD carried on the torch.

    You have been entrusted with this torch and it is your duty to preserve and enhance the flame.

    But most important, I know you have personally been entrusted with the recipe of some of the most epic cheese dip known to man. Do not try to alter it or improve on its perfection, you will only walk away a broken man if you do. 🙂

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