1. Wow! I’ve NEVER seen someone do so much uncomfortable SQUIRMING as what Crean is doing in this press conference. Never! Either he has a significant physical problem, like hemorrhoids, gas, or back pain, or else his body language is psychologically matching the obfuscation coming from his lips.
    Obviously, I’m NOT a CTC fan. I am SO READY to see this guy take his Clappy the Clown act on down the road I can’t wait to see the losses pile up this year to hasten his demise.
    Sometimes, oftentimes, we all have to cut our losses, get rid of the problem, and start anew. IMHO, it is already way past time to do that!

  2. Wow. I thought that was a great interview. For a guy who paces the sidelines as he does, thought he was pretty calm and provided a clear & instructive review of what the team was trying to accomplish. Overall I think he has been great for IU.

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