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  1. Two weeks to prepare and this is how IU plays on national TV? Wilson is getting out-coached big time! Kicking game sucks, our punter is terrible, the play calling is a joke, and Wilson’s experiment with the Wildcat offense on two fourth-and-short yardage plays has gained a total of -4 yards. As I’ve said, unless the defense believes the Wildcat QB is a threat to pass, it usually does not work. With nine defenders in the box on two fourth and short plays, Covington never had a chance. On top of that, our much bigger O-line is getting beat by a smaller, quicker defense. How ironic that the only good news is that our defense has not given up any big plays for touchdowns.

    Come on Wilson, you have to do much better than this. Your kids are playing hard, but it appears that they have not been prepared to play this game.

  2. This kind of crap is the reason why NO ONE affiliated with, or covering IU football should ever, ever, EVER say, type, print, utter, or even think the words “bowl game” before Halloween. Wow.

    Complete Embarrassment

  3. What a bunch of undisciplined clowns playing defense ! Good grief, how many pass interference calls were there?

    This team’s defense makes last season’s basketball team look like a Knight trained and disciplined team in comparison.

    And to think there there were actually many on here that thought “bowl game for sure. Perhaps you are reconsidering?

  4. Is anyone really surprised? IU football (regardless of the coach) has efforts like this year in and year out. Though it should be expected, it is still an embarrassment and the reason that attendance is what it is. IU football has to ‘earn’ the support of its fans and it seldom does. I completely agree with banning the term “Bowl Game” until Halloween or maybe even until the last game of the season with this program. They have the ability to disappoint at any moment which would include losing to a ‘dreadful’ Purdue team.

  5. Just a gutless performance.

    If today were a game of Clue, Indiana football was murdered with every weapon, in every room, by everyone.

    I can’t believe I actually came into this season with hope for the program. I keep wasting beautiful Saturdays to watch these knuckleheads. Forget it. I’m done.

    Wake me up when we take off the skirts and start playing football.

  6. that was a short season…lol..won’t win another game…IU FB still the same ole sorry program…will never change….mistakes….mistakes….mistakes….the history of IU FB 🙂

    will never change unless they bring in a coach that knows how to win which they will never do….

  7. Once again the Defense is a no show – 89 yard drive to win the game when this is exact time the D needs to stand up and make a play. Pathetic!

  8. How fast they turn on Wilson and “Win Today.”

    At least I’m consistent with my knowing that we had an incompetent basketball coach since the day he arrived in Bloomington.

    The biggest salt in the wound is not having a legit hardwood coach and a premier basketball program to follow the usual fall follies.

    Cry a river of football down the Jordan River while we lose what little national recognition we could once claim with a brilliant mind for our only storied game.

  9. Wilson and staff were terribly out coached today. They had two weeks to prepare for this game. TWO WEEKS! They’ll need another two weeks to fix all the mistakes they made today. Losing this game was a disaster for Wilson’s program and another big setback for Indiana football. IU has a knack for losing games on national TV. The defense, while playing O.K. in the first half, just evaporated in the second half. Never made any significant adjustments, so BG just kept doing what they’d been doing. And Wilson’s refusal to do anything but run a hurry-up offense just means that the defense is worn out in the second half. IU never got any pressure on the QB, and made BG’s back-up look like Peyton Manning. IU missed tackles on almost every play in the second half and played such soft pass defense that it was like BG was playing pitch and catch, with the only exception being IU’s pass interference penalties. Wilson has no confidence in the kicker, so he went 1 for four on fourth downs. The punter averaged what, 15 yards per punt? Did IU have 12 or 13 penalties, I lost count? Regardless, that’s just bad coaching.

    Unless he orchestrates a miraculous turnaround, we may look back on this loss and remember it as the beginning of the end of Wilson’s tenure at IU. The ramifications of this loss go well beyond this year’s win/loss record, and will probably result in Wilson being a lame duck going into the final year of his contract. When will IU football break this cycle again?

  10. this is what u get when u sign 2 and 3 star guys…the Alabamas of the world won’t even talk to anyone under 4 stars….(plus u hire bad coaches)….IU getting what they deserve….

  11. Come on Andy it’ll be fun. Tomorrow’s headline: IU played a really fun game yesterday.

    I’ll buy two papers.

  12. How many fans will show up at Memorial Stadium to watch the 1 – 2 IU play Maryland? I’ll guess that there will be fewer than 35,000 people in the stadium.

  13. if Wilson made that….”fun game today”….comment he’s a dope and should be fired….what do think a Nick Saban would say after a game like that….just sayin…..

  14. It’s exactly on point. You’re all so hellbent on dragging every football coach to the gallows…It’s pathetic how Indiana has lost the only real sports identity it ever had.

    We didn’t even make the NIT last season, but all we hear about is drooling over the NBA lotto picks and the talent.

    Coleman is also a spectacular talent. Sudfeld is a talent. Pay attention to the talent and get off the coach’s butt in the same manner you only care about the talent shows in hoops.

  15. Wilson’s wildcat scheme using a true freshman, converted from linebacker four weeks ago, is a total failure. I think he’s used it three or four times, against Indiana State and BG, and it has gone for negative yards on each attempt. That’s offensive genius?

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Fred Glass’s office on Monday. Start calling the boosters and initiate the search, Fred.

  16. Harvard,

    Your reading comprehension would have gotten you a rejection letter from UK. I said nothing about the coaching. Again, you’re a conclusion in search of evidence.

    Keep making a thread about football about you. As always, you have nothing to say.

  17. I never referenced your comments directly. Better check your fat arrogance at the door. You sound like a complete bozo and the usual, fair-weather, football fan. There are plenty on here going after a coach’s credibility/competency via his statements and via one tough loss.

    Yet, they don’t see it with the other major sport? On that side of the fence, all they drool over is the NBA-worthy talent.

  18. You think Andy knows the story? Here’s Andy’s story:

    Hoosier defense in attack mode
    Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10:54 pm

    By Andy Graham 812-331-4215 | | 2 comments

    The best defense is a good offense? Well, Indiana’s football offense last season set a slew of school records and the Hoosiers still finished 5-7.

    But there is something to the notion that to defend, one must attack.

    And that is part of what new defensive coordinator Brian Knorr’s 3-4 set is about.

    IU’s defense will still surrender some big plays, in part because it is adopting more of a high-risk, high-reward approach. It will still look bad at times — the vast majority of defenses do in this day and age of college football — but that generally won’t be because the Hoosiers are back on their heels.

    These Hoosiers are going to come after opposing offenses. There could be somebody blitzing on almost every play. And the 3-4 is designed to make it harder for offenses to guess who is coming and from where.

  19. The point everyone is making is all hope is lost in this football team already. As Double Down said, what a shame to waste a Saturday on this travesty. I’m done. I’ll follow again next year. Strictly just reading about it now.

    Croak On!
    Croak On!

  20. Like always, Harvey has to resort to name calling when he’s called out.

    Quit making generalizations and actually make an argument from something someone actually said apart from hearsay. You can hardly type a sentence without making it personal.

    The only fat around here is the one that caused your guide in Wyoming to breed a Clydesdale with a buffalo, so you couldn’t crush it.

  21. He said it at the end of his post game radio remarks.

    And I don’t want him fired, I want him to get their $&#%^!! together
    Gunner is 21.

    We were at his game in Cincy fri night.
    He(they) played really well.

  22. That last sentence is pretty funny….and quite accurate. I actually felt terrible for the horse that had to lug my gut luggage up that long climb.

    There’s really not much to debate, Double Down. We can debate how fat I am or how I failed a UK entrance exam. Then again, you’re not about insults and making it “personal” whatsoever.

    I’m not that invested in a football loss. And even if they win, it’s no less the waste of time…Opportunity cost and all. And as I get older, the opportunities are few and the cost of days lost seems very high. Football and blogging is merely a way to escape those facts that need no argument.

  23. Sorry everyone. Sorry Harv.

    My personal restraint just gave up an 89-yard drive with 1 min left. I’ll go to the locker room and flog the appropriate offenders.

  24. watching Purdue today i will say the Bucket goes back to West Laughyette this year….i know caus double down said i was a ..genius… 🙂

  25. this Coleman guy is a hell of a running back…but he will waste his talent playing for a losing program and he will never see a bowl game….but the NFL will take notice and i’m sure that is his main concern 🙁

  26. @Punjab….thats funny…….a little disappointed…it’s called a season killing game which happens every year at IU…

  27. I wish they would stop with this “addition” for spam protection…I can’t count that high 🙁

    I can’t understand why any kid would want to play FB at IU…total losing program year in and year out !!

  28. Po, Yes, I put my money where my mouth is. I lost a sizeable sum too. But I am even more on the IU-FB/Wilson band wagon even though I do put this loss solidly on the coaching staff. I was at the game. I believe from the warm ups I observed till the final gun the Hoosiers looked flat, stale and listless and STALE should be in caps. There was no fire or passion(that will not happen again). I think the 2 weeks off played into that, being it was after the 1st game. I realize from your posts above you are polishing up your resume to apply for the HC job but I still believe there is a path to a bowl game. I have felt since the end of last season that this season will be 1 of disappointments and surprises. We just suffered a disappointment. After watching PUke take it to ND Saturdays cannot be taken for granted. I proudly and steadfastly say “GO HOOSIERS!”

  29. HC, good for you. Love your die-hard support, especially when most Hoosier fans’ support of this team simply died on Saturday. Your optimism aside, I did not see enough on Saturday to allow me to believe that IU can salvage this season. The D and Special teams were just terrible and have too far to go to become competitive with the teams on the remainder of this year’s schedule. It appeared to me that Wilson and staff have wasted the last five weeks of practice. They’re going to get crushed by Missouri and attendance at IU’s next two home games against Maryland and North Texas will be sparse. This loss was devastating to the trajectory of Wilson’s program.

    I hope you’re right. I hope I’m wrong. I hope Wilson can get the team turned around and that IU can surprise a few teams this season with unexpected victories. Playing well and losing another tough one no longer counts. Wins are the only thing that will salvage this season and allow Wilson to continue to build his program. After the loss to BG, additional losses will simply retard Wilson’s ability to maintain the program’s trajectory. After Saturday, the engines are sputtering and he’s losing altitude.

    No way around it, the loss to BG was another major setback to IU football. For those of us over 50, we’ve seen this cycle many times before. Optimism rises and then we lose to a team we’re supposed to and absolutely needed to beat. People start looking at the schedule, do the math, and then conclude that the season is lost. The air comes out of the fans’ collective balloon, home game attendance suffers, and the team’s moral begins to decline. As moral declines, the players’ performance follows, and the losses get ugly.

    Wilson had to have known that this game was essential for the future of his program, If not, he’s not as smart as people say he is. If so, how he could have allowed his team to come out flat and play so badly after having two weeks to get his players prepared, is beyond comprehension. But at this stage in his program’s trajectory, it suggests a major problem exists with Wilson and/or his coaching staff. I really, really hope I’m wrong and that Wilson and staff find a way to break the cycle of IU football. Nothing would make me happier than to realize that your comments in #45 were right.

  30. Silver lining: the B1G is basically the MAC now, so the conference schedule isn’t as daunting as playing a powerhouse like Bowling Green.


  31. The air comes out of the fans’ collective balloon, home game attendance suffers, and the team’s moral begins to decline. As moral declines, the players’ performance follows, and the losses get ugly.

    Well, if ISU was a “scrimmage,” then wasn’t the BGSU game, essentially, opening weekend?

    And could this be just what the doctor ordered? Highly disappointing losses that work at the overall morale of the team are often followed by highly productive and inspired games.

    Highly disappointing losses are part of the game(as are highly unexpected, bounce-back, shockers/upsets often seen in the subsequent weekend).
    And that’s precisely what I really respect in Kevin Wilson… He simply refuses to go negative. He refuses to blame previous coaches. He refuses to put the program in mental rewind. I like the fact that he won’t take the pathways of what I’m, personally, tired of hearing blurted into microphones.

    I don’t believe Wilson is attempting to deflect criticism or accountability with providing a quick response to a heartbreaking loss as a “fun” game. It’s such a wonderful breath of fresh air when contrasted with the same old boring and overheard; the typical coach’s that seek villains and excuses in their ‘Debbie Downer’ postgame press conferences/interviews after uninspiring losses. Wilson cares about fixing and moving forward. He’s not about the ‘blame game’ and he’s not going to go where most fans feel great comfort in staging their inner anger and personal disappointments in life and cast them onto something they’ve grown to not support(or, sadly, have grown to enjoy to mock/degrade).

    IU Football is the child that’s supposed to fail. Wilson will not go there. Bringing a “fun” mindset breeds acceptance and fosters a belief in every member part of his family on the football field/sideline, that this is never going to be about the misfit child that is Hoosier Football.

    What most often prevents the change we all want to happen for Hoosier football is the weakness to return to every mental image and slide show of heartbreak and disappointment from our past.

    The day Wilson begins to cling to the defeatism exhibited by fans suffering from 20 years of disappointment, the inferiority complexes resulting from such past abuse(on the field, in the press, and from the sarcastic fan base always with one very anxious finger on the mental rewind button), is when we’ve won our ‘Dysfunction Mindset Bowl’ trophy and IU Football loses.

    Sadly, I’m not sure if any coach is strong enough to resist the temptations of removing heat in his own chair by reacting to the dysfunctional fan base. We truly do want to steal his fun….so at the root of his constitution and forward belief system.

  32. Hoosier Football

    Set the clocks back to lengthen the fall day,
    Cast your hopes of Hoosier bowl games away…
    Fill the trick-or-treat basket for the kiddies seeking treats,
    The horror’s almost over for the men in gridiron cleats.

    Bundle in wool blankets, the air grows cold, the season, chuck it!
    As always our consolation prize, found in Old Oaken Bucket…
    The fans grow tired as the restless autumn leaves,
    Hopeful dreams break free from the same old stubborn trees..

    Rake again the huge pile of losses into bags few victories our lovin’
    Set the timer to next year, this turkey’s in the oven..
    Upon dormant field, a distant voice, shouts a final sarcastic cheer,
    Not without thanks for all that matters, IU basketball is echoing near.

    The Memorial sky darkens, a wintry sullenness begins to loom,
    Yesteryear’s dark shadows have settled back into the seats of their familiar gloom..
    An early shower of snowflakes drift down in mocking bliss,
    A wintry bite of harsh reality, give the pigskin her bedtime kiss.

    Put her on the dusty shelf, sing her a ‘Dandy Don’ tune tonight,
    The football party’s over, don’t forget turn out the light.

  33. It is a long season. There were some troubling signs in the early going and it just flat out sucks to watch your team lose the same way they have lost for a decade and a half. But fan analysis that tries to draw single game correlations across the entire season is just “sports talk” without merit or critical thought.

    Nebraska almost pulled up lame versus a FCS school 2 weeks ago. Actually, they should have. They trottled Fresno State on the road the following week.

    Big game for the Hoosiers next week, so lets see what these boys have.

    It would be nice to see Mizzou’s punter on the field somewhere north of zero times.

  34. Double Down, I remember when, about five or six years ago, Ball State scored a bunch of points and had Nebraska on the ropes late in the fourth quarter of an early season game. But Nebraska found a way to pull victory from the jaws of defeat in the closing seconds. And that’s the point. Programs like Nebraska find ways to win against inferior teams regardless of how badly they play. IU finds a way to lose against teams with smaller, inferior talent.

  35. Po,

    It is fine for an IU fan to hit the ceiling in frustration after the last game. I sure was frustrated. But don’t let it cloud your judgement. I can’t speak for the first game because I didn’t see it, but IU has only had one real game yet. The sample size is too small and no one here can really make any definitive statements about the season.

    Sure, one can be a Debbie Downer and bet against IU football. That’s such an easy and incredibly cynical bet. It doesn’t come with any real analysis or thinking, it just places even money on a program that has a major uphill battle. Even the ESPN Big Ten guys said they’re picking IU at the bottom, not because they see Kevin Wilson doing anything poorly, but because for them it is simply, “We’ll believe it when we see it.”

    I’m at wait and see and feel there is potential for them to turn it around. Anything less than 6 wins this season is a failure of a season. But we have 10 more games before then to see what these guys are made of. We’ll see how they grow, which leaders will emerge and how healthy we can remain.

    Po, this isn’t directed at you, but I am with Harv on the outlook of some of the fanbase. The constant whining and defeatism is painful and silly. I can barely stand sitting in the Live Chats as every single play that doesn’t end up going our way elicits these lengthy soliloquies of indictment over anything IU Football.

    Good grief. Some folks need a rectal-optaleptamy. It is where you get surgery that disconnects your eyeballs from your rear-end. That way you don’t have such a crappy outlook on life.

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