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  1. Adding insult to injury, I just watched Wisconsin DESTROY Bowling Green. The game was over before half time and turned into a total blowout. I stopped watching when the score was 62 to 10 in the 3rd quarter. That was really embarrassing for IU, and I was thinking, “thank God IU does not play Wisconsin this year.”

    Wilson should make his defense watch reruns of the Wisconsin – BG game, then replay IU’s loss to BG, paying particular attention to how aggressive Wisconsin’s defense was.


  2. In game observation, Devine Reading runs the ball with a level of physicality rarely see in Bloomington. He was a late commit & I’m glad he’s wearing Crimson & Cream. Go Hoosiers!

  3. That last penalty against IU was total BS. No way that was roughing the passer. That was the SEC refs giving Missou one last chance for a miracle. But it was IU’s day.

    How do you explain the difference between the defense’s performance last week and IU’s defense today? Unbelievable.

  4. The defense played great. They were absolutely great today. Knorr really got them ready to play up to their potential. And the best news is, there’s plenty of room for improvement. This was HUGE!

    Had it not been for that slippery little Missou QB, it wouldn’t have even been a close game today. That’s the best defensive performance IU has produced in at least a decade.

  5. Coleman, they know who you are now! Great way to come back in the second half. You just gained a lot of exposure and respect from the SEC’s fans. Congratulations on another great game.

  6. Podunker. This is not your best thread…you are tripping over your own words.

    What a surprise today! A once in a decade Hoosier performance!

  7. I eat my words 🙁 thought this would be total blowout for Mizzou..congrats Hoosiers… come back with a big win next week r this one will not be so sweet….but i did say see what Wisky does to BG this week and they just annihilated them….

  8. Congratulations players and staff. Great great win. Something to really build on I hope.
    Any further word on Mullins?

  9. Bob, I too thought no way IU wins in Mizzou, glad I was wrong. Defense did much better and I’m happy for the team.

  10. Well folks, we’re back to where most of us thought we’d be. 2-1. Just not the path we thought we’d take to get there.

    Great game, and there was nothing flukish about it. If you told me would we’d beat Mizzou, I’d say it would likely be on the heals of some serendipitously big plays. A blown assignment here, a kick return there, maybe even a couple unforced/Ill-timed turnovers we turned into points. But we beat them straight up in a game that was competitive throughout. More importantly, it was not because Mizzou played poorly. It was because we played– for the most part– so well. And clutch at the end.

    Huge win. Now let’s hope we can capitalize and keep this thing going. Go Big Red!

  11. Just wild, wild stuff, fellas… to click on EPSN and to see “IU pulls off stunner” as one of the top-5 stories, it’s a thrill….MUCH better than just about any hoops victory since beating Duke w/Mike Davis, with the exception of the Watford 3 against UK….

    Hope this is a sign of things to come and not just a random anomaly!

  12. Great game! Congrats to Coach Wilson, staff and players for the superb performance against a top SEC team – Missouri. You now know you can play at a higher level. So keep it up. And we’ll be bowl bound.

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