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  1. This troll situation is getting out of hand. He’s gotten the attention he wants. He must be so proud. I guess his mom took away his playstation for the afternoon.

    Should have verified usernames on chat.

  2. I didn’t like this movie the last five times I saw it.

    Today’s attendance at Memorial Stadium confirms that a great number of Hoosier fans still aren’t believers in IU football. It was a nice day, so weather had nothing to do with the lack of support. Obviously, the win at Missou did not generate enough excitement to get fans inside the stadium. And today’s loss just confirmed the old old narrative. That’s what a bad loss to a MAC team will do. Glass should be very concerned. Attendance will be sparse until Penn State fans fill half of Memorial Stadium.

    It looked like IU was out-coached today. Maryland’s back-up QB just sliced IU apart. Their O-line opened gaping holes. Their defense provided a clinic on how to tackle, cover receivers, and rush the passer. In response, IU’s vaunted offense riddled the game with mistakes. You know it’s a bad day when the team’s highlight involves a kicker.

    IU still has a chance to win six, but not if they play the way they did again today. The question is, does enough of The Hoosier nation even care?

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