A Hoosier Thanksgiving for Kevin Wilson’s bunch

Indiana will have a team dinner Wednesday night followed by a Thursday morning practice. From there, players will be allowed 24 hours to spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving.

The only catch is that Wilson asks that no one stray too far from Bloomington.

And no one is to spend the day alone.

“We try to keep them within metro Indy, in town, and as families we just try to cover them up,” Wilson said. “Several guys will go with (tight end Anthony) Corsaro to his house or go to Zeke Roundtree’s house or Ralston Evans — you pick the guys. Everybody has got their partners. Everybody is going to Shawn Heffern’s, they’ll tag up with some guys. Everybody is going to be at coach (Deland) McCullough’s house or they’ll be over at coach (William) Inge on the grill smoking on his barbecue deal.”

Others, Wilson said, will stay in town with Fellowship of Christian Athletes leaders. It’s the same operation Wilson has followed since his days as offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, with everyone expected back on 17th street by noon on Friday.

“I don’t want anyone in an apartment or dorm by himself,” Wilson said.

One of the biggest thing the program does is the annual Turkey Bowl game for the children of IU coaches. Wilson said one of his sons has already called dibs on serving as a quarterback in the family game.

“We get all the kids together, so we have some fun with it,” Wilson said. “But we will go through a normal routine week. We don’t have school. We’re not minimized by hours, but we don’t want to over‑practice because it’s the end of the year. You don’t want to be tired. You have a routine, things you do.”


  1. Just wonderful for our football guys! Coach W and staff have really got it together. I think IU will beat
    Purdue this year. My Christmas wish for our team is that Coach W gets a wonderful QB or that one of
    our current QB’s develops into a superstar. He could happen. Believe!

  2. Don’t think this type of action won’t be used positively in recruiting presentations, “Mom and Dad you’re from Texas and there is no way your Son can get home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas(if we’re practicing/playing for a Bowl game)but he will enjoy the Holiday with us and our families”.

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