Career day for Tevin Coleman spoiled in 45-23 loss at Rutgers

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — This was Tevin Coleman’s career day, but it’s clear that not even Superman efforts from its star running back can save Indiana now.

Coleman rushed for a career-high 307 yards, but Indiana stumbled and fumbled its way to a 45-23 loss at Rutgers at High Points Solutions Stadium.

Coleman’s output was the second most in school history, behind only Anthony Thompson’s 377 against Wisconsin in 1989. Thompson’s mark was also a Big Ten record until Saturday, when Melvin Gordon rushed for 408 in Wisconsin’s win over Nebraska.

Coleman carried it 32 times and scored once on a 67-yard run that gave Indiana a 13-10 lead before halftime. Coleman also added a long run of 68.

Griffin Oakes boosted IU’s lead to 16-10 with a 22-yard field goal three minutes into the second half, when Indiana had to settle for three points instead of six following a drop near the end zone by Shane Wynn. Receiver drops were an issue yet again for the Hoosiers, who received another solid performance from true freshman quarterback Zander Diamont.

Diamont completed 15 of his 31 passes for a career-best 179 yards. He also threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to Wynn in the fourth quarter — the Hoosiers’ first score through the air in 17 quarters.

But the game fell away from the Hoosiers shortly after they took their six-point lead early in the second half. Rutgers scored 21 straight points in a span of eight minutes, feeding off some Indiana mistakes.

Rutgers running back Robert Martin put the Scarlet Knights on top for good with a 47-yard touchdown with nine minutes to play in the third quarter. Quarterback Gary Nova followed with a 34-yard touchdown pass on Rutgers’ next possession, finding Leonte Carroo, who was able to skip past a missed tackle by IU corner Tim Bennett and give the Scarlet Knights a 24-16 lead.

Rutgers took advantage of a series of Hoosier gaffes for its next score. After Simmie Cobbs dropped a third down pass over the middle, Erich Toth fumbled a fake punt attempt to give Rutgers the ball at the IU 9-yard line. On the first play of the drive, Josh Hicks ran it in to lift Rutgers’ lead to 31-16.

Leonte Carroo added a 56-yard touchdown against an IU defensive breakdown in the fourth quarter before Martin closed the scoring on a one-yard touchdown run.

Oakes finished with field goals of 48, 36 and 22 yards. Indiana outgained Rutgers 473-429.


  1. OK, “Win With Wilson” backers, can’t wait to read his and your excuses after today’s stellar performance.

  2. You’re a hell of a fan a Chaz, doubt any prospects who read your comments would even consider coming to Indiana. Loyalty just not a word in your vocabulary. Sooo…be happy and move on.

  3. It is the product on the field and the lack of a good coach that will keep prospects from coming to IU. Not a message on a board Tsao

  4. changing coaches every 3 to 4 years is not going to produce a winning program!!! Indiana football program has only had one half way successful coach (Bill Mallory) in 40 years….An we continue to do the same thing over and over again fire the coach, bring in a new systems that does not work after 3-4 years….this program has been in the ashes/dumps for years and now that we have a coach (Wilson) that cares about Indiana football program and we want to get rid of him!!! Give the man/coach some time 3-4 years is not enough at Indiana. Indiana football is and was the JOKE of the FBS…but one lucky win over Missouri (SEC) gave the school some national coverage….INSANITY the act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results….hiring a new football coach every 3-4 years sound the same.The BIG 10 was always noted as the BIG 2 and the little 8 for a long time!!! some things are starting to chang now…..TSAO, i am with you let keept Kevin for 1-2 more years and see what develops.

  5. FWHoosier, I’ve been around long enough to know that there is no ducking responsibility for the poor game and the poor season; and, if KW is who I think (and have thought he is) he’s probably tearing himself up much more than you could ever do so to him

    But, I’ve also been around long enough that there is no way I can blame KW for the present state of the IU football program. That one falls on US. AYes, that one falls on your head FWHoosier, mine, the 4 or 5 Presidents, Chairs and Directors of the IU Varsity clubs, BoT members, Athletic Directors since Bill Orwig pulled us out of the sewer….so, as long as you are so indignantly passing blame around for what is a really poor program, accept all of the putrid responsibility that falls on you pal. And, I’ll accept all of the putrid responsibility that falls on me. And the rest of the IU fans (including Chaz, T, TJinTexas, Podunker, etal…) will have to embarrassingly accept OURS. Think of it this way…Iowa fans don’t have to do it, Northwestern fans don’t have to do it…MSU fans don’t have to do it. W HAVE TO DO IT because it is the reason we are in the gutter and afraid to tread water lest thge brown stuff go down our nose.

    So…congratulations FWHoosier, you and I are responsible. Don’t just send a check in this year…let’s do something that moves this program off the 0 for a change instead of moaning once a week for 20 years. You too Chaz..and others…and NO, it does not begin by pointing our finger at KW…it begins with accepting our part and beginning some kind of a conversation that moves us off the toilet we permanently live on.

    OK losers? Yeah…I’m that loser too!

  6. Chaz…you’re absolutely right…the truth does hurt. I’ve known that truth much longer than you’ll ever know but no way that in the middle of a season I’m going to turn and bite IU, or the head coach or even the AD/…Read my response to FWHoosier, it was addressed to you as well because you are as much of a loser as I am in this mess.

    What’s the matter boy? Truth hurt? There you go…there I go…there goes FWHoosier…there goes Podunker…there go the thousands of fans, the members of the Varsity clubs…and you know what, if all you’ve got to contribute is that f_rt of a comment we have a lot less hope than even I dreamed we might have. SO yeah Chaz,,,and all of that negative energy you’ve got is going to really fix something…

    Knight was right, and Wilson was right when he went off on us 2nd or 3rd game of the year and pointed his fingers at all of us who in 40 years have not known how to put a program together…

    HEY…I’ve got an idea…Bob Knight as VP for Athletics and Athletic Director…2-3 million should get t done. Perfect for him and for us. We get his brains and he proves his point, while we humbly accept it.

    Write in…make noise…we’ll handle McRobbie..

  7. TTG, That was pretty damn good and correct. All the years we were tearing down championship nets we should also have been investing in IU FB’s future.

  8. We just lost another commit t. Booker switched to wiskey tonight; that’s two we’ve lost to other BiG TEN teams; but I’m staying TRUE to HC Wilson an the hoosiers!! Just remember guys our QB is out for the yr if we don’t lose him it’s a whole new ballgame

  9. TT – you sound like Janay Rice apologizing at the Ray Rice press conference. Everyone knows CKW is in over his head. He acts like Bud Kilmer but without the wins.

    Your revisionist history of IU football seems to forget the upward trajectory the program was on with Terry Hoeppner. At the time of his tragic passing misguided loyalty logic like yours gave the position to Lynch who had no business taking the job. Glass will no doubt stick with CKW for another year not so much out of loyalty but because letting him go would be admission of a mistake which we know his ego can’t handle.

  10. TTG- I’m not saying we should get rid of anyone. I just said that nobody wants to come and play in this mess. It starts with the HC Wilson. This team has some talent but is so poorly coached and has no discipline what so ever. That is on the coach. The way he managed the QB position since he has been here is a joke. There is no way any top prospect would want to come into this mess. The sad thing is I don’t blame them.

  11. Is it even possible for some of you to make a simple post stating your opinion without being an arrogant self important douche?

  12. HoosierClarion…somehow I hope we all get tired of ourselves and turn this blog into something positive, that tries to move this forward and not a short term ‘I wanna win’ or ‘win now’ because it can’t happen in the state we’re in now. Somehow the leadership has to come from fans like you, IU79, Harvard (he’s an original but he is one of us!!) and others I’ve read here and who are not so frail in losing that they turn on each other; and who have the strength to emerge as a force that wants to see IU football at a respected level. I’m hoping some will have ideas that go beyond or are not based on ‘fire so and so’ and are not willing to leave this IU era in the state it’s in. In many ways we need supporters like you, who understand that win or lose IU defines us and in either case (win or loce) we’re proud to be Hoosiers and that’s the one fact that defines us and will never change.

    Hoping for ideas…Go Hoosiers

    (Thanks HC…good to know you’re out there)

  13. Aruss, at the time of his tragic death it seemed as if I went, bought some banners and he was gone and it was one of those lamentable moments that just left me stupid looking in the air and thinking ‘what just happened”. And no way I could think of anything except how it ravages a family and what a presence he was for all of us. Period. Just didn’t and still don’t know where to go with it to do him justice. The one legacy he left us…he wanted to coach us! He believed we were the best place to coach football in the US and he said it! We have to keep believing that to do him honor and justice!

    On your other point, you’re absolutely wrong…I did not want Coach Lynch as a permanent replacement. It wasn’t even fair to Coach Lynch…he should have been allowed his ‘interim’ year while we looked for someone to follow Coach Hep. Coach Lynch could have applied for a #1 Asst position or taken a #1 asst position elsewhere and continued in hsi own career path. To follow Hep was impossible…if he was mildly successful, it was “Coach Hoepps” team; when he failed we blamed him for destroying Hoepps legacy…nothing fair, nothing valuable. It’s sad that Coach Lynch did not realize that his own career was at stake. I was clear that I did not feel Coach Lynch was ‘it’; but, when he was selected he was ‘IU’s Coach” and no way I’do anything but support, advocate and help.
    And now, it’s Wilson’s era. And it will stay that through his contract (hopefully, in that seven years-three left- he’ll give us lots of reason to renew the contract. Personally, I refuse to even discuss alternatives. We will be successful and respected with Wilson. We have to forget all the other agendas because it is agendas that have taken the legs out from under IU time and time again. We can’t keep betraying ourselves.

  14. IU has lost to the two “new” teams in the Big Ten and lost ‘big’ to both of them. If the QB is the only reason that a team wins or loses, I guess Wilson might have an excuse for this season (even though Sudfeld was around during the Maryland game). IU is not very good and that’s what recruits look at (not what’s said by ‘dopes’ like us). The recruits who are any good will go someplace else. Those who are “kind’a” good may go to IU because they think they’ll start immediately and they’re probably right. This team isn’t any good and hasn’t been since the “Hep” players moved through the system. Wilson’s haven’t shown much (Yeah…I know about the Missouri game) and there’s nothing that I see that is encouraging. As to those who like to talk about how long they have been IU football fans, I ‘tuned in’ before and during the “Gonzo-Isenbarger-Butcher” era and sat in my driveway (before I could drive) listening to the car radio to find out if the “Cardiac Kids” were going to do it again (and they usually did). Thus, if someone wants to question my football “Hoosierness” go right ahead but hope doesn’t equal results and even though I hope, I want results. I saw IU in one Rose Bowl, I’d like to see them there again.

  15. OK FW Hoosier…so now we have to calm this mess and, at least, get it to the point we can slowly make this a decent destination for prospects. Lots to sell about Indiana. The education is top notch; the facilities competitive; the social life…decent…

    The football? Look, all I know is that it appears CKW was bringing in good, solid prospects. I don’t worry much about the number of stars, a ** is like a *** and not too different from a ****. That’s for the coaches to decide. I may know a name or two, here and there (for instance, I thought we had a hell of a prospect in Covington, the rest is up to CKW. If he wants me to do something in Chicago, fine… If not, it’s CKW’s way to handle and it seemed clear he knows how to handle the recruiting. Beyond that, it’s for Coach to coach and I stay out of the way (what do I know , I was very good at my career but certainly wasn’t going to have KW write my reports or do my research).

    So peace brother…we all want the same thing but while fighting for it there is no reason for me to debase your or try to destroy you…you didn’t drop a single pass, fumble a single ball or call the play wrong all season long…so relax, we’re both Hoosier to the moment of our funeral (I think).

  16. WOW! Great read…interesting to say the least.. as always…Go Hoosiers…at almost 39 I hope one day to see a winning football team at IU!

  17. Losing the first two QB’s in the depth chart is certainly a very salient reason for the struggles…..Hard for me to tell if another major issue is with receivers when the current QB appears so out of his element…He hit on a couple passes late, but the competition was not very good. Sudfeld could have had a career day….Covington would be more settled in….

    Roberson would have been nice to keep around…I’m not sure how much of that rests on Wilson. Was he recruiting over Roberson? Did Tre honestly believe his opportunity was withering away with guys like Covington and Diamont coming in? Hard to tell…How much convincing and love should a coach guarantee?

  18. It starts and ends with the head coach, period. Wilson talks a good game, but the team does not get it done. After four years and enough capable talent his team makes just enough stupid mistakes to lose, week after agonizing week. Was PSU beatable? RU? MD? BGSU? UM? In every instance Wilson’s boys found a way to come up short. What galls fans like me is that we have seen this pattern repeat itself over and over again over the last 40 years. Can anyone here name even one ex-IU football head coach who went on to greatness after leaving Bloomington during this time period? What does that say about the ability of the university to find and sign the right man for the job? Some of you act like Wilson is some kind of Knute Rockne with his speeches about toughness. Have any of you stopped to ask yourselves why all this talk never translates into results? Haven’t we heard and seen all of that before? The problem with all of you loyalists is that by buying into his empty rhetoric you are perpetuating the misery. The fact is that IU may well end up with its second winless B10 campaign in the last four years, and that alone should be enough evidence to condemn him. Look, until this year – even though I had my doubts – I was willing to give Wilson a pass. There’s enough talent here to compete and with a better man in charge IU could easily be a .500 team on a regular basis. Stop tolerating sloppy play and ignoring the obvious.

  19. You have to give KW the chance to complete at least one more season. I’ve seen a lot of improvements on defense. Particularly on third down. They have just gotten worn down late in the last 3 games.

    Diamont has shown that he will provide at least some competition at the position. He will be a lot different physically next year.

    If he fails with a healthy Sudfeld and improved defense next season? Probably time for a change.

    I can’t wait to watch Tevin in the NFL.

  20. hey mike miller!

    “the Hoosiers, who received another solid performance from true freshman quarterback Zander Diamon”. Can you walk us through the “other” solid performance he had?

  21. Albers isn’t the first or the last member of the media to call out Wilson. Pete DiPrimo of the Fort Wayne News Sentinel – as big of an IU backer as one can find – has openly stated what should be obvious for quite a while.

  22. It’s hard to argue with the story aruss posted above. 3 wins heading into Ohio State. Two kids, two of our bigger recruits changing their minds in the last week. It is sad times once again in Bloomington for football. I was asking for the splash…homerun big name hire a few years ago and now I remember why. How many coaches have failed to rebuild now?

  23. Coach Wilson was making good progress until Sudfeld went down. Who on this board does not think Indiana would have a better record today had that not happened? I am not one who believes that a good coordinator will automatically make a good head coach BUT … Coach Wilson’s resolve alone is enough reason to keep him at IU for the duration of his contract.

  24. RAM – Was he really making good progress? Did you miss the BGSU and Maryland games? Yes, they beat Missouri but that was one game.

    For all those saying the defense has improved…has it really? What’s the total defense National rank this year? Probably around 90 or so, compared to what…100th worst last year? I’m not sure I call that improvement considering they have yet to play tOSU this year, and they didn’t play Wisconsin this year (gave up over 600 yards to them last year).

    The argument to keep Wilson just for the sake of stability is irrational. You can’t keep a guy just for that reason alone. Keeping Wilson the full 7 years (assuming he doesn’t go to a bowl) would be the worst possible thing for the program. Stability only matter if there is progress. Wilson has shown no ability to win tight games.

    Next year should be make or break. No more excuses. Go to a bowl game or the Wilson era is done.

  25. Let’s reshuffle coaches every 5 years for a road to success. Like we’ve done for 50 + years. I’m all IN.

  26. Tim YES he was really making progress, no I didn’t miss those games you referred to AND I have been a critic of the defense all year. I disagree . Stability ABSOLUTELY comes before progress. When a program is coming from six feet under it has to be stable just to make it back to level ground. I believe the coach”s contract expires at the end of 2017. IU hasn’t been to a bowl game since the Dark ages and we all want to see that. Calm down. This coach took on a tough task in the beginning. IU should honor his contract. By the way, thanks for the compliment (irrational) but as of 9:27 AM EST I’ve heard that 3 or 4 times already.

  27. I think it’s time to clean house from the top down. We need a new young AD and football coach and we need to develop a mascot along with a great marketing campaign. We develop young great minds here in Bloomington and in other college towns across the U.S. Middle aged white guys aren’t getting it done.

  28. I agree and think we should go even farther. Let’s burn down the whole damn campus and what does not burn let’s pick up and relocate to East Lafayette.

  29. i guest i am just from the old school, whereby i say give a coach a chance to COACH!!! i was so pissed at Jason Spriggs (JR) performance Saturday, that it made me realize what a hard job Kevin Wilson has….Jason Spriggs (3 penalties), Jordan Fuch and TJ Simmoms all with penalties that hurt this team…..I can only remember a statement Woody Hayes made to a Offensive Lineman in practice one day, that someday in a critical situation you are going to jump off sides and i am going to break my foot off in your a**!!! Now days Coach Hayes would be crucified, than fired and sent to anger management for those words……Coach Wilson has provide some stability to this program and somehow i see a bright future for this program with Coach Wilson…As previous stated by TsaoTsug what are we doing to help the football program!!! Are you selling the IU football program or do you just downgrade the program in public and around potential recruits!!! Indiana football program and Kevin WIlson needs your support now!! we will have plenty of time and the right time will come when Kevin Wilson needs to go!!! For now get off your sofa and out of your chair and support the Indiana football program!!! A great FAN BASE will only help this program and bring in better (four star) recruits!!!

  30. This idea that we know coaching is the problem is ridiculous. Unless we are at the practices, coaches meetings, locker room, and on the sidelines, there’s no way to know if CKW called the wrong play to get Sudfeld injured, or sent the wrong player in the game that he drops a pass, or trains 4th string QB’s to miss their targets.

    There is no doubt that IU had one of the most prolific offenses over the last couple of years and looked to continue that this year. Seems like good coaching and quality talent to me. Anyone would be a fool to think that with a seasoned QB like Sudfeld wouldn’t have made a difference in some of these games (Rutgers, PSU). I’ve said it before but Bowling Green and Maryland aren’t exactly doormats in their leagues. Those games could have gone either way.

    I’m not sure how people can argue against progress from year one with Wilson. The records and recruits were improving. I felt that this was the year they reached the peak of a bowl game. If not, then it was time to consider coaching changes. Without improvement, there were to be no excuses. We commended Wilson and his staff for getting guys like Stevens and Booker, but any program is going to lose players when you’re not winning.

    This season was blown up the minute Sudfeld went down. No Coffman or Roberson to rescue the offense. And when you have a stagnant offense, the defense will suffer with more time out on the field. I want this program to win as much as any die hard would but the thought of pinning this season on the coaching staff is just not right.

  31. RAM – How does stability before progress make any sense? Please name me the list of great coaches who went bowl-less in their first 7 years (using your logic that his contract should be honored). Next year should be make or break for this coach. I believe you’re basing all of this ‘progress’ on a single game. Look at his record in close games? He’s atrocious down the stretch…and his teams continue to be undisciplined (did you see yesterdays game?). The QB injuries are not the only issue this team is win less in the conference (in a very down conference year)

    iu79 / TsaoTsug – The fans are not to blame for the futility of this football program. Bad hires are the reason this program is a laughing stock.

    Duke, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Northwestern (and the list goes on) were all in really bad shape at one point or another….and guess what? They finally made the correct hire and the program turned around.

  32. TIM, I’m not making you a list for anything. Unless there’s money involved I’m not taking on any new assignments. You have your opinion and I have mine. IU hired Coach Wilson to bring this program back from a mummified state and gave him seven years to do it.. He has the patient sitting up in bed, breathing and taking on fluids. You want to give the coach the hook because things are not happening fast enough? If you want IU to hire an “elite” coach sometime in the future, Firing this one is not going to help.

  33. HepGotMe actually gets it.

    Take the first two QB’s off the Seattle Seahawks and see how far their defense takes them. Take the winning attitude and leadership of Russell Wilson off the field and watch Pete Carroll begin to look rather average…

    Those asking for a coaching change are disappointed…We’re all disappointed…But have some damn commonsense. Offenses are built around QB’s. Even Walter Payton needed an average Jim have one Super Bowl next to his name.

  34. For KW apologists and supporters – or – for the anti-KW folks. Here is a question for you. Which HC do you want and which one is/was more successful. Both HC’s had the same job for almost the exact time window.

    Coach A’s resume :

    13-33 W / L record ( 5-25 in conference ) – winning % of 28.2
    * Coach A was paid 7 times more money than Coach B. and that ratio goes for their assistants as well.
    * Coach A had 10 fold better facilities to work with
    * Coach A is 3-13 in games deciding by 7 points or less
    * Coach A coached during the worst/lowest point in the conferences history
    * Coach A went 3-9 overall in his 4th season or 4-8 ( in conference he went 0-8 or maybe 1-7 )
    * Coach A never went to a bowl game

    Now – onto Coach B.

    Coach B’s resume:.

    19-30 W / L record (6-26 conference record ) – winning % of 38.8
    * Again – Coach B made 1/7 of Coach A’s salary and had horribly paid assistants
    * Coach B had no where near the facilities to lure in recruits – etc. as Coach A did
    * Coach B had a 6-10 record in games decided by 7 points or less
    * Coach B wen 5-7 in his 4th year ( 1-7 in conference )
    * Coach B did go to a bowl game

    It should be noted that in Coach B’s 4th year with a 5-7 record. He lost 3 B1G games by 3 – 5 and 7 points each. In one of them a WR dropped a TD pass right between his numbers which would have gotten him to a 6-6 record and a second bowl appearance. It should also be noted that 2 of those 3 close losses were to ranked opponents.

    So – Coach B got paid 7 times less than Coach. Went to bowl game. Had a great deal less in regards to facilities – etc.. And he coached when the overall conference was at a higher level. Even with these issues – he has more wins – less losses – fairs better in close games and his winning % is far higher.

    It should also be noted that as a HC elsewhere. Coach A was 0-10 at the High School level. Coach B is currently 111-105-3 overall as a college HC.

    So – which guy do you want. Coach B seems like a bargain at he price. He wins in ever single category.

    Obviously – Coach A is Kevin Wilson and Coach B is Bill Lynch.

    All things considered logically. Maybe neither guy is the right guy. Lynch almost to a person is 100% negatively regarded. While on the other hand KW is ridiculously ( based on zero tangible facts ) supported and given credit for the program heading in the right direction. Here’s a factual reality check.

    He’s paid 7 times more – has better circumstances to work with – the conference has been down during his entire tenure and here’s reality. His accomplishments are less than Bill Lynch’s. Let the facts stink in.

    Frankly – you can sit silently and hope. You can wish KW gets things turned around. You can hope as I do. But you can not – in any form or fashion – say KW has done or is doing a good job. That simply is not factually the case.

    Which coach do you want.

  35. Just burn the Hoosier logo into Wilson’s ass with the IU branding iron and send him off to the old slaughter house….Maybe we should seriously consider replacing the artificial surface at Memorial so we can at least guarantee the fan’s next meat will be grass-fed.

  36. Sorry Crimson but your Wikipedia talking points don’t get it. I’ll take and keep Coach Wilson over Lynch any day. If you want a real lesson from Wikipedia read Frank Beamers long trek to success at VT.

  37. Florida fires Muschamp after going 27 – 20 in four seasons, including a win this year against Georgia. Muschamp will depart after the season with a $6.3 million contract buyout. Candidates being discussed to replace Muschamp include Chip Kelley, Bob Stoops, Rich Rod.

    Last night, a friend of mine introduced me to a man who I learned was from the Chicago area, very near where I was raised. This man is a Cubs fan and his two children attend IU. Shortly after being introduced and discovering that we have a lot in common, this man asked me, “why is Indiana’s football program such a joke? It’s embarrassing that they are always so bad. They’re worse than the Cubs, because at least the Cubs produce a winning record once every decade or so.”

  38. Crimson- Lynch went to a bowl game (barely) with Hep’s players. Just saying.

    And Wilson was coming into a trainwreck. Again, success takes time- ask Crean. Or maybe not. 🙂
    But “Wilson’s” report card was getting better until Sudfeld-gate, so this season is absolutely no barometer unless the team was unexpectedly beating people. Then Wilson is a genius, right?

    Harvard- people would complain that Wilson’s perspiration caused the grass-fed beef to taste awful.

  39. Podunker- That question coming from a Cubs fan? Some say IU’s football program is cursed. Coincidence?

  40. Cursed by too many apathetic and incompetent administrators for much of the last 60 years.

    Yea, and his point was, “IU Football is worse than Cubs baseball, because at least the Cubs make it to the post season once every decade or so.”

  41. You’ll note I presented just the facts in my earlier pot. I along with any IU fan was no Lynch fan. But – he did more in his sad tenure than KW has. Period. The numbers are the numbers. No opinions apply.

    The point is/was to put in perspective just how little KW is doing here. Apologize for him – give him passes – make excuses – and be dumb enough to believe you’re seeing progress.

    Frankly – if given the choice between the two coaches – I’d try to choose neither.

    But – you can not ever win an argument defending him. Unless of course – you have mental problems.

    Lynch is the most universally poorly thought of coach in IU football in the last 30 years. With that said. He has much better numbers than KW has across the board. That is a fact – not an opinion.

    Lynch is nothing more than a yard stick to measure KW’s tenure against.

  42. “Lynch is the most universally poorly thought of coach in IU football in the last 30 years.” Crimson, your argument was weakened by that statement, because it is not a fact. It’s your opinion, and you’re welcome to it, but don’t claim it to be a fact.

  43. The silly, stupid, and careless mistakes IU makes week after week is all the evidence anyone should need that this coach and his staff are not up to the task.

  44. Chaz- Yep, you are right in post 50 about the mistakes. Special teams and in-game decisions are a big problem, too. The hire of someone who has never been a head coach certainly can be questioned, maybe now more than when it happened. Sure, as some have posted, the thing for IU to do (then and now) would be to hire a proven, winning, head coach of a major program. Any idea who that might be? That is, someone IU could afford and would be willing to come to the program with the most losses in NCAA history? Didn’t think so. Given IU’s constraints, Glass’ strategy was, apparently, to hire a very successful assistant at a successful program and see whether he could do something with the opportunity, a/k/a grow into the coach he should be for the money he is paid. And right now I have some doubts that it will happen; KW has had four years to grow/learn/win. But canning KW now is not the answer. Giving KW the few more years in his contract beats starting over. I’ll take odds that KW will eventually “get it” in the next year or two over the odds that IU will be able to replace him with some unknown talent dug up by Glass this winter.

  45. I couldn’t find it online anywhere, but I wonder if this is most output by a running back in a loss in NCAA history?

  46. We could probably afford to spend more if we didn’t second mortgage the entire farm on Crean’s salary extensions….How a basketball coach managed to get a gazillion dollars until the year 2020(the same b-ball coach that didn’t even get us to the NIT last year)? Answer: Find a way to be on the committee that hired the new AD post Greenspan… Glass made sure that any co-opportunist in cahoots was duly awarded.

    Basically, the entire thing is run by Barnum & Bailey(a lot of chasing done by a big-mouth clown) meets the Three Stooges(McRobbie and the two fat lawyers on the hiring committee that asked Crean to join in on picking the AD) meets Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum(Wilson attempting to solve the mystery of where all the money evaporaes while his football team gets waxed)….

    The only thing that saves our basketball asses is that Indiana is a deep well for hoops talent. But let’s not pretend that the coaching on the other side of the parking lot opposite of Memorial is an more satisfactory.

  47. Po: Post #49

    You realize of course that you stating my Lynch comment weakened my point because it was my opinion – is of course “your” opinion. That aside – My real point was just a factual look at the numbers.

    That being said – I was flipping through the channels and got a glimpse of the BTN recap show from the weekend. In looking at the guys at the desk – I totally forgot ( maybe a purposeful blackout – LOL ) about the Jerry Dinardo era. So – you probably are right.

    But in my defense – trying to pick out the worst IU football coach over the last 30 years in like trying to pick out a specific turd in a pile of manure.

  48. IU has been to only one bowl game in over 20 years. The coach was Bill Lynch. Lynch was named interim coach before the season started. He was named head coach after the season was over and IU went to a bowl game. IU’s first bowl game in over 14 years. He was given a four year contract and was fired after the third year of his contract. Yes, this was Hep’s team, but someone had to lift this team up from the tragic loss of their head coach and lead them and the coaching staff during a very difficult time. Under the circumstances, he did a wonderful and underappreciated job. But these were not just Hep’s players. A lot of these players were recruited by Hep and Lynch. Yes, his second year was bad. But imagine how hard it would have been to recruit the year before when the head coach was terminally ill and the interim coach was coaching with no contract. Once given a four year contract, IU showed steady improvement in years 3 and 4. Year 4 actually be year three off Lynch’s 4 year contract. As mentioned earlier by someone else, if Demarlo Belcher doesn’t drop a perfect pass in the back of the end zone thrown by Ben Chappell against Iowa with 28 seconds left, this team goes 6 – 6 and is bowl eligible. Against a ranked Iowa team. During Lynch’s last year they also went into the 4th quarter of three different big ten road games with the lead against ranked opponents. The season Lynch was fired Ben Chappell led the big ten in passing yards. Lynch’s last two years IU went 4-8 and 5-7, easily could have been 6-6. He did this on a four year contract. That means he had only one year to recruit kids as the full-time head coach that kids knew he might be there when they were seniors. My main point is that I have read many posts that suggest that KW took over a program that was a mess and in terrible condition. This was not the case. This team had shown improvement the previous two years and was one drop from it’s second bowl game in 4 years under the leadership of Bill Lynch. If anyone thinks this team didn’t have an exciting offense during the Hepner/Lynch era didn’t attend many football games. Remember Kellen Lewis and James Hardy. Chappell picked right up when Lewis had off the field issues. Tandon Doss, Terrence Turner and several other skilled skilled receivers. This team was competitive when KW arrived and they had a lot of offensive success. Yes we were 5-7 the year before he arrived, but that also equals the best record KW has had in 4 years. Which he’s done once.

  49. Look at the program where the program was when Hep and Lynch took over. In Dinardo’s three seasons IU was 3-8. 2-10, and 3-7. They took over a much worse situation from Dinardo than Wilson took over from Lynch and they had more success and did it in three years. It took them 3 years to get us to a bowl game. I know of three lineman that are playing in the NFL that were recruited by Hep and Lynch. Roger Saffold, James Brewer and Andrew McDonald. Walker-Roby and Marcus Thigpen had success in the NFL as special team return men. Tracy Porter as db. I know I have defended a coach that had limited success at IU (Lynch). But by most peoples standards, going to a bowl game and having a winning season is a success for IU football. Lynch accomplished that. That’s just my opinion and I know that many people disagree, i’m okay with that. Yes, most were Hep’s players, I know that also. Just don’t blame him for the failures of the current leadership of this team. The 1-11 of KW’S first season and slow progression of years 2 and 3 and the regression of year 4 were not his fault. Can’t remember the background of Hep and Lynch’s friendship, but seems like they were friends or roommates when they were college students. Possibly at Franklin college? But they were great friends and formed a great coaching relationship. Lynch fulfilled Hep’s dream. If not for his unfortunate and untimely illness, this could be much

  50. ………..this could be much happier times for IU football fans and Hep’s army of family and friends. Hep was proven winner at Miami of Ohio when he came here. Look up his record as a head coach at Miami. If I remember, all winning seasons, lots of bowl games and never a losing record. One season he was 11-1. Experienced head coach and proven winner. I know, not from SEC or other major conferences, but a good conference. My point is, proven winner as a head coach with nothing but but numerous winning seasons and great enthusiasm. He was building something here and coach Lynch was his main assistant. They were a team. They did together.

  51. Hep’s record at Miami of Ohio. Six seasons as head coach. All winning records. Best season 13-1. Last 2 seasons before being hired by IU were 13-1 and 8-5. Went to bowl games both years. There are proven coaches out there that would come to IU. They don’t have to have the last name Saban or Meyer. Can we find the right one?

  52. CRIMSON, no not really. Lynch was the last IU head coach to lead IU to a winning season and a bowl game. And he was very highly thought of and respected as a man. He just wasn’t qualified to be a head coach of a Big Ten football team. I give Lynch a bit of a pass because a) Lynch was a really fine gentleman, and b) because of the unusual and tragic circumstances by which he came into the job as head coach. You can’t blame Lynch for taking over for Hep under those circumstances, and I give him great credit for leading IU to a winning season during that tragic year. But it was a terrible mistake to extend Lynch as head coach after that season, and I said so at the time. He just did not have the pedigree to be a Big Ten head coach. Nice man, great guy, but not qualified for the job thrust upon him.

  53. The right coach makes all the difference. KW talks a good game, and for all I know may be a great guy, but IU needs someone to lead the program that will get the fans, the alumni, and most importantly the recruits excited about IU football. Hoeppner did it by injecting energy and enthusiasm. Even though IU was often physically inferior to its opponent, he had folks nonetheless believing that a new day had dawned. KW has not made believers out of many – as witnessed by the poor attendance numbers – and in the end he will be shown the door before his contract runs out because fans – fairly or not – are seeing little measureable progress. The university simply can not afford to play wait-and-see for more than one more year with KW lest they risk setting the process back even farther. Finally, I do not believe that a committed university would have any problem bringing in a head coach with a pedigree. Again, we do not know if Glass and Company have ever seriously considered this prospect, but hiring yet another head coach wannabe will not send out the message that the new day has indeed arrived.

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