Chad Kelly visiting Bloomington this weekend

East Mississippi Community College quarterback Chad Kelly will visit Bloomington this weekend for the IU-Purdue game, he told The Herald-Times on Monday.

Kelly, a four-star recruit who most recently attended Clemson, has thrown for 3,472 yards and 42 touchdowns against eight interceptions this season.

The nephew of hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly, he has also received recent interest from Virginia Tech and Louisiana State. Alex McCarthy of 247 Sports reported last week that IU coach Kevin Wilson visited Kelly in Mississippi on Thursday.

Kelly was dismissed from the Clemson program in April for what coach Dabo Swinney called conduct detrimental to the team. The Niagra Falls, N.Y. native redshirted the 2012 season and tore his ACL in Clemson’s 2013 spring game. Kelly has since apologized for his behavior at Clemson. He is the top-ranked junior college quarterback, according to 247 Sports.


  1. They need to vet this kid closely. If he is legitimately past his issue at Clemson (reformed), he could be a real asset. However, if there is any question, IU SHOULD PASS. Last thing this program needs is more controversy.

  2. John, to be very clear ‘this program’ has had no controversy of the type you are alluding to,. If anything KW seems to have a strong grasp on player behavior ‘off the field’. If anything, that may be one of the things attractive to the Kellys (parents and son). I agree that I also want a ‘squeaky clean’ program; but, let’s give credit where it is due. It seems that is a strong point in Wilson’s handling.

  3. I’m curious about how many years of eligibility he would have. Did he medical red shirt after tearing his ACL?

  4. John, what controversy involving the IU Football program are you referring to? There hasn’t been much, if any controversy.

  5. Maybe he means the Smith/Mellencamp thugs beating and kicking the living tar out of a innocent kid on his front porch…..? That’s all I can really think of…Of course, it may have been a strong contributing factor to a very successful baseball coach leaving town.

    And then there’s been quite the number of QB transfers…Gunner, Roberson, Coffman. Not sure if I’d call those controversies, but they have created some backlash and bumps in the road.

    But the protection of thugs because of favored status and family ties to a successful baseball coach(especially considering the labels used for Sampson players that were never involved in anything approaching that level of violence), was an ugly chapter.

  6. who is this kelly kid? i heard he was coached up by his dad like that marinovich kid. dad probably doesn’t know anything about football

  7. If this kid is anywhere close to as good as advertised then KW better find a way to get him here. That is, of course, if KW still has his job!!

  8. Could be marriage made in heaven. Two stray cats meet one another. One IU football program and the other a struggling potential star prospect.

  9. If this kid decides to go to IU (I’m assuming he can play and at a pretty high level) then take him. He’s not an “axe murderer” and it’s not as though he’s taking the place of someone who is a better athlete and citizen. It’s Division I (Yeah…I know they now call it FBS but I’m stuck in the past) football and if one doesn’t have a ‘little bit’ of craziness to them, then they usually aren’t very good football players. I think the choice is his and not Wilson’s.

  10. H4H- Gunner Kiel never signed up w/IU, so you can’t really count him as a transfer. But the other transfers have indeed caused bumps, at least for this season now that Sud is out. The IUFB program has been relatively trouble-free. Presumably KW made the trip to Mississippi to vet Kelly one and one re: “conduct detrimental to the [Clemson] team.” Such a description is so vague that it could be 1) some little thing that ticked off the wrong person, or 2) something really awful, or 3) somewhere in between.

  11. Personally, I thought the Smith/Mellencamp thing was an ugly episode that touched three of our major sports….Father Mellencamp has been a fixture/celebrity fan at basketball games for years…One of Smith sons involved in the attack was a walk-on for Wilson’s team…Smith was the head coach of the baseball team.

    Very violent act…..I thought it was despicable…Even more despicable that the local press didn’t stay on the story… Between that violent act and the flippant regard toward drinking and driving, I’d say Hoosier athletes have been rewarded with the quite the untouchable status after all the Jesus-loving hatred used up on Sampson thugs…

    In reality, there’s been more disregard for the value of wearing candy stripes and more thug behavior since we put those bad seeds with their bad grades on the bus to the graveyard of lowlifes.

    And I also believe cronyism and disproportionately protecting certain kids(kids of doctors that get to sit right behind the coach, kids of rock celebrities, and “good Christians”) can cause division within, prompt a feeling of disenfranchisement with players not in the loop(transfers), and many other breakdowns in morale and camaraderie conducive of healthy and hungry teams.

    I’m not seeing leadership at any level…I’m not seeing examples…I’m not seeing punishment that means anything. Punishment that includes exhibition games is not punishment.

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